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Semoga Alvin dan Hannah dikurniakan cahaya hidayah

Bersambung daripada catatan awal, ‘Alvin Tan and Hannah Yeoh competing to be most popular on FB

 Hannah asyik mengidam dan makanan kegemaran tidak pernah lekan dari bibirnya



I have no Faceook or Twitter.

21 thoughts on “Semoga Alvin dan Hannah dikurniakan cahaya hidayah

  1. What do Alvin and Hannah have in common?
    A: A wanton desire to expose more of themselves than they can handle for good sense.

    1. HH commented @ 2015/11/12 at 10:54 pm, “The current controversy seems to be manufactured in hope of generating publicity for his porn movie. He (Alvin) admitted as much.”

      Hannah’s manufactured photo ops in the mosques are to generate publicity for her Malay vote fishing and to raise her profile so that she will be given even higher positions by her party. She rose from a greenhorn Adun in GE12 to become Madame Speaker by GE13.

      She’s also the Selcat chairman and doubtless eyeing even more lucrative posts to come the bigger that DAP grows among the Malay voters.

      Both Hannah and Alvin are exploiting Islam to further their own personal interests.

      1. confounded conflation. Alvin and Hannah are Hainanese. So are all the vocal tom-tom folks who disturbed other communities without reason at the expense of the other Chinese clans without their permission. Stupid.

        1. Q: What did the female hainanese exclaim when she saw the male hainanese porn-ing the female whatever?
          A: Ho Lee Fuk!

        2. Confucius made some statements that may apply:

          “By nature, men are nearly alike; by practice, they become wide apart.”

          “Fine words and an insinuating appearance are seldom associated with true virtue.”

          1. re: “Fine words and an insinuating appearance are seldom associated with true virtue.”

            FINE WORDS: “How heartbreaking”

            Oh, look at my tender heart – it breaks for virtual strangers. But thankfully my achy breaky heart is bionic. It will mend itself in no time so that it can break again very publicly at the next tragedy affecting dunno who, dunno where.

            INSINUATING APPEARANCE: You mean my Prada?

            1. I forgot the special effects to the ‘fine words’ … here

              But depending on the need of the moment, I can do this too:

          2. By the Soul, and the proportion and order the Lord has bestowed it;
            And its judgement as to wrong and right;
            Truly he that purifies it (the soul) succeeds,
            And he that corrupts it flounders!
            (Quran, The Sun: verse 7-10)

            The Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “Among the earliest prophetic counsels that came to humanity was this: ‘If you feel no shame then (you will) do whatever you wish’.”
            (narrated by Bukhari)

            1. I suppose this is a reminder to some of our Chinese brothers and sisters especially:

              The Four Noble Truths do not involve worshipping a deity or even revering the Buddha himself. This teaching is thus comprehensible to people of other religious traditions, and also to more secular or philosophical individuals. Basically they are:

              1. the Truth of Suffering – life involves experience of suffering, dissonance and dissatisfaction. Even the most privileged lives involve suffering or discontentment of some sort.

              2. the Truth of Desire – suffering is caused by desire, specifically unenlightened desires or uncontrollable cravings.

              3. the Truth of the Cessation of Desires – when human desires are supervised or sublimated in one’s life, suffering is lessened or ceases to trouble the mind and heart.

              4. the Truth of the Eight-fold Path – human desire is enlightened through the principled practice of i) right speech ii) right action, iii) right livelihood, iv) right effort, v)right mindfulness, vi) right concentration, vii) right understanding and viii) right resolve.

              The Eightfold Path of Propriety comprises the essence of the Buddhist spiritual path for sentient beings. It is concerned with proper skills and behaviors, proper mental states and experiences, and proper aspirations and intentions – it is the ethical, meditative and spiritual life.

              Among the many topics of meditation taught by the Buddha, there are four specifically concerned with the cultivation of Loving-Kindness, Compassion, Altruistic Joy, and Equanimity.

              These four contemplations are called the “Four Immeasurables” because they are directed at immeasurable numbers of sentient beings, and because the wholesome karma resulting from its sincere practice is immeasurable. They are also called the sublime states of the heart-mind because they resemble the extraordinary inner states of the heavenly beings.

  2. What? Give him publicity. That actually is what he wants. Death threats, curses, etc would make this sick boy happy. It validates his nobody existence.
    So yeah, i agree that mainstream media and online news portals not carry any news on him. Ignore people like this. Takde attention they die.

      1. How is it a conspiracy of silence? If, say, I happened to be editing a newspaper or online news portal someone brings me the news of this lowlife’s doings, i’d just spike (I believe this is the term journos use) the article.
        Truly we need to ignore him.
        And Helen I’m not on facebook so I don’t know what this sick boy is up to.Not on my radar at all. Truly no loss there. A boon even.
        May I be so bold as to say the outraged Muslims deserve what they find. Makcik2, Pakcik2 yg bergayut kat FB buang masa je.
        So yes, mainstream/online media is quite correct in this.

        Amacam kita semua nampak je nama neh, eyes glaze over, and yawn.

        1. It’s a blackout on the news among the major players (J-Star et al).

          It’s a deliberate silence – this is fact.

          Is it a “conspiracy” (of silence) though as I’ve called it? I believe so.

          Should the report of it have been brought out into the open?

          I can see some reasons for keeping quiet about it. So there are practical merits to try and down play it. Like another commenter said, the Quran does not belong to Malays. Other Muslims elsewhere in the world might have reacted.

          However I still believe that sending the report to the Bermuda Triangle (pretend nothing happened) will backfire on the authorities in Malaysia.

    1. Tony the Coward Puaka also wants attention badly all the time, and many media outlets including the gunting paper gave him spotlight. He wants the be the supergalactic hero only to be revealed as a loud-mouth coward. Similarly, DAP still have not sue the Mufti of Pahang after they had shouted so loud at him.


      1. Imam As-Shafi’i said that if a man was wise, his concern over his own sins would distract him from seeing the faults of others.

        Being working politicians of course entitles them to discuss communal issues and to take ethical stands on points of disagreement. But as As-Shafi’i pointed out the caveat: “Do not speak of things that do not concern you, for indeed, every time you speak a word it binds you while you lose control over it.”

  3. Ms H. These two Hainanese folks should be recognised as such so that other clans of Chinese are not involved in this crazy caper.

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