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The games Chinese play

A chameleon opportunist reportedly said his latest public provocation was done “to broaden his social media reach and increase revenue for his products,” according to an article yesterday by Berita Daily headlined ‘Alvin Tan says sorry over Quran insult.

BELOW: Alvin has a cross tattoo


According to the news portal, Alvin had said, “As sinister and warped as the marketing plan was, it worked”.

So there you have it from the horse’s mouth – the warped Chinese non-Muslim uses Islam as his/her cynical ploy to promote him/herself in the social media and sell his/her “product” to gullible Malays and in the process laugh all his/her way to the piggy bank.

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I have no Faceook or Twitter.

11 thoughts on “The games Chinese play

  1. This is a typical jolly roger of the evangelists clan. Hijacked other’s religion and market their gullible self and in Selangor there are many of them too. The most noticeable one is the mama dapster in subang area. Does people like Alvin is what she meant as wicked, low class, racist etc etc?.

    Where is their evangelist love love love for this Alvin guy which I believe is mentally retarded, having inferiority complex problems and pure stupid.

  2. On the day when there’s been further attacks in Paris – all you can do is incite hate through race and religion? What kind of scum are you Helen? You should be investigated for sedition and kept far away from the Internet.

  3. i said it before and would like to repeat it: islam dah jadi product brand resulted in invention and innovation of by-products such as liberal islam, moderate islam, islam hadhari, fundemental islam & apa ka jadah lagi. dlm hal ini jurujual memang smart la kerana benda yg tiada nilai pun boleh dijual. buyers are emotional lot.

    surah al-maidah sebahagian dari ayat 3:

    This day I have perfected FOR YOU YOUR RELIGION (lakomdeenakom) and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you ISLAM AS RELIGION (islama deena).

    mengapa tidak diterjemah dari bahasa arab ke english ataupun melayu sebiji sebijik? jadi islam itu nama atau produk atau perbuatan or something else?

  4. While Alvin’s FB and WordPress is out of order, another “artiste” is going his rounds. Imagine Banglasia will be shown in Singapore as an art film.

    Look at his credits.

    “Banglasia-Director-Namewee2 Namewee was born in 1983 in Johor, Malaysia. He gained popularity after releasing a controversial song fused with the national anthem of Malaysia. A rapper, composer, actor and a YouTube sensation, Namewee’s first taste of success was with his first feature, Nasi Lemak 2.0, which grossed over RM7 Million in Malaysia. Banglasia is his fifth film.”

    You can be a famous artiste if you release an “art” version of the national anthem. I wonder whether Amos Yee can be an artiste too?

    1. that is why to get alvin tan to be extradited is never a good idea.

      whoever allows this namewee to return to malaysia may you be forgiven

    2. Mulan,

      “A stitch in time saves nine”.

      It is a beautiful saying about confronting the problem right away.

      When Namawee starts to be “kurang ajar”, he was rewarded by being allowed to see a Minister in lounges of parliament. And one brainless Minister said that Namawee was important.

      Many other countries including those that lore to preach to others would not have tolerates the likes of Namawee. In some traditions, he would simply be beheaded or made to “dissapear’.

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