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#paris — Picture of Christian love

French war planes dropped 20 bombs on the city of Raqqa last night – see ‘France strikes ISIS targets in Syria in retaliation for attacks’ (The New York Times, 15 Nov 2015)

BELOW: “From Paris with love” … the way of the cross

from Paris with love

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Christians do not retaliate

They’re peace-loving people who will turn the other cheek.

Perhaps President François Hollande, who vowed to be “unforgiving with the barbarians”, does not actually meet the criterion of Christian as set by the religion’s leading lights in Jerusubang.

Christians believe in loving even their enemies

They deplore the “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses”. Instead they preach that one must always love one’s neighbour as much as one’s self.

It looks like Prime Minister Manuel Valls too is failing to meet the gold standard of Jerusubang Christianity.

The traditional seats of Christendom in Europe like France must perforce turn to Jerusubang in order to correctly relearn their faith.


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25 thoughts on “#paris — Picture of Christian love

  1. The Christian faith has little impact on French foreign policies or legislation.

    France is a secular country that practices separation of faith and state.

    1. The sad state of the world today.

      A Syrian refugee: “What’s happening to them (Paris) is happening every day in Syria, 100 times per day for five years, so we know what that means,”

      A Danish MP: “We aren’t bombing spots where there are civilians, but we need to start doing so. IS hides behind women and children in villages and towns and they know that we are gentlemen won’t bomb them. That needs to end,” he told TV2.

      When asked if that meant he thought the West should bomb women and children, Espersen said “yes, of course”.

      A survivor of Beirut bombing the day before Paris attacks: “So I sat at my workplace, on the morning of November 14, wondering why my people did not matter as much, why my death would never be as important, why I will always be politically irrelevant.

      My people didn’t get international condemnations. Their deaths did not wake up US President Barack Obama, compelling him to issue a statement about how they were a blow for humanity”

      1. Must ask who it is – that HH thinks – the 20 bombs hit in Raqqa city?

        Did all the bombs, dropped last night by France, only kill ISIS militants or was there ‘collateral damage’ in the form of women and children and other innocents?

        1. Everyone’s quick to condemn the Muslims and yet the Muslims do not proclaim IS as their brothers. IS is a manifestation by the west and the west concurred and announced the IS bases and then proceeded to bomb them.

          The sad thing about IS in Raqqah is that they are holding the locals hostage. The ones who did not get out before IS invaded and conquered the area are basically under seiged by the IS.

          Many have been killed regardless of their religion, or even gender or age. So for that MP to say its okay to kill women and children because IS is hiding behind them, the people of Raqqah are damned. As are other people who lived along the path that IS travelled. Either IS will kill them or they become collateral damage of the western forces.

          Understanding that, can you now understand why while Muslims condemn the Paris attacks, we also feel for the sufferings of our Muslim brethren across the Arab world?

          1. What other means thus the Muslim has , except blown themselves up ,though their action might be wrong and wrong thought .

            A desperate action ,but what else could they do.

          2. “Everyone’s quick to condemn the Muslims” – r u sure everyone condemn the muslim? show us where?

            “Muslims do not proclaim IS as their brothers.” – i dun see many muslim condemn the act of is in paris, at least in this site. ttinggi even wrote what else could they do.

            1. You know the internet has more than just Helen Ang, The Star Online, MInsider and MKini don’t you?

              Here let’s give you a few examples.

              Blaming Muslims:
              And not forgetting John Oliver’s rant on his weekly show.

              Muslim condemns the attacks:

          3. ‘IS is a manifestation by the west and the west concurred and announced the IS bases and then proceeded to bomb them.

            No, IS and other militant Islamic groups have been created based on a different understanding of certain Quranic texts, which even you must admit points to violence if taken at face value. This is a notion that many Muslims and Muslim sypmathisers are quick to reject, and is an easy cop out for them.

            If it was purely an act of retaliation against the West, without any religious influences attached to it, there simply would not be any suicide bombers around. The preservation of life would be paramount. But as we all know, these sickos actually believe that there will be some sort of reward awaiting them in the afterlife.

            Also, check out the death threats on Alvin Tan’s page. Some of the so called moderate Muslims can hardly be considered moderate.

            1. Did we have the Mujahideen prior to the proxy war between Russia and America in Afghanistan? Didn’t the Mujahiddeen then evolved (or renamed by the Americans) to AlQaeda or Taliban? Which led to the Iraq war, from which grew the IS. (Oversimplified, I know, but I’m keeping this short)

              It’s the void of leadership, the despair, the feeling of helplessness, they are all contributing factors. I’ve never been in such a state so I can only guess. Suicidal acts do not come from strong, healthy minds.

              The Quranic texts cannot be blamed. The Bible has texts of violent nature and yet we do not blame murderess acts on the Bible but on the people who carried out the acts. Granted, such acts are not as frequent but they still happen.

              I do not and will never even attempt to access Alvin’s page, in the same way that I’ll never go near a venomous snake, so I’ll take your word on the death threats.

              And here’s a thought. If France declared (or in this case participated in) war against IS and goes to Syria (which the western allies decided is their base) to bomb them, why would France then be surprised that there is a counterattack? Isn’t that what war is about, you attack, I attack you?

              1. IAW

                Quote: “And here’s a thought. If France declared (or in this case participated in) war against IS and goes to Syria (which the western allies decided is their base) to bomb them, why would France then be surprised that there is a counterattack? Isn’t that what war is about, you attack, I attack you?”

                And here’s another thought for you.

                Going by the same presumption, do you have a problem with the remark, “Ah well, lives lost through the Middleast conflict are inevitable because having born in the turbulent Middleast meant certain premature death is to be expected?”

                Or you find such presumption lacking in the sensitivity department?

