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#paris – Conquistadors are terrorists too

I do not believe in presenting your right cheek also to be slapped if someone slapped you on your left cheek. This piece of self-defeating advice to ‘turn the other cheek’ was invented by sneaky Christians to fool suckers.

When the victim says “biarlah” although his left cheek is hurting after being smacked, then his gullible attempt at bersangka baik will only give the calculative bully an opportunity smack him again and again – dush, dush!

Pacifism is destructive to the victim and advantageous to the bully. Turning the other cheek will soon get your jaw dislocated because you’re allowing your face to be continually hit.

It’s the Christians who have killed the most people

Uncle Sam did not turn the other cheek when Arab hijackers brought down the Twin Towers in New York. The American sheriff wielded his big stick, told a huge lie that Iraq had WMDs and sent troops to pulverize that ancient cradle of civilization as well as destabilize the region.

Since then, the US of A has also carpet bombed Afghanistan and struck at Pakistan with drones.

America is a Christian country and its then President from the Christian right, George W. Bush, had thundered,

God told me to strike at al-Qaeda and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East.” – quote reported by BBC News on 6 Oct 2005

The Lambs of God say one thing but they actually do another. The American military sent the unequivocal message – You step on my toe and I shall stomp on your foot. How many Iraqi civilians have been killed since 911?

No such thing as turning the other cheek in their practice despite the sugary peace that the Christians love to preach.

Christian triumphalism and values defined by it

French President Francois Hollande has now declared the attacks in Paris are “an act of war” on his country. Well, France has been carrying out airstrikes on Syria. French war planes have been killing people in Syria.

Hence this retaliation by Muslim militants who carried out the suicide bombing and mass shooting in Paris. It’s also been noted that the revenge came hours after news of Jihadi John getting blown up.

And why should only the Muslims be called “terrorists”? Isn’t all the carnage wrought by the Western powers in the Middle East ‘terrorism’ too, and on a scale multiple times by far the devastation that can possibly be caused by small Muslim terror cells.

Christianity’s long history of blood

Christian conquerors have been colonizing and bullying the rest of the world. And they still do even if these new Christians are no longer white in their skin tone.

The whites or the pro-whites control the narrative in the international media, including Malaysia’s English-language press, and that’s why the sympathy is always slanted in favour of the side of the Christians and biased against the Arabs.

That’s why the some 2,000 New Yorker deaths on 11 Sept 2001 is writ so large while the millions of Arab deaths in the Middle East over the last 20 years – from war perpetrated by the Christian West – have been largely ignored by the press or coverage of it imbalanced.

Suicide bombers and Muslim gunmen are merely perpetrating asymmetric warfare because the firepower of the white Military Industrial Complex cannot be matched. Like France’s president said, it’s war. That’s all.

Muslims being apologetic and defensive

Salleh Said Keruak appears to be asking his fellow Malaysian Muslims to condemn the Paris attack.

He says – see full text below – that violence cannot be tolerated, “Muslims reject all forms of violence“ and “violence begets violence and history has proven that violence has never been the way to solve conflicts”.

Salleh is asking Muslims to turn the other cheek to their former colonial master.

It is the self-righteous Christians who punched out the centre from the middle of the East with their military adventurism. As a result, West Asia has fallen into the chaos of warlordism. The centre cannot hold in the Middle East. The Arab Spring is a Western plot and its oblique target is Islam.

The Muslim rebel forces obviously do not have the logistical capacity nor resource to do a Pearl Harbour on France.

How to react then to the Western bullies?

The handiwork of the Christians have been mighty bloody throughout history.

Salleh: “the work of Muslims”

Below is the full text of the Communication Minister’s statement today titled ‘The silent majority must speak out

By Salleh Said Keruak

The massacre in Paris Friday night that saw 128 dead so far and 180 wounded is the second terrorist incident this year after the Charlie Hebdo shooting and has brought back memories of the Madrid bombings in 2004 that resulted in 191 dead and 1,800 wounded.

Unfortunately, in all these tragedies it was the work of Muslims. And this is another tragedy because Islam is as much the victim as those killed and wounded. Since the incident of September 2001, Islam is perceived as a violent religion and those giving Islam this negative image are Muslims themselves.

What the west may not realise is that there are more than a billion Muslims but just a small minority commit these terrorist acts while the majority of Muslims are peace loving and reject violence.

However, as long as the large silent majority remain silent and do not condemn such terrorist acts then it would be perceived that the silence means tacit support.

Muslims must, therefore, condemn these acts and send a strong message that violence, whether against fellow Muslims or against non-Muslims, cannot be tolerated and that Muslims reject all forms of violence whether by terrorists or state organised. Violence begets violence and history has proven that violence has never been the way to solve conflicts.


