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Political Christianity – the police is watching

Yee Siew Meng co-authored Reformasi — The Struggle Continues (1998-2015), a pictorial about Anwar Ibrahim. It is a political book by Yee – pix below – who is PKR vice division chief for Kelana Jaya.

At the same time, Yee is a pastor at City Discipleship Presbyterian Church, Subang Jaya. He is an example of the new breed Jerusubang evangelical preacher cum politician. Continue reading “Political Christianity – the police is watching”

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Myanmar election, Rohingya minority and a lesson for M’sia

Myanmar held its general election yesterday where 30 million citizens out of a population of 53.7 million are eligible to vote. Only ¾ of the 664 seats in Parliament however are up for grabs as ¼ are reserved for the military, unelected. Continue reading “Myanmar election, Rohingya minority and a lesson for M’sia”