News blackout on Alvin’s offence by the oppo portals

As of this morning, news about Alvin Tan’s desecration of the Quran has not been reported by The J-Star, Malaysiakini, Free Malaysia Today, The Heat Online or The Ant Daily either.

The Malay Mail Online and The Malaysian Insider only reported on the episode tangentially, i.e. through related news items but not in a straight news report with regard to what Alvin actually did. And even this oblique reference is published in their bahasa Melayu portal alone.=

That the general Malaysian public who are Chinese have failed to grasp the gravity of Alvin’s offence is in part due to their having been conditioned by the anti-establishment media. They’ve been indoctrinated for too long with determinedly skewed coverage. News deemed detrimental to the opposition agenda is buried.

What the oppo media spin has resulted in is a tremendously self-reverential and blinkered outlook among the Chinese. These news providers cultivate an alternate reality by telling the Chinese only what they wish to hear as well as confirming their biases.

Singapore’s roving ambassador Bilahari Kausikan is correct to characterize these people as delusional. They are living in their own ethnic silos in echo chambers sheltered from any meaningful understanding of Muslim sensitivities.

And today as we can see, the media is covering up the Alvin provocation as if those Muslims who feel extremely offended are unaware of the 800lb gorilla in the room. The offence against the Quran will not disappear merely because the oppo are engaged in a conspiracy of silence to cover up.

It is this very same attitude and approach by the media in carrying out black propaganda against Muslim institutions and personalities, while at the same time whitewashing the evangelical Christians, that has bred the hubris.

Just because the oppo media are scuttling the story into a black hole does not mean that it did not happen.

As the MCA’s Ti Lian Ker said yesterday in his press statement – which was not reported by the newspaper under the ownership of his own political party – the offensive images are already viral in the social media and being widely circulated on Whatsapp.

There will be repercussions to the media’s long-standing and deliberate indulgence in the sins of commission and omission.

The chickens are coming home to roost as a consequences of the DAP’s thorough dominance of public perception to the point that its supporters are utterly divorced from reality.

Remember that any potential backlash is attributable to the collusion of the Nest of Evangelistas. Umno must hold the MCA accountable for the actions – and inaction – of the latter’s media empire.


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63 thoughts on “News blackout on Alvin’s offence by the oppo portals

    1. Let the ISIS deal with Alvin Tan lah. The Quran does not belong to the Malays.
      This chinese guy thinks he want to annoy the Malays..

      Wait till the arab or indian muslim extremists saw his post muahaha..

      Just repost his postings on ISIS face book. Let them start looking for the chinese man. He think he is safe in the US.

  1. This Alvin Tan is courting danger . Some ISIS member nut case may go after him or his family member.

    1. Oooh, pushing all the hot buttons, are you?

      Let’s see – “Nazi”, “extremist yahudi”, “Amerika Syarikat”, “Singapura”. A pretty eclectic collection, don’t you think?

      You didn’t include “ISIS/ISIL”, “AQAP” etc – an unintended oversight on your part, no doubt.

      There must be more hot buttons you can push, surely?

      Or are you running out of ideas?

        1. Hmm….emoting from a position of weakness enlivened by a smidgen of powerlessness, are you?

          That’s an interesting mindset.

  2. helen, you fell for it…..alvin wants attention, and you are giving it to him.
    I wouldn’t have googled for alvin’s latest antic if it wasn’t for your writeup.
    Alvin is an asshole. And his latest post is yucks to the max. Somebody will have a kill fatwa on him soon. That’s how it works.

    1. re: “Somebody will have a kill fatwa on him soon.”

      What he did would likely have wider implications than his personal accountability alone.

      1. And exactly what are these “wider implications”?

        You shouldn’t be afraid to spill the beans if you have thought the matter through.

        Or are you a subscriber to the “carte blanche” theory?

        1. Any walking being who looks like him around the globe would be subjected to the brunt of those you-do-not know who extremists.The consequences are…period, is anybody’s guess.
          Among others, (throat)slaying..the rest, you should know best. You sure not aware of these wider implications? kemon la!.

