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Arul kena, Ambiga how?

PSM’s Arul to face sedition charge‘ – reported in FMT today.

I’d previously made detailed comparisons on the similarity between what was said by former PSM sec-gen Arul and what was said by Ambiga on the Anwar Sodomy II verdict.

See my Feb 20 write-up, ‘Sedition: Arul’s statement sounds like Ambiga’s actually, don’t you think?


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2 thoughts on “Arul kena, Ambiga how?

  1. Well, why hasn’t Ambiga been charged with sedition, defamation or whatever? If there are enough concrete grounds to charge her with these alleged offences, then let the matter be brought before the courts to decide.

    That is fair, isn’t it?

    Unless you are saying that Arul and Ambiga should not have the protection of due process in accordance with the law?

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