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DAP can link even this personally to Najib

Like vultures feeding on human tragedies, the predatory Dapster family stops at nothing when it comes to harvesting political mileage.

Lim Kit Siang is now insisting that “Parliament should have observed a minute of silence at the beginning of its meeting today … to convey the nation’s sorrow, grief and condolence to the family of Bernard Then …”

Malaysian authorities, including the PM, have already extended their condolences.

And I suppose it’s not quite possible, is it, for Hannah Yeoh – see tweet below – to express sympathy without in the same breath taking a swipe at the shortcomings of the Malaysian government?

It is not for Kit Siang who is currently suspended from Parliament to dictate what the House should or should not do.  Such a decision is the Speaker’s prerogative.

Grandpapa Dapster should have respected whatever the decision of Deputy Speaker Ronald Kiandee, who’s chairing this Parliament session, in this matter just as he would expect BN backbenchers to respect the Selangor Speaker’s decisions when she presides over the state legislative assembly.

Kit Siang also claims that the beheading of Bernard Then is “an open slap in the face of the Malaysian Prime Minister”.

Why must the Dapster vultures make everything about scoring political points?

Kit Siang says Bernard’s decapitation by Abu Sayyaf is “a show of utter contempt for the Asia-Pacific leaders gathered in Manila for the APEC Summit”.

This tragic incident happened in the Philippines.

It was the Philippine military that launched air strikes on the terrorist stronghold. One report said with his leg injuries, Bernard was “slowing down his captors” and he was killed by them when they were being pursued by Filipino forces.

It is merely mean-spirited of Kit Siang to politize Bernard’s beheading as “an open slap” in Najib’s face. Obviously it’s too much to expect the Dapster family mafia to stay classy.


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2 thoughts on “DAP can link even this personally to Najib

  1. The stupidity of Opposition members of parliament is a constant embarrassment to the nation. Their inability to eloquently deliver their speeches in the national language shows how “patriotic” these pakatoons really are.

    And the death of another Malaysian citizen of Chinese origin need to be given national prominence… soon we will have oppo news portals carrying out live telecasts of every Malaysian citizen of Chinese origin funerals to further give prominence.

    Senseless, but that is LKS and gang mental capacity

  2. HY;…..Really heartbreaking to hear about the death of Malaysian hostage. We really need to strengthen national security…

    Death of hostages, innocent victims of wars, murders, aircrash, sinking of ships we read everyday are as heartbreaking tak kira Malaysians or whoever.

    AhsoAney ni should spend more time visiting Sabah. Kalau rakyat sana use armoured vehicle and have 24/7 security around them will not necessarily guarantee their safety.

    …….yg penting jaga tingkah laku, mulut jangan celupar, perangai jangan biadap, jangan tunjuk lagak cerdik kaya sangat when you are there and the “when in Rome do what Romans” do comes into play, pi dok eksyen behaving like pendatang from China bahasa kebangsaan pun tak fasih, jangan sekali… and most of all hina dengan our security forces there.

    Sana security is a coordinated 24/7 effort ada special committee la. Thats why it is important the representatives must be a LOCAL, jangan dok pelik2 satni hantaq Zairil or Dyna or the like to stand for elections there.

    Foreigners ramai bekerja dSabah and you may never know among them are members of this Abu Sayyaf group, friends or relatives. Nak pi sana kempen buat loklaq herdik Agama Islam pun jangan sesuka hati because many of these foreigners are Muslims.

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