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Wakakaka, akhbar ‘Malay’ Mail konon

Buah fikiran yang dibentangkan – lihat bawah – di Malay Mail pon semuanya pakai nama orang Melayu belaka.

  • Sin Chew Daily
  • Lim Sue Goan
  • Lee Yew Meng
  • Cherian Mathews
  • Dan Ling

Nah, inilah semangat Ketuanan Melayu di suratkhabar Malay Mail yang diterajui Joan Lau (pengarang urusan) dan Leslie Lau (pengarang eksekutif).

Screenshot muka depan @

Malay Mail print screen 1.40pm 19 Nov 2015

“I am not Muslim!”

Hannah Dont say I am Muslim

Malay Mail – suratkhabar khusus untuk tatapan orang Melayu



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4 thoughts on “Wakakaka, akhbar ‘Malay’ Mail konon

  1. What the Malay Mail is not publishing. This article is too complicated for any Malay Male to understand.

    “GEORGE TOWN: A motion to limit the term of the Chief Minister and to set a fixed date for General Election was dismissed by the State Legislative Assembly today. Teh Yee Cheu (DAP-Tanjung Bungah) filed the motion for consideration of the State Constitution Committee, but did not receive support from the members of the assembly. “I would like to refer to the amendment of the state constitution to have the chief ministership limited to two terms and to set a fixed date for General Elections. “I would like my proposal to be heard by the State Constitution Committee,” he said in his motion during the winding-up session.

    Does Teh understand that Gods will rule forever? Blasphemy you know.

  2. They intended to highlight the greenery i.e the trees which unfortunately were planted by the previous BN admin. Have they planted anything as yet other than buried the infected canines?

  3. “Have they planted anything as yet other than buried the infected canines?”

    wawe, I need this to correct this. There were NO infected canines. The dogs were killed on a suspected case that came out to nothing.

    And one dog who bites a Evangelista Christian would case the whole dog generation to be killed like in the Bible.

    Post script: The killing of innocent dogs still continues.

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