  3. This Alvin Tan guy does not realise the disfavour he is doing for the Chinese community in Malaysia by his actions which intensify resentment of the Muslims against the Chinese.

    At the same time, there are some Chinese I know who see him as some kind of “hero”.

    This Alvin guy is nothing more than an exhibitionist and attention seeker with a rather shallow and vulgar humour around sex.

    He may think that he has achieved something great by having been able to achieve asylum in the United States.

    Well the U.S. is welcome to have him, along with the other rejects from around the world.

    1. Yes..with ALVIN behavior – More & more people will hate the Chinese..and now the REAL enemy is VERY CLEAR. especially stupid follower his FB supporter- they are Evil creatures

      Will he able to walk in Malaysia & Muslim countries alive anymore? will Malay appreciate & trust Chinese if his stupid action is rewarded as HERO by his Chinese & other FB?

      Think stupid = Stupid Result

    2. The US’s “vaunted freedom of expression” in play here?

      I am not sure if it’s ok to deny or make fun of the Holocaust in the US as it is in Germany and some other European countries.

      Have any Islamic bodies in the US protested against Alvin’s actions? Or Islamic scholars in the US?

      1. They bo-lion him there. He is just one of those mad cows nobody is concerned about. They have other better things to do than layaning his never ending antics…an insecure attention seeker.

  4. Kak Helen,

    Mufti of Pahang said that DAP is anti-Islam, whereas Raja Petra said the gunting paper is working for DAP. Does that makes the gunting paper is anti-Islam?

  5. this is not an isolated case affecting muslims in msia alone. his acts are affecting all muslims all over the world in general.

    let the news spread all over the east, west, north, south and all over the middle east.

    1. “this is not an isolated case affecting muslims in msia alone. his acts are affecting all muslims all over the world in general.”

      Only if you let it effect you. I think it reflects more badly on some of the butthurt Muslims who allow a 27 year old wannabe porn star who is clearly anti establishment, authority and religion to get under their skins. Just how soft are you people? If he had done the same thing with the Bible, I honestly wouldn’t give a toss, as it’s just one person’s opinion, and I am secure enough in myself and my beliefs not to let it effect me. Grow a pair will you.

      Religious people are really starting to get on my nerve, especially the ones in this country….

        1. Here we go again? Try to differentiate between Islam and Muslims, I know it’s hard for you. I have very little respect for how Muslims carry on whenever their religion is insulted by others. They are the only ones that behave this way. Christianity is made fun a hell of a lot more in Hollywood and in other circles, but you don’t see Christians jumping up and down every time.

          1. Question is how many of those you mentioned REALLY practiced what Jesus Christ taught.

            With so many versions of their holy book, no body cares. No surprises there. But for the Muslim and Islam, the Quran is our book, the Only Book, unchanged from the day it was revealed. That is why, it is very much revered.

            Christians in the West, Hollywood for that matter, is only a show piece without any spiritual significance. And they moved with times, to suit their greed…

            At any rate, if God has closed your heart, then all the rantings that came out is from your limited God-given ability of reasoning and thinking. It is your account with the creator.

            True Muslims never make fun of other people beliefs. It is written and we adhere to it. Has been so since the time of our Holy Prophet.

            1. “Christians in the West, Hollywood for that matter, is only a show piece without any spiritual significance. And they moved with times, to suit their greed…”

              Stop defending your insecurities and pettiness by coming up with untruths about another religion. Christians on the whole are essentially are lot more mature than Muslims, and that’s why they deal with things more rationally and don’t throw hissy fits every time their religion is insulted.

              And tell me, why should anyone respect a particular creed, be it Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism etc? Why is this suddenly an unwritten rule? I think the idea of four wives for example is ludicrous and goes against the sacred union of marriage, so should I be forced to respect that particular teaching within Islam, just because Muslims are ok with it? No way, and I will continue to criticise it as it’s my right to do so.

              And please grow up and stop feeling that God needs to be defended. He’s all powerful and almighty right? He doesn’t need a few specs of dust standing up for him and defending his honour. Remember, God has created this mess, known as humanity. The people that Muslims continue to label as being infidels are the ones that God created. He’s responsible.

