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Murder victim provides Dapster vultures a feeding frenzy

The Dapster mafia is once again exploiting the dead.

It’s deja vu. Recall how they previously capitalized on Teoh Beng Hock’s death and used his family members.

Grandpapa Dapster and Mama Dapster are at it again with ghoulish relish.

hannahlks crop

Hannah tweet Kevin Morais

See the mentee @hannahyeoh’s retweet above.

Meanwhile the mentor @limkitsiang has tweeted nine times about the Kevin Morais case over the past 24 hours alone.

In his latest tweet (see below), Kit Siang calls for an “international investigation” into the Deputy Public Prosecutor’s murder.

Ironic how these Firster politicians are always at the forefront in calling for foreign intervention.

Grandpapa Dapster also issued a press statement this morning. It is long-windedly titled ‘Call for an international investigation into the murder of DPP Kevin Morais following the shock statutory declaration by his brother Charles who raised many disturbing questions’.

A rebuttal – below – to the Dapster family perpetual hysteria

But sad to say, the hysterical Dapsters are eternal life consumers of conspiracy theories. They have a big appetite for hate spin continuously fed by the Dapster family.

Brother: Kevin gave me info on probe on powerful individuals‘ (Malaysiakini, 25 Nov 2015)

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The vultures prey on Sabah hostage death

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3 thoughts on “Murder victim provides Dapster vultures a feeding frenzy

  1. Conspiracies make good reading or movies (for those who do not read). There is a lot of unexplained coincidences in life when looked at from a certain angle or spin in a certain way, can make an innocent look guilty and the guilty looks like an angel.

    8 people have been charged with murder and abetment to murder in the case of KM. If I were the defense counsels for those accused, I would compel the brother to testify if his testimony can get the accused off.

    1. The thing is the devious Dapsters are slimy enough to latch on to real events and then tokok tambah their putar-belit or fitnah.

      e.g. Zeti was hospitalized but ‘they’ spread the rumour that she had a heart attack.

      Zeti had said, “I will face arrest for talking about an individual ACCOUNT” but was misreported as saying, “I will face arrest for talking about an individual right now”.

      They keep doing this 24/7 at every opportunity to demonize their opponents. Looking at their behaviour, I’m now not surprised at 2:120.

  2. Grandpa Dapster’s been on the defensive over Nurul Izzah-Jacel Kiram issue. But Lahad Datu is not an issue that Dapsters can relate to. It’s about kedaulatan negara, maruah negara and there is a certain disconnect among the Dapsters,especially since it’s not even on the Peninsula. So the Dapsters do not see Izzah-Kiram as a national issue. This is the issue that should be highlighted by the BN media.

    Now this KM conspiracy is like god-send to Grandpa. He can now rally up his sheeple, put it on his blog, twitter, whip up media frenzy. He must be shouting Hallelujah!

    And soon you will see the Malays (read Umno) getting all defensive and it should not be long now before we see someone show his idiocy over this issue.

    I’m glad the Police Chief sounded really rational, although I’m sure it’ll be spun soon.

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