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Natural born killers

Hannah Yeoh rat killer 4

Amin Iskandar is a TMI editor. He tweeted yesterday:

Actually Subang Jaya’s tikus problem is a reflection of the politikus that this kota maksiat has as its Dear Leader.

They can kill and kill but the rodents will not go away for as long as Jerusubang Sin City is dirty.


If Papa Dapster Lim Guan Eng is the dog butcher, then Mama Dapster Hannah Yeoh is the great rat exterminator.

Both are in their element when killing animals.

hannah jeling 1


Sneaky and blood-soiled soul

This city presided over by Hannah Yeoh is overrun by rats as the plague will keep multiplying the more they kill.

Spilling blood gratuitously has its karma.

Hannah Yeoh rat killer 2

Hannah Yeoh rat killer 1

Hannah Yeoh rat killer 3



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4 thoughts on “Natural born killers

  1. I may not be on their side in many things. However, I applaud this move to get our city clean and free from the threat of diseases. I suppose other cities should emulate.

    This is serving the community

    1. It is them that made the city dirty in the first place, and I’m not just talking about ‘physical’ rubbish.

      Not surprised that Jerusubang is characterized by an over-abundance of rats.

    2. I agree that it’s good that the local authority is doing something about it but rather they MAKE IT SEEM that they are doing something about it without going to the root of the problem.

      “Recently, Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh said that residents and traders in Subang Jaya were to blame for their dirty habits and not disposing of waste properly.

      “However, Ong May Li, who has worked in a bookstore in Taipan for more than 10 years, said that rats come often to hunt for uncollected rubbish bags and claw their way in to find food.

      “Not only rats, some cats come and claw at the rubbish too, everything will burst out over the side of the road and it will be all over the floor,” she said.

      “Ong said that contractors that were hired to keep the place clean were more focused on taking recyclable goods they could sell.”

      If the eateries are throwing rubbish into the streets indiscriminately or carelessly why not fine them or close them down till they improve and if the contractors are not doing their job why not warn them and if they do not change sack them and hire new contractors.

      The root of this problem goes back to the privatisation policy introduced during Mahathir’s time, when the local authorities, then under a BN state government disbanded their own cleaning staff and outsourced cleaning services to private contractors.

      Now under a Pakatan state government, the local authorities continue with this privatisation policy and this is the result.

      Subang Jaya is regarded as one of the most affluent areas in the Selangor and Malaysia right now, with a high number of working adults and business persons, whilst Petaling Jaya has many retirees.

      Also, the problem with Malaysian politicians right now is that they are too caught up with politicking, intrigue, infighting and high-falutin issues such as 1MDB than to be concerned for “trivial” matters such as these which concern ordinary residents.

      I’ve also commented on this article in my blog.

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