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When DAP takes over Putrajaya

They will eradicate Abu Sayyaf and the other terror groups.

DAP will smack these Muslim militants like they’re pesky aedes mosquitoes.

Die mozzie die

Everything now is Umno’s fault

Regular commenter ‘I Am Woman’ replied – copy pasted below – to an Ant Daily reporter who said, ‘Putrajaya is to be blamed for Bernard Then’s execution’.

IAW’s response @ 2015/11/19 at 10:11 am,

“In 2001 they beheaded a American hostage. That was surely Putrajaya’s fault too. They are still holding 3 foreign and 1 Filipina hostage. I hope Putrajaya do something before the Abu Sayyaf killed them.”

Putrajaya can do something only if DAP is in charge

Hannah Yeoh believes what we have is a “BN government without integrity” – see her tweet below. She believes the Education Minister and Deputy Ministers “should resign”.

And while we’re at it, why not sack the rest of the non-performing Umno Ministers too?

Move over Hisham Hussein, Mama will “strengthen national security”. Hannah can hold dual portfolios in the DAP-led Cabinet – taking both Religious Affairs and Defence.

A brave new world – Ini kali lah

When DAP takes over Putrajaya, they will ubah the government and usher in a new era of non-partisan politics.

Guan Eng maki polisWho knows? They might even rename the pandas ‘Toto’ and ‘Magnum’ (anak Malaysia names) because Liang Liang and Xing Xing are “racist” Chinese names.

With DAP in charge, they will locate MH370 in a jiffy. DAP evangelista Lim Lip Eng (YB Segambut) can head the taskforce.

If Lim fails to find the missing plane, then it will be a slap on Lim Guan Eng’s face.


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16 thoughts on “When DAP takes over Putrajaya

  1. Banjir di shah alam pun speaker dan YB pakatan x boleh selesaikan, ni kan pula isu keselamatan negara…

    1. Cikgu, banjir Dhah Alam berpunca dari kegagalan KTMB menyeleggarakan stesen Batu3. KTMB adalah glc yang kerajaan pegang. Jadi, banjir Shah Alam salah kerajaan.

      Semuanya tak sampai six degrees of separation pun.

      1. Hahaha…mentaliti puak Penipu Harapan Rakyat. semua salah kerajaan pusat, kerajaan negeri buat ape? goyang telor? tanah dan sungai bawah tanggungjawab negeri. dah baca belum perlembagaan? sampah banyak tak terurus, dok sembang kuat keje tak jalan mana.
        KTMB bukan ada satu stesen je kat Malaysia, apalah alasan bongok yg ko bagi ni macai!!!?

        1. Aku rasa banjir kat kawasan tu lebih kepada pembinaan flyover baru lepas tol Batu 3 untuk pembangunan Tropicana Metropark.

          Pasal banjir dekat Seksyen 13 tu pun sebab banyak high-rise & Aeon Mall tengah dibina.

        2. Welcome to Helen’s blog, newbie. You may want to save your name calling for someone more deserving. It was a tongue-in-cheek comment, not a serious comment like the ones made by LKS or Hannah Yeoh or The Ant Daily.

          But if DAP takes over Putrajaya, we are going to get a lot of excuses blaming the BN administration. I mean 2 terms under Pakatan, and PKR and DAP are still pointing fingers at BN every time something goes wrong in their states.

  2. When DAP takes over Putrajaya, it should send a signal to UMNO not to mess around with the rakyat or taking the rakyat for granted. And if UMNO wants to hold the reign again, they should discard national level corruption, the race and religion agendas and focus on upbringing the whole nation, not selected crowds. It would be great if our gov were emulating or at least, trying to be like Norway gov.

    1. Try applying for Norway citizenship la dude and see whether you make the cut…quality government needs quality citizen not SIGNAL. DAP got quality? Yes.. Bad ones. If they got good ones i myself would vote for them but all i can see is bad mouthing, interfering, slandering self centred CHINESE conqueror wannabe. I rather have a civil war than a DAP governing.