              Alvin’s unique personality, which is despised by many in Malaysia is a result of God making him in that way. Homosexuals are the way they are because God created them in that way – yes, it’s a genetic condition that results in them being gay. So don’t pretend that you guys know better and are in a position to cast judgment on others, when all I see is a bunch of submissive and brainwashed followers, who are frankly incapable of original thought.

              1. Hello bruder,
                He is just trying to ‘impress’ US imigration to qualify for hus asylum application..

                These mentally ‘stateless’ opportunists will do anything to con their ways to gain entry into countries of their dreams.

                Just like the old soo wincci trying to promote her ‘show’ using whatever methods to lure public attention. Apamacam? Balik modal ke?

              2. “Stop defending your insecurities and pettiness by coming up with untruths about another religion.”

                Talking about yourself, aren’t you. Need I say more….

                1. If you want to get technical about it, you’re dead right. That’s why I love the idea of not judging others, as propagated by Christ so strongly in the New Testament. It’s a message that has been lost by Muslims and Christians alike.

                  But ultimately, God is the author of all of this chaos, and humans killing each other on the account of defending his honour is just plain stupid. This almighty being doesn’t need us to be defending his name.

                  Alvin has undoubtedly started something very vile and unnecessary, but a more matured and strong minded society would not have reacted to him the way many have. The death threats on his facebook page are really pretty disgraceful. The smart thing to have done would have been to simply ignore him. But as usual, the high road was not taken,

      1. you should not equate us with society who no longer uphold and apprreciate morality, no longer concerns and distincts between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.

        as for me as long as i live i do not want the world to be a place where people can do all bad things they want violoting the dignity of others yet they were given a respect and call it a right for freedom of speech.

        i am pretty sure you wouldn’t want to have a son like him, it’s bad. so why don’t you wish for others what you wish for yourself.

        free yourself from being driven by political agendas.

        with regard to your say about bible which christians follow its teachings. christianity is merely a part time belief. they embrace it only when they are at church – only part of it. if they are outside the church they don’t have to. as if god only exist and has authority around the church. no wonder they just couldn’t careless.

        alvin has insulted islam and muslims in the most horrible way. even the mocking of prophet muhammad (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) depicting him in cartoons is not as horrible as this.

        do you know that muslims wouldn’t touch the quran unless we are clean and performed a purification called ‘wudu’. to us touching the sacred book without wudu is like having a burning charcoal in our hands.

        do you wish to force us 1.6 billion muslims all over the world to abandon this ethics, disrespect Lord and Creator of the universe and sacrifice our dignity where our body and soul are with/embracing it ???

        1. “you should not equate us with society who no longer uphold and apprreciate morality,”

          What a load of bs. Then why does the West lead the way in every statistic relating to human freedom and justice? Why does the East top the stats in corruption and inequality. If you believe Muslims are morally superior to Christians, you need your head examined as you are living in denial.

          And please explain to me why Kelantan and Terengannu topped the country in porn viewership? Yeah, such a model of morality.

          1. ‘do you know that muslims wouldn’t touch the quran unless we are clean and performed a purification called ‘wudu’.’

            muslim tak payah nak buang masa bagi nasihat kat geng kaki botol macam kat atas ni. Otak tak center puak2 ni!

  6. re, the general Malaysian public ,who are Chinese have failed to grasp the gravity of Alvin’s offence .

    Let it be that ways , after all in the eyes if the Chinese ,nothing is goods about the Malays and Muslim . Should they knows it’s dos not change to any good .

  7. I think Muslims should not get upset or show their anger to people like Alvin Tan Charlie Hebdo,etc.If we do that then that alone will slowly stop this people from trying to provoke us so that they can claim that we are intolerant and cannot understand their so called free speech.If their provocations are met with silence from us that will “eat”them up and make them fruastrated instead of us.We should hide our happiness when some groups finally get Alvin and people like him.

  8. There’s no way that he can be extradited to Malaysia since his act is not classified as felonious act in US. The only thing that fellow Muslims in Malaysia can do is to solicit help from Muslim American citizens to bring this matter to the attention of their immigration services that this mad fellow is causing religious friction among members of society and that he should be classified as unwanted migrant and thus his citizenship application rejected and he be ejected from US soil. Once rejected by US he will find it quite hard to migrate to another country.

