The more Alvin Tan insults Islam, the more FB fans he gets

November 12, 2015 at 5:54 pm 35 comments

UPDATED (11.18pm): Alvin announces that he has got 2,000-plus new Facebook followers in the last 12 hours

Original post:

MCA has condemned Alvin Tan’s latest stunt “abusing the Holy Quran” and “offending Muslims” – press statement today by its Religious Harmony bureau chairman, here.

The J-Star, the (online) paper owned by MCA, is so far silent on this piece of anti-Islam news.

The paper’s silence is in contrast to the total of 17 articles on Alvin and Vivian it published just in one weekend alone when Malaysians were first introduced to the sex couple’s porn material.

Alvin-and-Vivian related stories published in The J-Star over three-day weekend in October 2012:

  • Six articles on Friday (Oct 19)
  • Seven articles on Saturday (Oct 20)
  • Four articles on Sunday (Oct 21)

Even Wong Chun Wai and Aunty June Wong (at one time J-Star acting group editor) had weighed in on the hot topic.

Who are the Alvin fans?

The Nest of Evangelistas is more interested when Alvin offends our media censors and morality gatekeepers than when he offends Islam.

Alvin’s Facebook currently has more than 86,000 ‘Likes’ and he hopes to breach the 100,000 mark soon.

Talking just a short while ago about his social media presence and “Onward to 100K followers*!!!”, Alvin believes that his fan base would grow from among those who like his posts on “the religion of peace”.

The correlation mentioned by Alvin – i.e. between attracting new fans and linkage to his criticisms of Islam – is proven by his FB stats.

Alvin received more than 4,000 new ‘likes’ from Facebookers this week with his tirade against Islam and the Prophet – see the sharp spike in the line graph below.

Sneaky bastards

The J-Star knows who Alvin’s fans are. They must overlap with the hundreds of thousands of page views the paper’s online got on its Alvin stories:

  • ‘Porn blog couple causes furore’ (17 Oct 2012) — 86,649 page views immediately on J-Star online
  • ‘Vivian Lee defends postings of her erotic pictures and videos with boyfriend (18 Oct 2012) — 85,675 page views immediately on J-Star online

Utusan, on the other hand, barely reported on Alvin’s sensational sex shenanigans during the same period.

However, it looks like Alvin’s provocation of Islam is going to get the same silent treatment in The J-Star this time, and the story buried just like how the City Harvest corruption trial was similarly buried.

As Raja Petra Kamarudin said last week, “The Star is now serving DAP while its salary is paid by MCA”.


Alvin Tan and Hannah Yeoh competing to be most popular on FB


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Bisa diatur? Perkasa sila beri maklumbalas Alvin Tan and Hannah Yeoh competing to be most popular on FB

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  • 1. Ayam  |  November 12, 2015 at 6:44 pm

    I believe he have lots of “friends” in United States. Just let him rot there like Chin Peng rot in Thailand.

  • 2. Whatever  |  November 12, 2015 at 7:19 pm

    Alvin Tan .. little did he knew who did he really was challenging. I like to relate the historical incidence of the governor of Abyssinia, Abraha Al-Ashram.

    Before Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S) was born, the governor of Abyssinia had built a place of worship and asked all Arabs to worship there. This site was richly decorated with treasures from the collection of Bilquis, Queen of Saba. He erected gold and silver crosses, built ebony and ivory pulpits, and raised the site’s stature and expanded its width. But the Arabs refused to bow down. Their loyalty lay with the Ka’aba, built by Ibrahim (alaihis salam). An Arab, in defiance and mockery of Abraha’s command, desecrated at the place of worship, angering him so much that he swore to destroy the Ka’aba. The Abyssnians had tame elephants that they used in wars. Abraha gathered his army of men and elephants and marched towards Makkah. As he advanced towards the Ka’aba, he defeated the tribes, enslaving the people and seizing their property. Included in this were two hundred camels that belonged to ‘Abdul Muttalib Ibn Hashim, the Prophet’s grand father, who was then, the leader of the Quraish. The tribes of Quraish, Kinanah and Hudhail decided to fight against Abraha, but they realized that they could not afford such a war and gave up the plan.

