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Kevin Morais’ murder: A case of he says, she says

The Dapster family mafia is now insinuating the foollowing —

“Malaysia seemed to have become the ‘land of shocking statutory declarations’ and Malaysians are reminded eerily of the previous statutory declarations by private investigator PI Bala in connection with the murder of Mongolian Altantunya Shaariibuu,” said Lim Kit Siang.

See ‘Kit Siang calls for new, full inquiry into Kevin’s murder‘ in Malaysiakini today.

On the other hand, “The Attorney-General (AG) and Inspector-General of Police (IGP) have both denied certain claims made by the brother of murdered Anthony Kevin Morais in an 18-page Statutory Declaration”, according to FMT in its report, ‘Attorney-General, IGP poke holes in Charles Morais’ claims‘.

The problem is the ABU crowd who automatically disbelieve, dismiss and denounce any explanation contrary (to their own Dapster perception) that comes from government authority figures.

For a long time, their thinking has been poisoned by the DAP evangelistas. For example, see Hanah Yeoh’s tweets about phantom voters, below.

So the problem really lies with the poisoners of our nation’s well — the DAP evangelistas — who create all kinds of fitnah and spread all kinds of insinuation just to grab power.

FACT: Six Indian men have already been charged in court with Morais’ murder.

Most unfortunately, their devoted supporters tend to believe everything the DAP leadership says – no matter how outlandish – rather than anything the establishment voices might say.


The IGP today ordered his men to trace and detain a Facebooker whom the police chief views to have made a seditious post with regard to Charles Morais’ explosive statutory declaration.

The police are tracking the outrageous rumour mongers. When is Umno going to confront and deal with the DAP dajjals who are guilty of the same?


Umno must go on the offensive against DAP rumour mongers

Murder victim provides Dapster vultures a feeding frenzy


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8 thoughts on “Kevin Morais’ murder: A case of he says, she says

  1. Let’s all be honest: UMNO now is collectively busy defending Najib. I don’t know how the ministers are going about their work if they are always on the defensive. And when they do go on the offensive, people can poke holes in their arguments.

    At the division level, the mindset is the same. Just pay attention to what the Gopeng UMNO division leader commented about the action taken against Hamnidah Othman: tak boleh pakai punya comment.

    UMNO needs better people to fight the cyber war but those tasked with the job are laughed at by the younger generation.

    But what to do? 1MDB is exhausting everyone of them.

    1. Betul kata ayah. Dulu UMNO diserang dari kiri, kanan, depan, belakang, Jibby tak qesah, lain2 pemimpin UMNO pun buat2 dunno.

      Tapi sekarang bila peribadi Jibby sendiri diserang, boleh pula dia upah macai bela diri sendiri. Still, UMNO masih terpinggir.

      Jibby seolah beri peluru percuma untuk diserang dap.

  2. What is wrong with you Halen ? Asalkan DAP atau pembangkang aje bersuara mesti semuanya serba tak kena walaupun ada logik nya dengan persoalan yang ditimbulkan. Let us wait for the authority to investigate and you don’t need to also instigate !

  3. En. Shamshul ia betul apa yang di buat dan dikongsi semua serba tak kena, sesuatu masa lalu masaalah sebegini terutama yang menyentuh nyawa orang Menteri yang berkaitan keselamatan akan bertindak dahulu buat kenyataan dan jika ianya becoming national priority maka satu kertas putih akan di keluarkan ini tidak berlaku sekarang sebab dikatakan ada agenda lain yang lebih penting dan kita sama-sama fahamkan… aku dah teruk….

  4. The remaining siblings of the Morais family have issues amongst themselves. This is not the Von Trapp family for gods sake. Kevin was allegedly murdered by group of Tamil thugs who kidnapped him first. The evidence is quite strong against them.

    In Malaysia it appears that when someone goes missing or is killed, the opposition goes hell for leather to attribute the killing to the prime minister of Malaysia and bring in the Sarawak Report to support their mischief.

    Of course this rule does not apply to Tamil Indians like Kugan whose death can be attributed to corrupt cops and to Chinese gangsters who run massive insurance fraud syndicates throughout south east Asia (the Triads). No currency in defending the rights of a Tamil unless they are useful props for some other purpose.

    The government ought to get tough and arrest the Sarawak report’s editor and anyone else who works with them for them and funds them.

  5. Seems to me like there are other motives behind the statutory declaration.

    Well, if the flash disk is real or Charles believes it’s real it won’t be long until he’s making deals with somebody over it. Just don’t be making deals with Malaysian media moguls now, you won’t be getting any millions that way, hehe.

    Obviously he won’t be handing it over to the cops, doh. Why do they even bother to ask.

    Last time, when that AM bank guy was murdered by a Chinese hit man they still want to connect it with Najib. This time, a DPP was murdered by a group of Indians at the behest of some ranking military Indian guy somehow they also want to connect with Najib.

    I guess they truly believe Najib’s standing for 1MALAYSIA, hahahaha

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