    Those Malaysians who care about this must try to send this news plus detail photos (available on many blog sites) to their Muslim friends in US. Draw their attention to this tragic act and seek their assistance to make US authorities act against this perpetrator in the best way they know how. In the past a small public protest was the best way to get major media coverage which will alert the relevant US govt services



    at the end american muslims will be blamed, victimised, force to be apologetic for crime they are innocent of just the way it was after the september 11.

    1. we don’t learn islam from that guy. his words and ideas are base on his limited human intellectuality

    2. Which part is interesting? Is the writer a Muslim? See, it is only interesting if the writer is Muslim and as a Muslim he sees nothing wrong with desecrating what to you is just a book and what to Muslims the world over is sacred.

      Even if he had used a Mandarin version we would still feel the insult. You asked why it is an insult. Let me ask back, isn’t that the whole intention? To insult? To raise the ire of the Muslims? To provoke the Muslims to retaliate so then you can righteously say, yes Islam is a violent religion.

      You say you don’t think it’s insulting if it was a Bible that was used. That’s your prerogative. Let me ask you back, have you seen any Muslims desecrating the Bible or whatever book that any religion considers sacred?

      In fact from my earliest memories, I have been taught to treat all books with respect. Books are for the knowledge, not for show. Do not dirty the books, do not leave your books lying around, do not dog-eared the books, do not tear the books. And in all that we were taught that Quran should be treated as more special than the rest. In my family, books that were bought during my dad’s time are still in mint condition.

      Tan has used a media that has a wide reach and once posted can never be deleted. And he is not in a place where he can turn around and say “I’m sorry” and all is forgiven. That is only in Malaysia.

      1. re: “once posted can never be deleted”

        Or alternatively, his photos once seen, cannot be ‘unseen’. I’m horror struck by the extent to which he took his provocation.

        1. if someone steps on my school books disrespectfully, i feel like giving that person a slap in the face because i still remember an advice of an islamic preacher who says ‘apart from religious books, honor your educational books as well, do not let it lying around on the floor unnecessarily or stepping on it as it is the source of knowledge’.
          LET ALONE QURAN which contains the word of Allah the Most high.

          “NO forgiveness” for alvin tan as muslims cannot be fooled for the second time. he had fooled us so many many many times.

        2. I think that there more than enough right-wing commentators and media pundits in the US who have a thing about Islam.

          Which is why Islamic organisations and Muslims in the US are always on the defensive.

          Some of these commentators and pundits have posted extremely fluent and well-argued views and opinions on the social media.

          Are they wrong to have done so?

          Did they deliberately set out to criticise Islam and it’s followers and are they protected by US laws on free speech?

          There is a fair amount of mileage to be gained by being portrayed as being anti-Islam with all the attendant connotations.

          I doubt, for example, that you will find any pro-Islam politicians in the Tea Party movement in the US.

          1. But we’re not in the US, are we? We do not have the same constitution with their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so forth amendments. We do not have their equal rights culture recognising the rights of every man, woman, and lgbts.

            Have you not lived in this country called Malaysia, alongside the majority Malay Muslims long enough to understand how important our Islam is to us? If you can’t accept our differences, is tolerance and compromise such an alien concept?

            1. Yes, but then you have no problem in begging the same US to stay involved in the region to protect our collective posterior bits?

              The same US with it’s gun culture, freedom of speech and religion, acceptance of LGBTs etc?

              Double standards here?

                  1. Hahaha – you have surfaced again? Spoiling for more putdowns, are you?

                    And my passport is working just fine, tqvm. In fact, when I went through an immigration checkpoint some time back, the very polite Immigration officer said “Welcome to . And, on other occasions – “Welcome back!” At KLIA, Changi, LAX, Heathrow or Sydney Airport? Keep guessing, mate!

                    And “delusional” is passé, brudder. Very overworked term, lah. Do try and enlarge your vocabulary instead of mindlessly regurgitating stuff from Helen’s blog.