    Abraha, meanwhile, sent a messenger to the Quraish, who were taking care of the Ka’aba. In his message, Abraha declared that he had come only to destroy the Sacred House and wouldn’t harm anyone unnecessarily. He said that if the people didn’t want to fight, their leader should come and meet Abraha. Abdul Muttalib, after listening to the message, said: “By Allah! We do not intend to fight. Really we cannot afford it. This is the Sacred House of Allah and His Khalil (friend) Ibrahim (alaihis salaam). He Alone can protect it if He wills to.”

    The messenger then took him to Abraha. Abdul Muttalib was a dignified looking, handsome man. His noble appearance impressed Abraha. He did not want to insult him, nor did he want to give a potential enemy an equal status, so Abraha sat down on the rich carpet beside Abdul Muttalib. Through an interpreter, Abraha asked what the chief of the Quraish wanted. Abdul Muttalib asked for a compensation for the two hundred camels that were taken from him and did not say a word about the expected attack on the Ka’aba. When Abraha expressed surprise, ‘Abdul Muttalib answered: “I am the master of the camels, whereas the Ka’ bah – house of worship – has its Lord to defend it.”

    Historically this was what has happened to the Governor and his armies according to The Noble Al Quran, Sura 105 Al Fil (The Elephant)

    In The Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful
    1. Seest thou not how thy Lord dealt with the Companions of the Elephant?
    2. Did He not make their treacherous plan go astray?
    3. And He sent against them Flights of Birds,
    4. Striking them with stones of baked clay.
    5. Then did He make them like an empty field of stalks and straw, (of which the corn) has been eaten up.

    In reality Alvin is proudly challenging the Words of Al Malik the Creator of the universe. As Muslim we do not wish to comment more.

    • 3. Sarah  |  November 12, 2015 at 9:35 pm

      Seriously, although I believe your intention is noble, there is no point in writing about Islam to someone like alvin tan who even has problem with his own faith. He fornicates and proud about it, he eats pork, offend people, he did every single thing that a good Christian would keep at arms length. Oh well, if pastors of City Harvest Church in singapore broke so many aspects of Christian teachings, one cannot expect more from coward desperado like alvin tan right?

      • 4. karz0  |  November 13, 2015 at 10:45 am

        His piece is intended for the Muslins, not Alvin. So that the Muslims just leave it to God.

      • 5. Pwincess  |  November 13, 2015 at 1:44 pm

        Well, alvin tan is not a porn star, he’s not qualified no matter how hard he tries. Unless, some money-making-scheme masquerading as a “church” would like to invest in alvin as a porn-star after their music venture did not produce any significant achievements?

  • 6. HH  |  November 12, 2015 at 7:42 pm

    Uh, you forgot to point out his latest posting drew more criticism than praises from the non-Muslim crowd.

    • 7. Helen Ang  |  November 12, 2015 at 7:49 pm

      Okay, I just went to the link you provided. Found this Facebooker quoted:

      Facebook user Brandon Ng Ming Han said, “Hey it’s not the Islam that got you imprisoned, it was the political parties that did so, so why hold grudges on Islam? Instead you can use the parties manifesto or something like that.”

      Uh, so is Brandon Ng Ming Han suggesting that Alvin use printouts of the Umno constitution as his toilet paper?

      Do you have any other comments by non-Muslims that you wish to highlight?

      And who were Alvin’s more than 4,000 new fans this week? Malays? Muslims? Americans?

      • 8. HH  |  November 12, 2015 at 9:04 pm

        The general consensus among whom you called his ‘fans’ are condemnation and disgust. There is a line how far people will tag along for the ride. Go too far and he (Alvin) will find himself on his own.

        As for his new 4K followers, I’ve no idea who they are.

        Internet vigilantism dispensed by netizens will deal with him.

        • 9. Helen Ang  |  November 12, 2015 at 9:18 pm

          re: “The general consensus among whom you called his ‘fans’ are condemnation and disgust.”

