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Loving your enemies …

… in Parliament

Guan Eng in Parliament Putatan Sabah

and in the Penang state assembly

Guan Eng in Penang DUN


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19 thoughts on “Loving your enemies …

  1. “We believe in loving even those who hate us.”

    And yet, the Chief Minister-cum-Khalifah-cum-Tokong Lim Guan Eng was ordered to pay RM500,000 in damages and RM40,000 in costs at five per cent interest after calling a malay lady as “racist grandmother”.

    Well, if the Chief Minister-cum-Khalifah-cum-Tokong Lim Guan Eng can behave like that, no wonder two Penang boys has the guts to the call a malay officer as “dog” and then threw RM50.00 on the floor for her to pick up, simply because she was doing her job.

    Ketua Menteri kencing berdiri, penyokong tegar pun kencing berlari la kan?

    By the way, bet those City Harvest people in singapore also love those who misappropriated their money and trust? Love is in the air…… is in the air…..oooohhhhh. Hahahahahahahah!

    Love too,

      1. Mulan,

        Is there a way you can check whether the pix is authentic?

        It could be a false flag operation to fear-monger and cause alarm. just to justify the Dear Leader’s callous decision that caused a strong backlash among dog lovers.

  2. We now know for certain how these people behave…selling their new found faith for a few loose votes

  3. Just look at the video of Tokong and how he talked , his facial expressions, movements and actions. It clearly shows an arrogant and boastful personality not to mention a very cynical demonstration of power. Just like telling people “I am the Power, what can you do???”

    He is a completely changed man from the time he was in Malacca. Power corrupts behaviour, absolute power corrupts behaviour absolutely.

    1. re: “how he talked, his facial expressions, movements and actions”

      … indicate a peace-loving Christian, meek and mild who desires only harmony.

      1. Huh saya pernah dengar tokong life, memang sakit telinga. Vely kiasu one, semua pun mau cakap, semua pun mau komen. Masuk bakul angkat sendiri. Balu ada dewan subtranean pun sudah kecoh! Poodah!

  4. Ms H. Anyone can be a Christian preacher these days. I have an illiterate sister-in-law from Bentong who worked as a hair rinser in a Jalan Imbi hair salon. She incorporated her own RM 2 tax free ‘church’ and collected tax-free millions of ringgits which she invested in her own name in Marble Arch, London. She made millions of ringgits more. Some people deserved to be cheated.

  5. The Tokong has a lot of money. That what make him so arrogant and boastful. [deleted]

    Pity the non-christian chinese. Guan Eng and his christian comrades ride on them to reach what they aim for, Gold and Glory. Their God is not so important to them. But, if more people believe in their god, it will strengthen their political power.

  6. Ms H. It is good, very good that Bilahari Kausikan and his dysfunctional but non-delusional crew told off the Malaysian Chinese who are delusional, crazy or mad and are now led by the tom-tom troupes who are also delusional, crazy or mad that they are all delusional, crazy or mad. Any sane Malaysian Chinese would not fall for this crazy game if they are Han Chinese and not Lao Chinese !

    1. Mr Kausikan doesn’t make Singapore’s foreign policy. He is a Singapore MFA ambassador-at-large.

      Why don’t you ask Vivian Balakrishnan (who is the Singapore Foreign Minister) what Singapore’s foreign policy is?

      Incidentally, Mr Kausikan’s now viral comments on “delusional” people was merely part of a wider narrative. A narrative which a lot of people haven’t read in full.

      If the Malaysian Chinese are “delusional, crazy or mad” (which, I suppose, excludes yourself as an exemplar of sane and pragmatic rationality), it is worth asking what brought them to such a state of despair.

      Note the comments made by Mr Ong Keng Yong, another Singapore ambassador-at-large, at the recent Straits Times Global Outlook Forum in Singapore.

      As reported by The Straits Times: “The social situation in Malaysia, however, bears watching, Mr Ong said. Communal divisions may be exploited by groups seeking to promote their own interests. He said the rise of religious conservatism is one of two key things that non-Malays are worried about. The other is their children’s education and future, which is something they are more concerned about than the political clout of ethnic minorities, said Mr Ong.”

      That is not being “delusional”, however much you would like to spin it otherwise.

  7. This tokong’s behaviour melucukan.
    Dia sebenarnya nak impress siapa owh?

    Just show us your achievements udah le.
    Gendang kosong bebudak tabika pun boleh palu.

    Mai kita list down his performance and achievements sini;
    1. giant hornbill mascot
    2. Golf balls project
    3. Korek tanah
    4. Level bukit
    5. Luxury condos entah utk siapa

    Laaaaaa yang lain I tak tau, tolong kasi list down?

      1. @I am woman

        6. Flood.. Betoi2, my uncle’s family home kat Tanah Liat (over a 100yrs) tapi tak pernah dengaq depa2 cerita pernah dilanda banjir teghoq? Laaaaa dekat sangat dgn pekan, tak lama lagi pekan Bukit Mertajam tenggelam pula. Dasyatnya!

        Hello Dapsters… Tolong enlighten us please. Selain kutip tax from industries left by previous BN efforts, ada apa mega new investors yang tokong ni bawa masuk? Lagak hebat semacam Apek ni. Anak tempatan ie oghang Tanjung pasai apa kasi oghang Melaka takbir negeri sendiri? Habis la jadi cincalok nanti.

        1. ….Anak tempatan ie oghang Tanjung pasai apa kasi oghang Melaka takbir negeri sendiri? …

          Bayangkan a warga Mynmar dah dapat Malaysian citizenship mai tumpang dok dalam rumah you. Tiba2 dok tegoq makayah dan anak2 you ini takleh itu takleh kena buat itu ini dan semua kena hari2 kunyah sirih…kekeke lucu le oghang Tanjung, semua macam takde teloq!

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