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Wong Chun Wai: Umno MP Azeez Rahim is Indian

Oh, look! Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim has got Dr Mahathir’s nose and Samy Vellu’s lips.

J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai writes in his column today, “Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is open about his ancestry, acknowledging it could be traced to Kerala in India”.

According to Chun Wai, Abdul Azeez is a Malay only “technically and legally” as well the Umno Baling MP’s “forefathers also landed in Malaya by boat”.

WCW No place for extremists

Hypocrisy of the Malaysian Firsters

Chun Wai’s article today is titled ‘No place for extremists‘.

According to Chun Wai, Azeez’s “balik tongsan” jibe at YB Kota Kinabalu (DAP’s Jimmy Wong Sze Phin) “could be construed as racist and derogatory”.

Chun Wai writes:

“Abdul Azeez speaks excellent Tamil, and it is no secret that his ancestors came from India. Not much difference from the ancestors of the MPs he insulted. His forefathers also landed in Malaya by boat. In fact, he is Indian …”

Let’s apply what Chun Wai says to his DAP evangelista friends.

“Mama Muniandy speaks Cantonese albeit hubby’s Tamil is “not functioning“, and it is no secret that her ancestors came from ‘tongsan’. Not much difference from the ancestors of the Umno MP whom Chun Wai is taking to task. The Muniandys also landed in Malaya by boat. In fact, they are Chinese (and baby’s birth cert says so) …”

BELOW: The Big Mama

Hannah photo scatter

Articles 153 and 160 of the Federal Constitution

Chun Wai appears to be picking a bone with Azeez qualifying as a constitutional Malay. The uber evangelista quotes the Federal Constitution as defining a Malay to be “a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, and who conforms to Malay customs”.

But Chun Wai omits to mention that the definition of ‘Malay’ in Article 160 of the Federal Constitution also mandates that to be orang Melayu one has, before Merdeka Day, either to be born in Malaya or born of parents one of whom was born in Malaya, or living in Malaya or be the son/daughter of such a person.

The year and place of birth requirements and parents’ antecedents stipulated in Article 160 could be interpreted to disqualify someone like Ridhuan Tee “who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, and who conforms to Malay customs” from being recognized as a constitutional Malay.

Chun Wai also writes, “Malay citizens who convert out of Islam, for example, are no longer considered Malay under the law and hence lose the bumiputra privileges afforded to Malays”.

Does Chun Wai have an issue with the official conflation of the Malay and Muslim identities?

Chun Wai: “No one can erase one’s roots”

Chun Wai writes, “So Abdul Azeez is a Malay, technically and legally, but no one, including Abdul Azeez, can erase one’s roots with regard ethnicity and ancestry”.

He says Azeez calling on DAP’s Jimmy Wong to balik tongsan is “no different, really, from calling the person a pendatang or immigrant”.

Why are Chun Wai and his ilk jumping like kera kena belacan when the pendatang word is mentioned? After all, he himself has declared that Azeez cannot erase his roots with regard to his ‘Indian’ ethnicity and the ancestry of his forefathers from India.

One standard for the Indians and a different one for the Chinese, is it?


Chun Wai’s advice to the Umno leadership

Chun Wai writes, “Such use of derogatory words by people within and outside the political system should be viewed very strongly by the leadership. When no action is taken, the leadership is sending very wrong signals to the people”.

I do not reckon that the Umno leadership will sanction Azeez. There will be no reaction, just as there was no reaction to Ismail Sabri and Tajuddin Abdul Rahman for their recent remarks on the Chinese.

The non-action by Umno against Ismail and Tajuddin has already sent a signal to the Chinese.

In fact, Azeez can confidently say Chun Wai and his paymaster the MCA “boleh bising sampai kiamat, ada aku kesah”.

Chun Wai writes too, “Something is terribly wrong when MPs still call fifth and sixth generation Chinese and Indians in Malaysia, who are rightful citizens, pendatang or ask them to go back to China and India”.

Why doesn’t Chun Wai wonder if something is also not terribly wrong when fifth and sixth generation Chinese are unable to speak our national language?

And offhand, I can’t recall any brouhaha with regard to Umno MPs telling Indians to balik India. The call is usually confined to the Chinese. Just like the call is consistently for Chinese schools to be closed down, We don’t hear Malays calling for Tamil schools to be closed down.

The evangelistas just want to drag Indians, and on the religious front – Hindus/Buddhists/Taoists/Sikhs – into their crusade against Muslims. Sneaky bastards.

Saifuddin moderation

The J-Star defines ‘moderation’ on evangelical Christian terms

Chun Wai concludes his article today, saying, “It will take some time before we stop seeing everything from a racial and religious perspective, as the nation still does”.

Then pray tell, why does Chun Wai view Azeez as an Indian and not Malaysian foremost?

KOMAChun Wai also insists, “Malaysians must come together as a people. For this to happen, the moderates must work harder to emphasise the relevance and importance of commonality. We must not allow the extremists to derail moderation.”