          He has 87,000 ‘likes’ (number shooting up, even as I type) and many active followers. I’ll check tomorrow to see if it will pass 90k as well as note when the figure will breach 100k.

          You provided a link to an article. The article cited two Facebooker comments – Brandon Ng’s and one Sunil Raj.

          Now, you’re claiming that there is a “consensus” of disapproval among the non-Muslim Facebookers in Alvin’s timeline, and there have been more criticism rather than praise over this latest stunt.

          Perhaps you can share with us some censorious comments other than Sunil’s or maybe a few examples of Alvin’s FB following deciding to unfriend him over this matter?

          • 10. Sarah  |  November 12, 2015 at 9:55 pm

            Cik Helen,

            Do you remember how the readers of that back-stabbing newspaper voted online about the crane accident in Makkah recently? Perhaps you can post that again so that it’ll help to jog the memories of some people here. Last time I checked, sympathy and sadness were not the feelings they registered online. Perhaps these are the same groups of people who will cheer for alvin tan?

            I think agents of hate like alvin tan are crucial to certain quarters as these people are needed to keep on pushing the envelope, to keep on desensitizing the others when it comes to offending others. Otherwise, how can a teenage school girl felt natural to step on Najib and Haji Hadi’s pictures during Bershit 4, and laughed about it? Or two boys in Penang felt normal to shout, taunted and called a woman officer a dog and then threw RM50.00 on the floor then told her to pick it up? Perhaps it’s part and parcel by certain quarters to continue to desensitize more people especially the young ones for their grand scheme of things

          • 11. HH  |  November 12, 2015 at 10:54 pm

            The 87k likes you talked about are not ‘likes’ specific to the Quran post. It is page likes. If someone wants to follow the page, they have to ‘like’ it. Not exactly a true like in the literal sense.

            The Quran post has around 11k comments the last time I looked. Am definitely not going to go through them all. I trust curiosity is enough a motivator for others to go and look up the page and judge for themselves.

            The current controversy seems to be manufactured in hope of generating publicity for his porn movie. He (Alvin) admitted as much.

            • 12. Helen Ang  |  November 12, 2015 at 11:13 pm

              re: “The 87k likes you talked about are not ‘likes’ specific to the Quran post. It is page likes.”

              I know. Alvin wants or is targeting a milestone of 100k likes (‘fans’) like how @hannahyeoh has 120k Twitter followers not specific to any one of her tweets in particular.

              Why do so many people/Malaysians (87k) ‘like’ Alvin, considering his past shockers such as – as one example – saying he wants to rape Zahid’s daughter?

              • 13. HH  |  November 12, 2015 at 11:41 pm

                You never know how many are Alvin’s true fans. Some like his page merely to keep track of his antics.

                I am sure many of your commentators are among Madame Speaker’s 120k Twitter followers.

                And they don’t even like her.

                • 14. Helen Ang  |  November 12, 2015 at 11:47 pm

                  Even discounting those whose purpose is to monitor – like readers of this blog 24/7 who are not my fans but evangelista stalkers – still … 87,000 is a huge number.

                  Plus Alvin just updated, saying he has gotten 2,000-plus new followers in the last 12 hours alone.

            • 15. wawe  |  November 13, 2015 at 9:06 pm

              Alvivi is rotting where ever he is now. He is in need of some moral and energy booster to nurture his bruised ego. And the unthinking followers or fans just follow him blindly.
              If it is meant to insult the Muslims, we have already developed our immunity since the more harassment we face, the better our resistance.
              Heard of the antibodies which regenerate or mutate to some other forms. Alvin is giving us the mental, spiritual strength for more things to come towards the finale of the universe.At that time, no one is excusable from God’s wrath.

              • 16. Abdullah  |  November 14, 2015 at 2:11 am

                In order to properly educate people, various approaches to teaching are required. An intelligent teacher is one who is aware of the intellectual, emotional, mental and physical conditions of his charges. The teacher finds the most effective and appropriate means to enlighten the student and kindness is his guiding principle.