                    1. This delusional term is here to stay since the clan it is intended to be used to is still here.

                      Unless and when this tribe decides to end its overstay here, then this term could be carried by its members to a new place which might be used by the native there. Or this tribe decides to go back, which is very unlikely, to its hilly homestead up there.

                      Btw, going to Europe, esp the EU, you only need a passport once, e.i. at the entry point. So, keep away your passport, that connotation is indeed passe. Why not you just stay somewhere there so you do not need your passport anymore.(The term ‘you’ need not refer to anyone in particular. In fact could be applied to any member of the clan)

                      I was even mistaken as a native at a foreign land, thanx to a Mat Saleh there. But my heart is here to stay with my body, mind and soul. Unlike those others which are undecided which parts of their being are to be where?

                      Btw, are you one of those I met on the tube to Heathrow talking at the top of your voice trying to make your presence felt there? I felt so ashamed to the Brits in case they thought the Asians or yellows were a bunch of rowdy fellas.

                    2. @wawe Nov 16/7:41 am

                      And your point is…..?

                      We can do this dance anytime, bro. Just like I informed islam1st.

                      You were mistaken as “a native” in a foreign land? Could that fortunate happenstance be because of genes, skin colour, obnoxious behaviour or a slipup by the Immigration authorities in that unnamed foreign land?


                    3. Chill bro/sis kineas. Beating around the bush for some clues? Don’t bother. I won’t be fazed by your insinuation. My real life experience handling your type of person is quiet aplenty around me. Funny though, they always end up sulking after a few exchanges of words. No more debate or exchanges of words or even a hello from my nemesis…hehe! Hope you are not one like them.

                      I was travelling to Oxford on a double-decker. The ‘native’ remark was accorded to me by an Oxford graduate who had often frequented this part of the world as well.

                      Glad that he regarded me highly although I would not take it personally. Glad that such a person viewed others very positively in spite of people around here in my own motherland are always being sceptical. about anything Malay and Muslims. I had a very enlightening and mind boosting experience throughout the journey. Sometimes, we/I need to get away from the madness of the local furore to freshen things up.

                1. No, I am referring to the Seventh Fleet making stops at Port Klang. Of increased defence cooperation between Malaysia and the US.

                  Singapore has it’s own foreign policy. Deal with it.

                  1. Are you sure there is an increase in defense cooperation between M’sia and US? Go check with ISIS M’sia, that’s the think tank and not Da’esh.

                    M’sia has always had a closer relation to China than the US. But since the ’80s we were courted by the US and the nation has been balancing relations with US and China ever since aso as to remain or be seen as neutral. We have had naval military exercise jointly with China over the past couple of years just as we have military exercises with US as part of the weapons purchase agreements.

                    To say that we are taking our defence relationship with the US to a greater level than with China shows the lopsided views you have been fed by the western friendly media.

                    And I brought up Singapore because Singapore is more a satellite state of the US than M’sia will ever be, even as you glorify that little red dot to the point that I have doubts as to your citizenship.

    3. If only others had half his intelligence, Malaysia would actually be a decent place to live in.

      1. You mistake belligerence for intelligence. I find this trait common among ABU supporters. They equate being tough as being intelligent.

        Ask anyone even a child and he will tell you that there is nothing intelligent about a man who displays his dick for the whole world to see. If he does that in the real world he’d be arrested for public lewdness. To quote Forrest Gump “Stupid is as stupid does”.

    4. Now, who should have the right to punish Alvin on his latest act? Muslims from which jurisdiction? What law to use?

  10. alvin tan left his ex-gf also co-partner in anti-islam ie. vivian lee to face court and possible jail term on her own while he is happily living in the US happily posting what he’d posted. poor moron vivian been his victim. obviously not only muslims he made victim.

    i wonder why there are still many chinese on facebook supporting his course. he is so disgustingly selfish.

    i disagree his extradition. let him rot in the US. don’t bring back this rubbish. it will just cause trouble in msia between races.

    americans have brain and many of them are good hearted people who wouldn’t agree with such immorality. there are people who are working and striving towards building bridge between races and religions. this alvin thinks he is free to make such virtuous efforts a failure.

    just wash our hands of the whole extradition thing. americans are the best people to deal with him.

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