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How very ‘Christian’ of Nurul

The Christians always like to say that they love their enemies and will even pray for those who persecute them.

It looks like some of Hannah Yeoh’s loving-her-enemies Christian charity has rubbed off on her best buddy Nurul Izzah.

Disclaimer: I’m using the word ‘Christian’ here as an adverb, to describe Nurul’s “love thine enemy” behaviour specifically, and not intimating she is in any way a churchgoer.

Nurul’s behaviour in this regard is so Christian-like → her selfie with Jacel Kiram.

Nurul Jacel

BELOW: Nurul and Hannah Yeoh a few years ago … since then Nurul has lost weight(!) but we can’t say the same for her BFF Mama Muniandy’s doubling chin




hannahyeoh-fat-gemuk mug



Pope visits Christian-Muslim conflict zones in Africa






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One thought on “How very ‘Christian’ of Nurul

  1. Ms H. Now we all know what a ‘delusional Chinese sic Hainanese’ looks like ! Courtesy of Bilahari Kausikan and his dysfunctional crew who published a non-delusional opus in the Straits Times Singapore on 5 October 2015, with the delusional title, ‘ Singapore is not an island.’ This is an revolutionary essay with no quarters given to evolution. Hence, all the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP cadres are in a flap because for the very first time, their homeland firsters called them names ! What goes round comes around, Ms H !

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