Chun Wai is wrong. What we must not allow is for the evangelistas to define what is ‘moderation’ and to characterize orthodox Muslims as “extremists”.

It is the BN that has no more place for the hypocritical MCA.

Chun Wai extremists



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25 thoughts on “Wong Chun Wai: Umno MP Azeez Rahim is Indian

  1. How not to be called “Pendatang” when you run to the Chinese Ambassador for help when the Malays turn against you for being arrogant, obnoxious and rude?

    1. Not only that Wong Chun Wai warned the Malay Askar Melayu not to awake the Chinese giant by calling Cina like him Babi…muahaha…
      Does Wong Chun Wai think that China would fight the Malays for him?
      The Malays have already fought China lackey Chin Peng remember?

      The Chinese killed 20,000 Malays in 1948 including Bukit Kepong but the Malays fought back and here we are still standing.

      The Malays fought the British remember? They killed JW Birch, Rosli Dhobi a sixteen year old Malay killed the Queen’s Governor Duncan Stewart… And all these with knives only.
      The Malays were the first suicide soldiers against the British.

      Mat Salleh fought the Christian British company in Sabah..

  2. WCW is confusing people with his confused take on “technically and legally”.

    At least he (Azeez) did not lie, but follow the law and constitution. That is a big difference. When you lied to advantaged yourself, then in reality you are a scumbag. And now disrobed

    Yes, he should clearly explain to those who are confused about their origins, the pro anak Malaysia types. The “no race bit race” types and along the way, please explain to the MIC chief about his speech the other day. Please give extra classes to Hannah the fat Speaker

    On another note, no wonder super critic Marina M is pally pally with Ambiga. Birds of a feather kan.

    1. Helen,

      I notice Chinese are generally upset when some one (usually a Malay) calls him/her “pendatang” or “balik Tongsan”. But they tend not to query why such term is used in the first place.

      Many of my Chinese friends are actually unhappy with me. For I am willing to say that many Chinese politicians in Malaysia LOVED to behave like “pendatang”. And they love to impart this negative attitude to other Chinese.

      I told them that tis word implies that Malays have had enough of their (Chinese)insularity or refusing to integrate mentality. To the Malays, Chinese have this barrier to integrate when they refuse to learn Bahasa Melayu or insisting on peculiar separate school system.

      Malays are actually quite lax when it comes to racial classification. No big deal if Dr Ridhuan is referred to as Melayu . This has to do with Ridhuan upholding islam as seen as “friendly” to Melayus.

      I often met with puzzled look when I defy the “convention” by praising UMNOI(meaning malay led government) as benevolent to non Malays. To this Chinese, I must be “weird” or “out of touch with reality” for saying that. All these years of non stop propaganda must have been very effective into instilling in Chinese mind that UMNO is inherently racist.

      WHICH IS FAR FROM THE TRUTH. UMNO is not racist.

  3. Dear Aunty Helen,

    re:”Chun Wai is wrong. What we must not allow is for the evangelistas to define what is ‘moderation’ and to characterize orthodox Muslims as “extremists””

    That’s right. Just like what I wrote in my post, “Must A GMMF CEO Be A Liberalist?“.

    He wants Muslims to be just Saifuddin Abdullah, Marina, Mujahid and the gang. That is why Uncle Nasha is busy at his new office.

  4. WCW is not fit to act or talk about moderations when in his writing still emphasised on race, religion and ancestry of an individual.

    Helen is right that evangelistas only know about moderations when it is to their mould.

    His time will soon be up. Mark my word.

  5. WCW mentioned the relevance and importance of commonality. All right let’s do a list of what we have in common as a nation:
    1. Rukun Negara … uhm, check?
    2. Bahasa Kebangsaan … does bahasa pasar count?
    3. Standardised school system … No
    4. One flag … not recently
    5. Nasi lemak … adding this so we can have a solid yes!

  6. The Chinese coolies and Indians estate workers are having it both ways. India gave Indian visas for all the India diaspora to come back anytime and stay as long as they like. China as Helen Ang pointed also provide Chinese motherland to come back to for their daughters.

    This is Malay land and will always be and Chinese and Indians who do not assimilate are just be delusional.

    The mat salleh christians who brought them here and forced the Malay Sultans and Tunku to give the Chinese and Indians citizenships are no longer here. And they are not driven by the father son and holy ghost to steal tin and rubber from malaya for their Queen.

    So the moving on to Canada, US or Australia may be the best option for these chinese wanderers.

    We Malays dont own China to look after their economic refugees. The Chinese have stolen so much rainforests, destroy tin mines, bauxite dirty factories that pollute rivers that it is only a matter of time before Red Shirts Malays realised what is happening under UMNO guard.

