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Hannah Yeoh banned from entering schools

And never will the evangelistas approve of you until you follow their ways.

The ban on Hannah Yeoh from 2008 is still in force apparently. Recently Madame Speaker complained that after seven years as a Yang Berhormat, she “can’t even enter schools“.

Highly alert Singapore has taken action

This woman below – pastor Sun Ho – is now leading the City Harvest church after her husband was sentenced to eight years in jail.

She is showing leadership by example to her congregation of young evangelical Christian converts.

Sun Ho 2 pix

Meek and mild and peace-loving

As with many other evangelistas, Sun Ho is very much into getting the youth to share in her stage and musical performances for Jesus.

In Sun Ho’s Kill Bill video below, the Christian pastor sings that she wants to murder her ‘husband’ (named Bill in the song). Seriously. The lyrics are about killing – “lemme see some bullet bullet bullet”, “contemplating should I send him [hubby dearest] to the cemetery rock”.

And the love-love-love Christians claim it is the Muslims who are violent.

Mr Bill Sun Ho

Evangelista kuat menipu golongan remaja

They’re a bunch of “sophisticated liars“, the public prosecutor revealed at the trial of the City Harvest church elders.

The prosecution also told the court that pastor Kong Hee is a “well-practised liar“.

Another City Harvest pastor Tan Ye Peng, who was sentenced to 5-and-½ years jail, is also characterized as a liar. Kalau tak bohong, bukan ‘evangelista’ namanya.

These worshippers at Singapore's City Harvest Church
City Harvest Church in Singapore comprises mainly youngsters

Social media and chat forums in Singapore have exposed how the City Harvest church brainwashed youngsters using very coercive methods.

In short, the Born Again mega ‘church’ operated like a cult.

City Harvest Church in Subang Jaya

Targeting youngsters and getting them to follow

Meanwhile in Jerusubang …

Good on the Education Ministry for banning evangelical politicians from occupying the schools.

A wise decision. Kipidap.

Photo gallery below shows Hannah Yeoh giving talks to impressionable youngsters in college/outside school premises.

Hannah Yeoh banyak mencuci otak golongan muda

Hannah Yeoh college kids

Hannah among children

Why did the irresponsible Pak Ketayaps let Hannah Yeoh near these children?



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14 thoughts on “Hannah Yeoh banned from entering schools

  1. Kipidap Dear Helen.
    The Melayu seems to shy away from these expose on CHC cult. Maybe due to trepidation of being called racist and persecution-er.
    I’ve share on FB, many of your post on Subang Jaya evangelistas hypocrisy but non of my Melayus friends dare to give a ‘like’. All comments are from my Non-Malays friends, of-course DAP supporters, as usual, they would called me a racist, although they know I’m not a religious kind.
    When I reply that the Evangelistas are a threat to Buddhism and Hinduism too, especially to their younger generation, they seems to keep quiet. Yes they are very familiar with their nemesis, Helen Ang.
    Therefore, only a Chinese can do what you are doing. If the Malays shy away from exposing them, especially those evangelistic DAP, I’m afraid Malaysia would erupt into religious disaster. And for that I thank you very much.

  2. re , Why did the irresponsible Pak Ketayaps let Hannah Yeoh near these children .

    As usual too much acceptance and tolerance ,not to forget the ‘tidak apa’ attitude .

    1. They reject what is right and tolerate what is wrong. They are characterless due to their own confusion.

  3. I live a stone throw’s away from smksu and know some ins and outs of the school activities. I’m sure the prefects’ reunion is not one of the school’s program therefore not under the school or MoE rules. Of course there are functions for current prefects, librarians, fifth formers, clubs, etc. But not old boys (or gals) type of event. Petty stuff coming from a DUN speaker.

  4. I was a prefect at a convent. But, I am not sure if I had done the alma matter proud being me. Never once have I gone back there since I think I had failed in my mission to be a distinguished person. as I had personally set for..
    Being a controversial politician, not quite acceptable by the masses, may be only by the 10p.c. minority, one should keep her distance from one’s former school, just to show some respect for your alma matter. That may be the reason why this controversial politician is not invited by her old friends. They may feel uneasy and disgusted to be acquainted with such a person. I think they knew what or who she really as, thus the cold treatment. My hypo and theory.

    1. Wawe,

      Schools come under the purview of Kementerian Pendidikan. And the Ministry like other ministries are the agencies Federal Government. as the Federal government is controlled by UMNO, it is natural that those from opposing side are not welcomed.

      I believe it is a good move. Allowing Hannah to school will only politicize the the matter. Knowing Hannah and her below expectation performance, schools actually have nothing to lose by not inviting her.

  5. Macam business juga la. To lure Muslims to buy their product bubuh nama cap yang mudah mengelirukan oghang ramai;

    Nak lure the gullibles masuk ‘Agama baru illusi diri as born agains whatever’ depa gunapakai trick sama. Lagi global dan mudah depa nak masuk keluaq negara yang majoriti populasi penganut Christians. Takut oghang tak percaya senang aje, gantung loket salib kat tengkoq atau buat macam Alvin, tatoo salib besaq2 kat dada, done..

  6. We have to protect the children from these pesky evangelicals. Or else they will grow up to be brainwashed and broke. Their wealth will be siphoned off by the churches.

  7. Ms H, I do hope that responsible parents and Governments are aware what these mind manipulators or brain washers or evangelistas are up to with their tom-tom songs and massed gestures by the audience. It is the control and manipulation of the young minds by crooks who are after their money and souls, using American style methods. It is indeed surprising that Governments on both sides of the Causeway leave this aspect of human resources unguarded ! See how easily City Harvest Church of Singapore harvested the milions of dollars from the submissive flock.

      1. A Buddhist’s Mantra
        (based on the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi)

        May I be an agent of love in this world.
        Where there is hatred, let me bring loving-kindness;
        Where there is injury, forgiveness;
        Where there is doubt, insight;
        Where there is despair, hope;
        Where there is darkness, light;
        Where there is sadness, joy.

        May I console as well as be consoled.
        May I understand as well as be understood;
        May I love as well as be loved;
        For in giving we receive;
        In forgiving, we are forgiven;
        In dying to self-centeredness, we are born to the deathless.

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