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19 thoughts on “#paris – Conquistadors are terrorists too

  1. The USA and the Zionist together with their poodle Great Britain and France tried to Invade Syria using the same method like Libya but failed . With the resistance from Russia and China , USA Zionist and its poodles FAILED to get UN approval to INVADE Syria.

    So what did the USA/Zionist do ? Of course create a group that caused HAVOC for their AGENDA. Just like Al Qaeda , they created ISIS .
    ISIS = Islamic State Iraq Syria
    Why Iraq and Syria ?
    Iraq – So that USA/Zionist can control the country forever
    Syria – give them reason to be attacked.

    The real ISIS is ;
    ISIS = Israel Secret Intelligent Services.

    Which criminal wants to admit that they are the culprit ? Only STUPID IDIOTIC person , will does that. But ISIS did that . Isn’t that strange.

    The last bombing in Bangkok . was the bombers admitted their heinous crime ? No.
    Real criminal don’t do that . But ISIS does that.

    Just like 9/11 , this is also a False Flag.
    USA/Zionist Agenda just to demonised ISLAM

    Read This

  2. so I read a few tweets from a Bernama journalist that terrorist group IS had targeted a few Malaysian leaders, and the same story is carried by the Star. 41% people is actually HAPPY that terrorists wants to kill our leaders. Let that sink in.
    I’m.. just. I mean, I know these are likely opposition supporters who wants these leaders out due to the amount of hate-filled news they keep reading, but to the point of being happy at them getting killed by terrorists, the same terrorists they condemned? that’s just hypocritical to the max. (though at this point, should we even be surprised anymore?)

    also now I am getting this uneasy feeling – the same Bernama journalist also mentioned (or something along that line) that intel had it that any terrorist cell in the vicinity of this region has the capability to handle weapons, but lack the resources to fund their activities. If that is not already a super worrying fact (people who can shoot you in cold blood had they had the money to buy guns, omg) What worries me is – what if the opposition get it in their heinous minds to fund these sick people to get rid of the current country governance? And the same time, having an excuse to profile and curb/control any Islamic development in this country, as was done in Western countries? It’ll be like killing 2 birds with one stone.

    We have seen the amount of disdain of Islam shown by the opposition and their supporters. Sadly, these are also people who are the first to lump ‘terrorists’ and ‘Muslims’ together.
    I mean, this might be far fetched. But somehow – it worries me.
    Tell me I’m being delusional in this >.<

    1. The blessed Prophet s.a.w. said that the greater jihad is fought against the selfish carnal self in the battlefield of one’s own heart: to remove the vile character traits of envy, avarice, arrogance and stupidity. Such is the struggle of the “mukmin” or man of faith – above one who socially calls himself a “muslim”.
      The mukmin cultivates his mind with useful knowledge, and strives to secure his heart with the qualities of honesty and fairness, contentment and wisdom.
      “Hablun min Allah wa hablun min an-nas”: To know and serve the Lord Creator Most Merciful, and to be in harmonious service to our fellow human beings.

  3. also, am terribly saddened by the recent spat of killings in Beirut, Paris, Baghdad. the Paris one feels closer to home because I know some friends there, which makes it so personal.
    Goddamn terrorists! I just wish they would all go away, as childish as that sound, but I really wish for it.

  4. Salleh is wrong. The Paris attacks are not the act of Muslims. The Islam that I learn and practice does not advocate violence, not towards the environment, plants or animals let alone human beings.

    What they did was just so terribly, horribly wrong and not something that can be justified under any circumstances. Just as the USA’s act of war against Iraq, Libya, Syria and whichever evil they determined, is just as wrong even if they managed to legitimise their heinous acts.

    Killing under any circumstance is just wrong. Quran 5:53 says, “… who so kills a soul, unless it be for murder or for wreaking corruption in the land, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind; and he who saves a life, it shall be as if he had given life to all mankind.”

  5. ISIS is an organization that seeks revenge against US and its allies. why do muslims need to be so apologetic ?

    well, i understand if we don’t we will be called TERRORIST ! even if we do we will still be called TERRORIST ! even when i am afraid to kill a tiny house lizard.

    well, i agree and advocate that we must send a strong message that muslims condemn violence and terrorism against the west, while the violence and murder committed by US and its allies against hundred of thousands of innocent civilians including women and children in afghanistan and iraq we don’t have to, otherwise we will be called TERRORIST !
    in the future if US attacks our country for whatever excuse they give to justify their action we must not fight back to defend our land otherwise we will be called TERRORIST !

