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Earlier we had Lim Kit Siang and Hannah Yeoh’s ultra kiasu responses to the beheading of the Sabah hostage by Abu Sayyaf.

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Now we have this headline – see below – in The Ant Daily, a portal which used to be owned by the J-Star‘s former executive deputy chairman Clement Hii but has recently changed management.

Putrajaya is to be blamed for Bernard Then’s execution‘, according to the following report by The Ant Daily.

With this kind of mindset that they’re displaying, it’s like the opposition and its supporters are living in their own parallel universe.


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9 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. It should be that Abu Sayyaf demanded a life to life exchange, Lim Kit Siang for the late Bernard Then.

    By then, we could see DAP could raise so much money in such a short time for the ransom.

  2. In 2001 they beheaded a American hostage. That was surely Putrajaya’s fault too. They are still holding 3 foreign and 1 Filipina hostage. I hope Putrajaya do something before the Abu Sayyaf killed them.

  3. Kasarlah sikit, tapi inilah hakikatnya.
    Mendiang Bernard (evangelista) Then (China) mesti depa ambil berat punya bila dah jadi macam ni sebab dia serupa depa, China Evangelist.
    Masa dalam perbincangan sejak diculik, adakah dua ekok tu buat apa-apa kenyataan akhbar meluahkan kemarahan ka, simpati ka atau nak tolong cari jalan melepaskan mendiang dan kawannya dari genggaman penyangak-penyangak Jolo tu?.
    Tak dak! Habuk pun tadak!
    Hipokrit punya mama Muniandy dan datuk Lim tu!
    Dua ekok ni adalah dari jenis manusia yang menangguk di air keruh, itu saja.


    1. Empty cans, that is what those dapsters are. They shout the loudest but their action is null and void.

  4. Never mind.
    Here is some good news especially to food lovers like Miss Ram,
    The final TPPA has been released
    I hope Miss Ram and bah kut teh lovers should rejoice..

    Click to access 2-D._Malaysia_-_General_Notes_to_Tariff_Schedule_.pdf

    “The tariff lines for Pork Carcass Malaysian HS 2007 Codes:
    020311000, 020321000 and Liquid Milk Malaysian HS 2007 Codes:
    040110110, 040120110, 040130110, indicated with “TRQ, B16”, are
    subject to a Tariff Rate Quota (“TRQ”) until the end of Year 15. The
    out-quota tariff rate shall be eliminated in 16 annual stages, and such
    goods shall be duty- free effective January 1 of Year 16. The tariff
    quota volumes shall increase from entry into force of the Agreement,
    from the initial TRQ volumes in the first year in Appendix A, at a rate
    of 1% compounded annually, until the end of Year 15.”

    Miss Ram can finally eat zero tax baaak imported all the way from Tasmania. See something Putrajaya can do right things… Miss Ram.

  5. On second thought, the DAP will certainly complain about the 0% Import Duty 0% GST imported pork.

    Imagine all the Dong Zong types roast their Roast Pork with authentic ingredients (aka Pig) from China. For once in 50 years, real Chinese cooking with real main ingredient from China.

    Imagine the evangelista, middle class Bangsar Malaysia types cook their pork from good old Texas USA and Australia. Judging from MasterChef, I am sure pork from Texas and Australia are more delicious (cleaner)and succulent than the local ones..

    Then would all the pig farms in Selangor and Penang lingkup. Nobody would want to eat tropical climate pig. All the pig farms in the kampungs of Selangor, Penang will tutup.

    So TPPA is not that good at all.

    1. TPPA lingkupkan pig farm? For that alone I will start a petition to my DAP MP to make sure he agrees to TPPA when it gets to parliament.

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