                The Prophet (saw) was once with a group of his companions in the Nabawi mosque in Madinah. As they were conversing together an Arab nomad made his way into the mosque, walked past them without greeting anyone and headed straight for the corner of the prayer hall. What did he have in mind? He actually answered nature’s call right there and then! The Companions started yelling at him : “Stop that immediately! They were shocked and outraged. But the nomad was no less shocked by their response and seemed amiss about what to do.

                The Prophet (saw) was similarly taken aback, but his emotions were in control. He commanded his companions : “Laa tuzrimuhuu! “ (Don’t shock him) He didn’t want anyone to interrupt the man in the midst of his preoccupation. The companions were quite surprised by the Prophet’s interjection but they kept still as the interrupted nomad carried on urinating until he was done. The Prophet, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, then summoned him and gently reproved him:
                “This is the House of God. It is not a place to ease yourself; it does not bear anything impure. We worship and remember God in his House, and here we recite the Quran.“ The Prophet (saw) asked a companion to fetch a pail of water to clean the polluted spot in the mosque. That was the end of the matter for him. [1]

                Such was the noble demeanour of the Prophet (saw). With a calm and collected mind, he perceives the situation at hand. He sympathized with the wrongdoer and resolved an awkward situation with great compassion. Imagine the scene if the companions had manhandled or beaten the uncultured nomad – his urinary function would have been prematurely cut off and he would have been harmed physically! If he had to scurry away, he could have spilled himself all over the floor! More labour would be wasted over that!

                In reality, the Prophet’s greater concern was that the nomad should not come to hold a grudge against the religion of Islam. He might believe, though unfairly, that all Muslims are unfriendly and coarse, and even accuse Islam of being self-righteous. After that, he would probably not be inclined to visit the mosque, or to get to know the Messenger, or to learn about Islam. Wouldn’t it be a sin for that to happen? Would the sinner be the ignorant man knowing nothing of propriety or the people of understanding who recognize crudeness for what it is, but who are not capable of empathy? The Messenger (saw) said : “ Verily Islam is maturity, it is brilliant and wonderful . . . so bring forth the religion with great compassion. “

                [1] hadith related by Bukhari, Muslim and Ahmad.

                Is Alvin Tan, the arrogant porn star and willful slanderer of the Quran, equivalent to an ignorant nomad?

                From Allah have we all come and verily to Allah is our return, and the good and the evil are certainly in the Lord’s sight – the Judge Most Just and Wise. And every soul must eventually taste that which it has sent forth before in time – and woe to the willful purveyors of mischief and corruption.

                • 17. Chris  |  November 14, 2015 at 7:25 am

                  The Psalms of David say: “You are fearfully and wonderfully made!”
                  It’s clear which man is a wonderful creation – but we are bewildered by what other people do today in the name of Islam.

                  • 18. Abdullah  |  November 14, 2015 at 11:51 am

                    It is tragic but very true. The commentary to the hadith above above was taken from the Sufi teacher Habib Syed Abdul Qadir al-Habshi who lives in Jakarta. Terrorists like the ISIS often victimize men of faith like them who do not see eye to eye with them and their chauvinist ways in the name of Islam.

                    Almost 300 Sunni muftis killed by ISIS

  • 19. anonymous  |  November 12, 2015 at 9:35 pm

    This kind of stupidity could cost him his asylum process.

    Or worse.

    • 20. Sarah  |  November 12, 2015 at 10:29 pm

      It’s ok, he can always illegally hide in the Chinatowns, so many others had done the same. I wonder how he supports himself whilst abroad. His penis is too small compared to his mouth, to be in the American porn industry.

  • 21. muslim  |  November 12, 2015 at 9:44 pm

    how in the world alvin thinks that he is safe in the US when he insults islam.

    if it is in msia, he would go to jail the most.

    didn’t he realize that the violence in the US is far far far worse in comparison to msia.

    what a sad, a young man like you just wasting your life this way.

    to all muslims, let him be there rather than in malaysia. Let US government the one to handle the situation if alvin stirs the peace over there.

    we should just feel fine, no over hard feeling.