    1. Dear helen,

      Actually most of us ordinary malays are used to polite, thoughtful and respectful towards other races, even though some of them have really crossed the line especially those dap thugs. That’s why calls such as balik tongsan, cina ehem ehem etc are rarely heard few years and decades back, and things such as boycotting chinese bussiness are usually self defeating…until recently after series of direct attacks towards anything that are related to the malay and muslim have escelated to the brink of direct racial clash (remember lowyat?). For us malays, to set aside our usual politeness and blatantly use derogatory words as i mentioned above without fearing of the consequences indicates that the damages done by those dap thugs are beyond repair, and it only takes a few triggers or events for malays to be completely changed of their mindset, especially their first impression towards other races in the future. To tell the truth, it is spiritually and emotionally painful to some of us to say those derogatory words in view that some of chinese and indians are our good friends and pals, even since the childhood days, but with continuous insults and attacks offline and online by those dap thugs how can we just sit down in front of the monitor, smile and tell ourselves that it’s okay for us to be labelled as tongkats, crutches, balik indon thugs, malay thugs etc? surely all chinese irrespective of their political backgrounds will react harshly towards those words as i mentioned above, but has anyone from the chinese community except few mca leaders told their colleagues not to call or label malays with similar derogatory insults?

      Anyway if possible i would like to mention certain points about so called citizenship issues. Please do correct me if i am wrong or biased towards any party involved.
      1) malay states, federation of malaya and later malaysia does not recognize jus soli aka citizenship by birth. Jus soli in fact is one of the reasons why malays revolted against malayan union proposed by british in 1940’s.
      2) citizenship status to millions of chinese and indian immigrants are given by malay rulers, as one of the conditions that the federation of malay states had to fullfill in order for the British to grant full independence. Take note that british herself did not bypass malay rulers in giving citizenship status, signifying the full sovereignty status of malay rulers during that time.
      3) the malaysian chinese and indians today are legally citizens of malaysia because they are the descendent of those immigrants that were given citizenship prior to independence. Questioning their citizenship status is akin of questioning powers of malay rulers, which is a big no in malay society.
      4) those boc bonkers, whom in full of hatred towards malaysian government have torn their passort apart and are now stateless have learnt a painful lesson that citizenship is not that cheap, just because they are born here. Hell many illegal pati babies are born in this country and yet they have no chance to be called malaysians.
      5) calling some of malays pendatang just because they migrate from Indonesia few centuries before is just same as telling some of chinese at prc that they are immigrants just because they come from taiwan or hong kong, all within china archipelago. Do mind that the term indonesia and malaysia do not exist few centuries back, only nusantara archipelago, with most of tribes and nations share same language, culture and religion. Only with the arrival of colonial powers and later on the development of rubber and mining industry then the malay penisula started to receive massive influx of chinese and indians brought over by those powers.
      6) dap thugs recently keep telling us that the orang asli, and not malays are the real origin race of malay peninsula. Well, this is like telling the japanese that they are merely immigrants of ryukyu islands, and the ainu tribe there is the real owner of the islands. They might be labelled as orang asli by the way they live, but culturally and physically they are nearly similar to malays, even some of researchers label them as proto malays.

      Okay then, that’s all for the reply. Thank you.

  7. re:”Chun Wai is wrong. What we must not allow is for the evangelistas to define what is ‘moderation’ and to characterize orthodox Muslims as “extremists””

    Does anyone at the receiving end needs another (eg evangelista) to point out an insult is precisely what it is, an insult?

    The concept of moderation is no great mystery. Orthodoxy in any religious context is a form of extreminism. Since religion is ‘personal’, orthodoxy is tolerated as long as it does not impose itself on another and stays within the confines of self observation.

    1. re: “Orthodoxy in any religious context is a form of extreminism.”

      No wonder then that you support the new churches that deviate from traditional orthodoxy.

  8. Literally speaking babi is pig. What is wrong to identify most pig farmers are Chinese. So what is so racist when a Malay mention Chinese as one of Malaysian race.

  9. I find this wcw character to be very pompous and self-righteous. He has a holier-than-thou attitude and likes lecturing people. Anyone who doesn’t behave like him are deemed extremists and bigots.

    Classic evangelical propaganda.

    1. You know your description of WCW also applies to Hannah Yeoh, LGE, Nga Kor Ming, Teresa Kok and the whole lot of Dapsters

      1. As a matter of fact, you are right. They do exhibit somewhat similar personalities and behavioral patterns. Stereo-typically so.

  10. ‘One standard for the Indians and a different one for the Chinese, is it?’

    Mesti la Helen, Cina are bangsa superior maa, WCW subscribed to pemikiran Teng Langs ini macam. Wonder what he thinks of Zairil Anak Angkat Khir Johari yang Tokong LGE usung satu Malaya kata Melayu! Berani ke WCW kata ZKJ tu bukan Melayu tapi one of the Lims?

  11. Alot of races in the world are defined by their cultures and languages.For example,do a Northern Sudanese look similar to a Syrian and the answer is no but both will claim that they are Arabs.The problem in this country is that Non Bumis especially Chinese feel that their culture are more superior than that of the Malays and therefore refuse to integrate .

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