    US will not take responsible even though al qaeda was their creation to fight the russian occupation of afghanistan during the 1980’s. at that time US used the propaganda ‘GO JIHAD,,,GO JIHAD’ urging afghan men to fight russians and today the word ‘JIHAD’ is made sound so evil. their medias intentionally misinterpreted the word as ‘HOLY WAR’. while in the islamic teaching ‘serving one’s parents is a jihad’. how do we translate this word jihad now. do we perform holy war against our parents ?

    i convey my deepest condolences and sympathies to all french and families of the victims.

  6. Quote: Pacifism is destructive to the victim and advantageous to the bully.

    So, the cat is out of the bag.

    Your disdain is not only with the people of the cross, it’s with the religion itself.

    Turn the other cheek is prescribed in the Holy book. It is spoken by Jesus himself. So essentially your issues are with the Christian teachings.

    Well, no biggie I guess, as long as your faith is still intact when it comes to the concept of democracy and the freedom of religion of others.

    Anyway, just to clarify, the ‘turn the other cheek’ act is not to pacify anyone. To the contrary, it is a form of defiance against injustices of the legal system during the Roman rule. In today’s terms, it would be called ‘civil disobedience.’

    To slap is much different from starting a fight with another. A fight, denotes a certain fairness. The better man wins.

    A slap is an act to humiliate. During the Roman rule, (Jesus’ time) its subjects are deemed inferior to the Romans. If a Roman slapped his peers, he would be heavily penalised. But, to slap a non-Roman, there is no recourse. Therefore, the law reeks of certain injustice where not everyone is equal.

    Turning the other cheek is an act of defiance for a person who cannot seek recourse from the injustices of the law. To retaliate in a physical sense could mean the victim might end up losing his/her life. So, turning the other cheek is a refusal to accept your position as a victim while maintaining your dignity as an equal to your oppressor.

    Re: Christian conquerors are terrorists too…


    But it takes nothing away from those ISIS bastards who take lives and are so proud of it.

    1. Re: “Turning the other cheek is an act of defiance for a person who cannot seek recourse from the injustices of the law. To retaliate in a physical sense could mean the victim might end up losing his/her life.”

      Good of you to define how ‘turn the other cheek’ is intepreted in Christian terms.

      So, if your numbers were bigger than “only 9 percent”, you wouldn’t have to pretend anymore to be peaceful, and harmonious, and meekly accept that humiliating slap on the left cheek.

      You’re only turning the right cheek because to retaliate would otherwise invite physical harm on yourself.

      However if your numbers were greater – say 39-49 percent which is a level-playing field – then you’d let your arrogant and aggressive nature reveal its true self and punch the other fella back.

      Therefore, turning the other cheek is a sneaky ploy. You submit to a show of pacificism only because you’re not in a position of strength to hit back.\\

      Love the enemy through gritted teeth because you’re unable “to retaliate” (like you mentioned).

      Not because you truly believe in non-violence. And you put on your hypocritical mild face and preach …

      When you accept that stinging slap on the left cheek, you’re actually seething with pent-up hatred. It’s no wonder then the viciousness that we’ve seen coming from you evangelistas.

      The Malays should not wonder anymore why such a small minority can be so hateful.

      1. Well, true believers in the existence of a Higher being will no doubt subject themselves to the Almighty’s creed of justice, equality and sanctity of human lives.

        Those who give in to their carnal desire for revenge, hatred and pettiness are not true believers in a literal sense.

        So, can’t say I can speak for those.

        1. Alright. I’ll remember your declaration that you speak for “true believers” and the contempt you have for those not meeting your criteria of true belief.

          1. Nope, it’s not contempt.

            It’s a straight out matter-of-fact.

            If you are gay, you cannot be a Christian. (according to the book)

            But that does not mean I am a homophobic.

            The same line of reasoning I can in no way comprehend what others who don’t subscribe to the rules (of the Holy Book) will do.

            1. Quote:….the contempt you have for those not meeting your criteria of true belief.

              Btw, it’s not my criteria we are talking about. It’s the criteria as commanded in the Holy Book.

              1. re: “the criteria as commanded in the Holy Book”

                Of which you are its chief spokesman in this forum b’cos nobody else is much quoting the Bible’s teachings here in my blog.

              2. I guess we can agree the French are not Christians since they already dropped 20 bombs in Syria in retaliation to the Paris attack which was pepertrated by Da’esh in retaliation to France participation in bombing Syria.

                And even then they actually tell the Syrians that they bombing them with love …

                1. IAW

                  What’s up with the snideness?

                  I don’t hear the French shouting allahu akhbar when they dropped the bombs.

                  Btw, France is a secular country, and it has a law called “laicite,” which maintains a strict separation of church and state.

  7. Every time the Conquistador terrorized and pillaged in the name of Jesus Christ they were doing the work of Lucifer. Every time the Islamic State terrorized and pillaged in the name of Prophet Muhammad they are doing the work of Iblis. The same Evil One by any name.

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