  • 22. I am Woman  |  November 12, 2015 at 10:00 pm

    Alvin Tan. Let’s leave him be in obscurity in the US. Maybe he’ll be granted a stay in the US, maybe not. Who cares? He’s a narcissist. Being ignored is the best punishment. And please do not waste the taxpayers money to bring him back to be tried.

  • 23. muslim  |  November 12, 2015 at 10:00 pm

    how in the world alvin thinks that he is safe in the US when he insults islam.

    if it is in msia, he would go to jail the most.

    didn’t he realize that the violence in the US is far far far worse in comparison to msia’s. msians maybe extremely angry but will not resort to violence bcoz we know the law will take care of that.

    what a sad, a young man like you just wasting your life this way.

    to all muslims, let him be there rather than in malaysia. Let US government the one to handle the situation if alvin stirs the peace over there.

    we should just feel fine, no over hard feeling.

  • 24. muslim  |  November 12, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    what’s happened i couldn’t post any comments ?

  • 25. Melayu Malaysia  |  November 12, 2015 at 11:32 pm

    Alvin misbehaved, totally. He insulted Islam, though some said it was an edited version, pointing out to some inconsistencies in the pictures.

    Like the case of Abraha, as told above by “Whatever | November 12, 2015 at 7:19 pm”

    and “When Abraha expressed surprise, ‘Abdul Muttalib answered: “I am the master of the camels, whereas the Ka’ bah – house of worship – has its Lord to defend it.”

    Muslims should let God decide the fate of Alvin, be it enlightenment or punishment. We shall see in due course. Maybe, by that time, it would be too late for the porno actor….. he may just constipate to death…

  • 26. kekkekekekkkk  |  November 12, 2015 at 11:56 pm

    What’s wrong with Alvin? He is no worse than ikan bakar and chibai rustam.

    Please la, fucking Melayu can whack cinabeng all they want… then kena sikit then cry father cry mother.

    • 27. Pwincess  |  November 13, 2015 at 1:40 pm

      Well, name one fucking Melayu who actually insult the scriptures of other religion. And Zairil Abdullah does not count as a Melayu ok.

  • 28. muslim  |  November 13, 2015 at 7:44 am

    what alvin did will just make muslims to be more concern of their religion esp in msia.

    those days in russia almost no one knows that there were hundred of millions of muslim in russian soviet union. the muslims over there were deprived of religious freedom for 80 years or so. their children and later generations grew up only as ‘muslim by name only’ not knowing islam.

    i came to learn that when the russian soldiers torn and stepped on the quran the muslim youths felt insulted eventhough they never once read the book. they rise to defend their dignity but end up to be more faithful to islam.

    look at russia now, the islamic spirit among the muslims there is growing day by day esp after russian aggression in their land. same goes to bosnia, albania etc.

    many muslim youths in the west claimed that they were not practicing islamic faith but when the christians spread falsehood abt islam then they start to learn their faith and from there we see now a lot of muslim youths now become practising muslim and not only that they also working towards spreading dakwah.

    Allah the Most high says in the quran (61:7-8) :

    “And who is more unjust than one who invents about Allah untruth while he is being invited to Islam. And Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people.”

    “They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it.”

    what alvin did is a pain in our hearts but what he fails to realize is Allah is working His plan. i believe that muslims be it in umno, pas, dap etc. will unite and go against his action. we are uniting day by day bcoz of you alvin.
    it’s good for us.

  • 29. AK47  |  November 13, 2015 at 7:48 am

    Ms H. The debunking of the DAP front-line tom-tom troops by Singapore’s diplomat Bilahari Kausikan in his non-delusional essay published on 6 October 2015 in Straits Times with the delusional title, “Singapore is not an island” proved beyond doubt the worry about the irrational exuberance of these ‘one-screw loose’ folks by Singapore’s dysfunctional elite. This breached diplomatic convention which normally does not comment by one country to interfere in the internal politics of another. But with this essay, we see for ourselves that even concerned outsiders are concerned with the irresponsible speech and actions of this motley Opposition crew. And at Cambridge in a lecture on 31 October 2015, BK further underlined PAP Singapore Government’s concern with, “Malaysia is on a political trajectory that has heightened racial and religious tensions and may well lead to violence.” Stupid.

