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Alvin not dead / rumour of his assassination refuted

Contrary to rumour that he has been shot in the face, Alvin Tan is still very much alive.

See, ‘Akaun Facebook ditutup, Alvin Tan umum masih hidup dalam akaun baru’ reported in Astro Awani today.

Let’s discuss a hypothetical scenario.

Presuming that some physical harm had really been done to Alvin, the Muslim perpetrator would be accused of being “violent”.

However, due to the earlier news blackout on Alvin’s provocation against Islam, the general public is not aware of the insult by the controversial blogger-cum-porn actor.

So the jihadi who exacted revenge on Alvin ends up being labelled “violent”. But his name-callers could be unaware of what had caused the Muslim avenger to commit violence on Alvin. In truth, it was a reaction to Alvin’s own extreme action.

(Note: The above is just a scenario-building exercise as Alvin’s murder is just wishful thinking on the part of the Malay bloggers who had spread the rumour)

So we come to the attacks on Paris.

The perpetrators are being called “terrorists”. But the back story on what precisely the Muslims are reacting to at present has been buried by the world media.

Western interference and power plays in the Middle East has caused chaos. The Paris attackers reacted to what the Westerners have done and are doing to Syria.

However, the violent deeds of the white man have been successfully whitewashed. Or in other words, news of Western air strikes downplayed or spun, like how the stunt pulled by Alvin had earlier been blacked out by Malaysian media.

Many Malays and Muslims are angry at Alvin. Outsiders have no inkling why. Muslims in the Arab countries are angry at the whites. Again, not many outsiders have a true inkling as to why.

This lack of comprehension comes from news blackout. Cover ups are deliberate attempts to distort the big picture and only serve to impede our understanding of the cause-and-effect of events.

See also ‘#parisConquistadors are terrorists too


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3 thoughts on “Alvin not dead / rumour of his assassination refuted

  1. I was informed that every few months, Alvin had to concoct a media stunt so offensive, he will get death threats from it. Because as an asylum seeker in USA, every few months he has to prove that his life is in danger from the country he is running away from, as to keep his asylum seeker status.
    Legit info, or not – what do you think?

    1. we don’t want him to return to msia as we don’t want the rise if ISIS in msia or he may cause ISIS to travel to msia.

      US is willing to protect his devil mouth and behaviour, msia won’t.

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