      1. My prediction is that the dap led pakatan harapan will definitely be ousted by ydpa, malay rulers and malaysian armed forces shortly after winning 14th ge shall they are dare enough to remove nep or article 153 without gaining the consent from the rulers. Or else we are going to see a massive civil war with hundred thousands of casualties between chinese and malays for many years or decades, with 13th may riot being pale in comparision. The UN peacekeeping forces will be brought over by certain parties into this country in order to restore the peace and public order, but at this point both malay and chinese have become sworn enemies and there will be no more room for reconciliation or unity talks. I guees this is what the surrhead and all of us are going to face shall the dap-led pakatan harapan win 14th ge.

  3. wth umno/bn in ‘disarray’, the chances of dap n gang taking over putrajaya is a real possibility unless they can be neutralized.

    if that were 2 happen then we can happily refer 2 our country as ‘Malaysia darul maksiat dan judi’

  4. Mengapa ya, Abu Sayyaf and gang tak kidnap all the noisy tin cans, Papa and Son especially and have then beheaded like they did to Bernard. That will put them away for good and give us some peace and quiet for quite a while.

    Some assholes put every blame on the govt but what are they doing to improve things. Apart from receiving thick fat allowances, all they do is whine and complaint, and criticize.. and this level of people gets elected by an equally grey-matter-challenged voters.

    Oh Malaysia, land of glory, where I found my true love…but many of my fellow Malaysians are government-blaming and country-hating citizens.. Where is the love, where is the love…no love found but many musuh dalam selimut…

    The suraus and Masjids that invite these hypocrites must be blamed too.

  5. Ms H. How is the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP going to take over Putrajaya when their late Daddy’s dysfunctional Meritocrats aka Apparatchiks have already disowned them and called them delusional ( mad or crazy ) ?
    Vide. Straits Times Singapore, 5 October 2015, a non-delusional article with the delusional title, ‘ Singapore is not an island.’ by Bilahari Kausikan.

  6. How to become the government when their Malay is lousy?

    Ini kali lah or Kali ini lah?

    I learn Mandarin and I believe the Chinese express this as:

    这一次 (This time 》Ini kali)

    Whereas Malays always say:

    Benda ini (this thing)
    Rumah ini (this house)
    Kali ini (this time)

    I’ve got a nagging suspicion that they wish to remould Malaysia (albeit with a superficial veneer of Malayness, Multiracial and Multireligious values) in their image : a Cina Evangelis one.

    Just last week, I was at a shop in a mall in JB. I asked them ‘pukul berapa tutup?’

    I got a rude but confused stare from the salesgirl and she replied ’24 November’. Then I repeated my question again … in the most neutral standard Malay manner … still the same answer.

    Then she asked her friend to talk to me. Even she had problems answering my question.

    She replied ‘pukul sembilan’ while looking at imaginary BM school notes hidden in the corner of her eyes … goodness … must have been left neglected and dusty for too long.

  7. ….Kit Siang: Bernard’s ‘beheading’ a slap for Najib…..

    Saya pesan cakap biar berlapis cikit pasai sana, eyes and ears everywhere one of them may even be your own garderners. Napa their target mainly Chinese?

    Sana some Chinese mulut mayak laser. The way they treat the foreign workers there, like SHIT..

    I remember when plans to build a bridge across SgSegama, one Apek gleefully without reservation (mungkin dia pikiaq I am a Malay takpe kut) laughingly commented this to the OrangSungai Christian community there “padan muka, when the bridge is up..biar mampus makan batu le kamu semua”.

    I took that as an insult to Bumiputras knowing well most of these Apeks are nonSabahans.. dah le pi cari makan dibumi oghang, dah tu arrogant semacam.

    Anyway LKS.. Make sure your DAPsters there jangan terlalu berlagak angkuh, be humble and don’t bully terlampau2 sangat with these foreign workers.

  8. Ms H. The finest non-delusional brains in tiny Singapore have predicted that these ‘delusional Chinese’ aka the tom-tom troupes of the Singapore Trojan Horse DAP will never assume political power in Putrajaya. These ‘delusional or mad or cracy or nutty’ Chinese should now join the BN to satiate their craze for power and money. But please leave your toms-toms behind. Vide Bilahari Kausikan and his dysfunctional crew. Straits Times. 5 October 2015.

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