  • 30. An Ordinary Malaysian  |  November 13, 2015 at 12:49 pm


    I have some regard for you as a writer of serious political articles but recently I find that you seem to be delving into the tabloid stuff.

    Your fixation with evangelical Christians, Hannah Yeoh and, now, Alvin Tan is becoming rather worrying..

    I grant that the entertainment value is definitely there, eg when you make fun of Hannah Yeoh, or when you rant and rave about the evangelical Christian plot to takeover Malaysia but come on, this is all just rubbish tabloid journalism.

    And now, Alvin Tan!!!

    IMHO, Alvin Tan is about as low as one can go on the junk news scale.

    Yes, its all very entertaining, light hearted reading, but hardly believable and not very useful.

    Perhaps this is a minor detour for you into the trivial and frivolous for your own amusement – I dunno.

    Hopefully, I will see the old Helen Ang return to write good solid political articles which are well researched and difficult to argue against even when I disagree with you.

    • 31. Helen Ang  |  November 13, 2015 at 1:16 pm


      re: “rant and rave about the evangelical Christian plot”

      The DCP / Deputy Commissioner of Police Datuk Awaludin Jadid of Bukit Aman’s Special Branch gave a talk this week (Tues.) at UIA on the threat of Christianization to national security. Are you aware?

      To say that I’m ranting and raving is trying to deploy the Heckler’s Veto. Trying to ‘shout down’ or drown out my voice is to the detriment of the 95 percent delusional Chinese.

      I pity the Chinese community being driven to the edge of the precipice like lemmings all because of the insatiable greed of the power hungry DAP politicians.

      re: “this is all just rubbish tabloid journalism”

      Think a little deeper on whether I’m right or the DAP propagandists are being truthful. I’ve been saying for a longish time already that Umno and PAS will come together. In fact, I said this even before GE13 in 2013.

      Now DAP and PAS are almost mortal enemies while Umno and PAS are warming up to each other. Ustaz Nasha, the former deputy president of PAS, has been appointed by Najib as the ‘Moderates’ think-tank CEO.

      All the current political developments are in favour of the narrative I’ve been telling. The PAS Dewan Ulama chair has said in his party muktamar that ahli DAP rata-rata Kristian – see,

      re: “junk news scale”

      What Alvin did is not “junk news”. It is being taken very seriously and it has made the Malay Muslims very angry.

      re: “Yes, its all very entertaining”

      I’m afraid you’re unable to understand how insulted and provoked – and yes, ANGRY – the Malay Muslims are feeling right now.

      re: “light hearted reading”

      I’m deadly serious about this. You really have no idea how angry the Muslims are.

      re: “but hardly believable”

      I’m saying it forthrightly. If the 95 percent Chinese refuse to believe, there’s nothing I can do.

      re: “and not very useful”

      Don’t say I didn’t caution about how very seriously this insult must be taken.

      • 32. An Ordinary Malaysian  |  November 13, 2015 at 8:03 pm

        Hi Helen,

        Oh dear, I was afraid that you would respond as you did.

        re: “The DCP / Deputy Commissioner of Police Datuk Awaludin Jadid of Bukit Aman’s Special Branch gave a talk this week (Tues.) at UIA on the threat of Christianization to national security. Are you aware? ”

        No, but then I am sure there are also lots of talks given in Bukit Aman about the threat of overzealous Muslims but who cares?

        I am sure PDRM will do a good job of containing any threats from any quarter which threatens national security.

        re: “Trying to ‘shout down’ or drown out my voice ”

        No, I am not trying to shout down or drown out your voice.

        On the contrary, if you wish to continue writing in a tabloid manner, feel free. It is your blog.

        re: “Think a little deeper on whether I’m right or the DAP propagandists are being truthful”

        Since when is a propagandist, whether DAP or UMNO or any other political party ever “truthful”???

        re: “What Alvin did is not “junk news”.”