                I am not saying you condone the Paris attack.

                Just that what has expectations of retaliation got to do with the very fact lives were lost through deliberate targeting of civilians? Would the pain or the loss be any less had it been ‘within expectations’?

                You opined if France were part of the coalition who went to Syria to take on ISIS, then France should be well aware of its repercussions.

                Fact is, precautions had been in place. Just that it is obviously not enough of a deterrent for those with the will to kill.

                The war with ISIS is a war of ideology.

                ISIS has been killing/driving out the Christians and Shiite Muslims in their aspiration to establish a Caliphate nation that has no room for the non-Sunnis.

                The fight against ISIS is not to colonise another sovereign country.

                To say if the French wanted to be left alone, they should not have taken part in offensives against ISIS, is no different from telling people chivalry is dead, better just leave those armed robbers, rapists et all alone to do their thing and you’ll be fine… for another day.

            2. In your own words,” Some of the so called moderate Muslims can hardly be considered moderate.”

              Some is not all. Only a small number less than half, maybe less than a quarter or even less than a whole % of the estimated 1.8 billions adherent of Islamic faith worldwide.

              Compare that to 95% of estimated 2m of those spewing hate at Malays and Muslims and working like ‘lipas kudung’ to unseat the Bumiputra led government.

              Did most of them Muslims made any death threat at any alvin or everyone of the 95% of ‘them’?

          1. Oh gee, your cavalier attitude to the value of Muslim lives is so clear. You just can’t grow away from your disdain, can you?

              1. re: “Running out of ammo and shooting blanks?”

                I fail to see how your retort to the webmaster to “grow up” is in any way shooting bullets, lulz.

                Your ad hominems are getting tiresome, yawn.

                You should go for detox to cleanse away some of your Islamophobia. Stop hating, start loving.

    1. Because, you idiot, since the Middle East is practically Europe’s neighbour they would not take the risk if radiation effects. The radiation effects of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is an ongoing research and that’s over 60 years already. Go learn some science.

  2. Helen, sorry off topic. But happy news, so must share. And Mulan would be happy to know that the DAP government would be working doubly hard next year.

    “Dewan Undangan Negeri Pulau Pinang dijangka meluluskan pindaan yang akan menyaksikan anggota exco kerajaan negeri mendapat peningkatan gaji hampir 100 peratus manakala gaji ADUN pula akan berganda.”

  3. As innocent victims shed tears of blood as they bury their loved ones, the military arms suppliers will be laughing all the way to the banks.

    And their economists busy projecting their future business potentials to ‘HELP’ rebuild those countries damaged by them.

  4. @HH

    your say : “The Christian faith has little
    impact on French foreign policies or legislation. France is a secular country that practices separation of faith and state.”

    *because christianity is a religion that concern only on the spritual aspects. for example the priests isolate themselves to monasteries focusing on whorship/religious affairs only and are depending on people’s mercy and charities for livelihood. they have little/no concern of other aspects of life. before the 17th century the catholic churhes in europe persecuted and executed scientiests due to their rejection towards modern studies and discoveries. one of the scientist was galileo galilei (he was placed under house arrest until his death). this is also one of the reason why the west view that country administration should be separated from religion and they introduced secularism.

    islam on the other hand is a ‘way of life’. it covers all aspects of life be it secular or spritual. islam is inseparable from politics, economy, social, military etc. and that is why we have islamic finance, islamic banking for example, which is now very popular in the west because the transactions are just and fair to all parties.

    no imams or religious figures should restrain themselves to a mosque. imam is not a person which position is only to lead a prayer. in fact imam is the head of the state, people, responsible to care for the country’s administrative, religious’ and subjects’ affairs etc. due to western colonization of the islamic world the system had been changed.

    michael h hart a jewish christian and the author of the famous book 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSONS IN HISTORY chose prophet muhammad (pbuh) to be the FIRST person as Hart claimed he was SUPREMELY SUCCESSFUL IN BOTH THE RELIGIOUS AND SECULAR REALMS.

    i never come across in history any religions been associated with civilization except islam. if you study the history of civilizations you will come across the subject of ‘ISLAMIC CIVILAZATION’ but nothing on christianity, hinduism or buddhism civilization but you will come across greek/roman, indian, chinese civilizations but still they are unmatched with the islamic’s.

    islam deals with the human rights regardless of gender ie. for both men and women, regardless of age level ie. children and even animals are given rights. the ZOO was initiated and introduced by muslims during the islamic civilization to house and care for the old and weak domestic animals unlike today’s zoos where animals from the wild were caught and caged.

    you might be wondering about women rights in islam esp when the non muslims went around and propagate that islam allows men to beat their wives. yes, it is in the quran but whoever reads the translation will understand that it is not an encouragement rather it is when a husband is dealing with a disobedient wife and only if a husband could not contain himself. i am not going elaborate it bcoz it will take a long writings. just GOOGLE this chapter of the quran number 58 called al mujaadilah. if you read the “tafseer” it has a descriptive story/issue of a woman who complained to prophet muhammad (peace be upon him) that her husband had verbally abused her. because of this her husband was penalized and the penalty also applies to all muslim men who commit the same offence.

    in islamic domestic affair law, a wife can complain to a muslim qhadi if she is physically abused by her husband and qhadi has the right to annul the marriage contract base on a legitimate discretion. so how come islam advocate wife beating then.

    there are much much more to elaborate.

    so to conclude christianity is a religion that focuces on whorship/spritual only while islam is a religion that covers all aspects of life.

    pardon me for my poor english.

    sorry i messed up your blog.

    1. Muslim

      Then is the fear of Islamisation by the secularists and the West unfounded?

      Would be interesting to hear your take.

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