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Umno must go on the offensive against DAP rumour mongers

DAP keeps putting Umno on the backfoot and the defensive.

See ‘Murder victim provides Dapster vultures a feeding frenzy

The DAP modus operandi – as shown consistently from the past – is to “simply accuse”, smear, fling mud and hoping for some of it to stick.

Umno must counterstrike and not let the DAP evangelistas and their political operatives keep getting away with character assassination.


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13 thoughts on “Umno must go on the offensive against DAP rumour mongers

  1. Helen,

    With UMNO not in the best position(due to 1MDb and Tun’s persistent attack) and several UMNO Ministers more keen to project 1 malaysia attitude(meaning not favouring malays), I am not surprise with DAP’s boldness.

    No rocket science is needed here. Just common sense. One example is Nurul izzah’s meeting with Jacel Kiram. Why Nurul not detained and charged as waging war against Yang diPertuan agung.

    What good it will be to ask Nurul to give statement to police and later no action taken against him. Were I to be the DPM, I would detain her. Her meeting with Jacel is deemed as a treason.

    as simple as that.

    1. Dear Uncle Shamshul,

      Regarding Nurul-Jacel, I hope PDRM will take this matter seriously.

      “Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar today filed a suit against Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar and Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob for allegedly accusing her of being a traitor to the country.” – The Malaysian Times.

      Does Nurul Izzah ever feel bad about her meeting the enemy of the country? Tian Chua said that they were unaware that they were taking pictures with Jacel.

      It makes me very, very angry. Its just like pouring salt on the wound, as if Malaysians are too silly to think straight.

      What kind of leaders are they? Maruah negara means nothing to them.

      Now she sues the IGP. It was her who had the meeting with the enemy but to get away, she sues the IGP. I just cannot understand how people can still support her.

      As I wrote in my post, ‘Kes Jacel Kiram: Tian Chua Tuduh Nurul Izzah Hilang Ingatan?’, I must be dreaming because I thought all leaders of a country must be patriotic and loyal to their King and the country. Seriously, they need to understand and uphold the Rukun Negara.
      Rukun Negara, The Foundation Of The Federal Constitution

      1. Ahmadalikarim,

        Me too. i am angry at Nurul. But i am angrier at ‘Kerajaan” (meaning UMNO’s who’s who) for reason best known to them, for allowing Nurul to dictate the terms.

        Just detain Nurul. And charge her for waging war against the Yang DiPertuan Agung. and include that sneaky Tian Chua too. SHOW NO MERCY to them for they simply deserve none of it.

        Why are they(UMNO’s who who) are wasting their time questioning Nurul’s loyalty. as far as I can remember, Nurul has no loyalty to her country. Just like Anwar, she is fond of manipulating and spreading lies in foreign countries.

        All the mess take place is manifestation of weakness. The fear of being firm. The fear of telling the truth point blank to the face. AND THAT IS A TRAGEDY

        1. Didn’t Najib meet with Benjamin Netanyahu Israeli PM? Malaysia banned communism but continues to have strong relationship with China (the world’s biggest communist party). How are these different from Nurul meeting Jacel Kiram?

            1. Sometimes physical small scale attack is less dangerous than subtle interference. Look at what China did recently.

              1. Interference of China ambassador prior to Red Shirt rally in Petaling Street.
              2. Setting up of Xiamen University Malaysia Campus.
              3. Claim of James Shoal/Beting Serupai.
              4. Acquisition of 1MDB energy assets.
              5. Investment into Msia treasury bonds.

              In this modern age, military and economic strengths are the real threat. Sultan Sulu or Kiram is self-proclaimed and unrecognised. If I can rank these 3 entities (eg. Kiram, Israel and China), I would say Kiram is the least that we should worry about. Afterall, Kiram is claiming Sabah only whereas China is interfering the entire Msia.

                1. re: STOP BEING DELUSIONAL!!!

                  Please provide facts if you wish to rebut my points. Let us use facts vs facts.

                  How convenient of you to just shout “STOP BEING DELUSIONAL!!!” to rebut my points without bringing in any real facts.

  2. Well. the simple reason UMNO/BN was not able to go on the offensive is that they don’t have the people with brains to fight their enemies using repeated psychology, strategic and opportunistic verbal, news and internet launches to massively knock out their enemies whenever there is a chance. Just look at the sneaky bastards in DAp and PKR using all the networking to repeatedly twist everything to suit them and then when angered those UMNO idiots just get worked up and attempted to launch counter attacks using muscle and brawn without brain.

    A good example is the opportunity when Nurul Izzah went to meet the “princess” in Philippines, the enemy of Malaysia. What did UMNO do? Just a little write up that’s all and now she is suing the police and the minister as a counter strike first. This is a psychological strike by her to accuse the police of revenge if she is charged later. In the first place, the police should arrest her and Tian Chua when they came back at the airport but now she is turning the tide against the police and UMNO/BN the government. Very stupid strategy or non at all by the BN govt.


  3. nothing to worry here…..when PH becomes the gov, you umno goons can resort to the same MO ….which you guys will……

    1. Surrhead,

      “…when PH becomes the gov….”

      But now the government is UMNO.

      And after some idiot stomping on Hadi’s and Najib’s photo, PH can kiss good buy on malay votes.,

      1. I, do not believe even a bit that umno goon’s are distressed seeing Hadi’s pic being stomped. It’s more of a hypocritical act to lure pas voters….BTW, it’s Good Bye….

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