        I say “to-ma-to”, you say “to-may-to”.

        I say Alvin Tan is a nobody worthy of junk status but if you want to build him up as a “somebody”, go ahead. Its your blog.

        re: “I’m afraid you’re unable to understand how insulted and provoked – and yes, ANGRY – the Malay Muslims are feeling right now.”

        I feel you are generalising when you say “the Malay Muslims”.

        Some Malay Muslims may be really angry and may get even angrier as they are being stirred up by irresponsible journalists writing highly biased articles which build up a “nobody” into a “somebody”.

        Some Malay Muslims will simply laugh off the stupid antics of a moronic juvenile Alvin Tan.

        Similarly, some Chinese evangelical Christians would be very angry with Alvin Tan, while other Chinese evangelical Christians will simply laugh off the immature attention-seeking Alvin Tan.

        re: “I’m deadly serious about this. You really have no idea how angry the Muslims are.”

        You may be “deadly serious” about Alvin Tan, Hannah Yeoh and the evangelical Christians but others may find your “deadly serious” views little more than tabloid journalism.

        re: “If the 95 percent Chinese refuse to believe, there’s nothing I can do.”

        Believe what?

        That Malay Muslims will run amok in the streets of KL?

        Because of Alvin Tan? Because of Hannah Yeoh? Because of Chinese evangelical Christians?

        You seem to be implying that Malay Muslims are incapable of rational thinking!!!

        I don’t doubt there will be a lunatic fringe amongst Malay Muslims who relish the thought using Alvin Tan as an excuse to go out and kill indiscriminately but I have enough faith in PDRM and Special Branch to handle them.

        re: “Don’t say I didn’t caution about how very seriously this insult must be taken.”

        The only person who needs to worry about Alvin Tan’s insults is Alvin Tan himself.

        I feel that any suggestion otherwise is mere fanciful speculation.

        Have you no faith in PDRM to nip in the bud, any attempts to forment troubles?

        As far as Alvin Tan is concerned, my personal view is to fart in his general direction. That is how much regard I give that fellow.

        Helen, I would like to repeat that I have great respect for your political writings and analysis.

        I have read a lot of your articles in that vein and I feel you are one of the better writers I have read in that you write well and you back up your writings with good research.

        I feel that this tabloid-like writing does not do you justice.

        But then, why should you care about my views, anyway?

        It is your blog :)

        • 33. Helen Ang  |  November 13, 2015 at 9:28 pm

          re: “you back up your writings with good research”

          I apply the same critical thinking and attention to facts in evaluating the threat posed by the evangelistas and the level of provocation (very high) by Alvin Tan.

          If you choose to be cavalier and treat my appraisal as “tabloid journalism”, then up to you. But do pls remember that the guy who blew the whistle on the City Harvest Church has been vindicated by the S’pore court verdict.

  • 34. Melayu Malaysia  |  November 13, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    The “pure, unadulterated Chinese” is now behaving like the Melayus.. mudah lupa…jerat tidak lupa pelandok.

    Melayus were caught but thank God, some of us remain. The evangelistas will eventually destroy the very fabric of the Chinese race, and using religion.

    For those who ignore, let them rot. For those who care, be aware. DAP is not the saviour, and you, they devour.

    ” The DCP / Deputy Commissioner of Police Datuk Awaludin Jadid of Bukit Aman’s Special Branch gave a talk this week (Tues.) at UIA on the threat of Christianization to national security. ”

    Would there be a conference/seminar if the situation is under control?

    MCA (thru The Star) chose to keep quiet when it come to matters like this but make a big hu-ha on other things.

    And you expect the Malays to vote in Wee Ka Siong and gang?? Bye bye Latuk of the belatuk category.

  • 35. watteva  |  November 15, 2015 at 6:07 pm

    they are from the same flock & feathers who cannot stay in malaya after migrating. Not too worry as people now know who they are and their fate will go the same like that poor racist chink.


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