Penang DAP appoints its rejected writer on Islam to party exco

Oh and by the way, if Lim Guan Eng desires to be Chief Minister into his third term, he should at least have the guts to stand for election against Chow Kon Yeow in the Penang DAP central committee.

Yesterday, Penang DAP delegates refused to endorse Syerleena Abdul Rashid in their party state election.

Syerleena did not obtain enough votes to put her among the fifteen ELECTED exco members.

Top finisher: Chow Kon Yeow (654 votes)

In fourth place: Guan Eng’s sister, Lim Hui Ying (454 votes)

Last to make the cut: Steven Sim in 15th place (270 votes)

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syerleena dont want

However in the time-honoured tradition of  F-A-I-L-E-D  Malay candidates, Syerleena was appointed to sit in the committee by virtue of DAP’s ethnic quota. (This is what happens in a party led by a “failed accountant”.)

The DAP proudly claims to be “colour blind” and “beyond race” but it nonetheless duly made way for Syerleena due to her skin colour.

History repeats itself


Indeed, “there were no Malays elected into the CEC” … again.

At national level


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A high profile Malay mannequin is the DAP’s former senator Ariffin Omar who was appointed one of the party’s five vice chairmen.

DAP election for its CEC 2013-2016

Top finisher: Liew Chin Tong  (1,438 votes)

In fifth place: Lim Guan Eng (1,304 votes)

Last to make the cut at 20th place: Ngeh Koo Ham (809 votes)

Malay quota appointee: Ariffin Omar (348 votes)

hannah racist parties

“No point educating racist parties”

So true. In this matter of Chinese x3, the DAP cannot ubah.

DAP shouts from the rooftops about “meritocracy” and rails against the BN’s so-called “race-based” policies. Yet the DAP are the last to practise what they preach.

One is reminded of Tony Pua who finished 8th in the recent Selangor DAP election but was elected the “minority” chairman anyway. He is an exemplar of the DAP’s – wakakakaka – “meritocratic” system at work.

Syerleena is being co-opted into the Penang DAP committee only because of the DAP’s quota for Malays.

The Dapsters scream that Umno, MCA and MIC are “raciiiiiiissst” but look at what they’ve themselves done. BLOODY HYPOCRITES!

Syerleena is also made the Penang DAP assistant publicity secretary. She’s been a prolific writer – see below her TMI profile – and spokesman for the DAP’s brand of Islam.

Isma however questions her “skeletal understanding” and believes it is “advisable for Syerleena to assign herself to an indepth study about Islam through its primary sources”.

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The morally illegitimate chief minister of Penang


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16 thoughts on “Penang DAP appoints its rejected writer on Islam to party exco

  1. All I can say is…..

    Hannah Yeoh is good entertainment. The best and brightest Malaysians are those now living, working outside Malaysia. Those who are here all along, they are not bad people. Then there is this group. They had lived in some foreign countries and for reason(s) known only to them, they decided to return to Malaysia. This group……..well, you make your own interpretation.

  2. The only thing democratic about DAP is in the name. If you notice, all Malay candidates were rejected by the delegates and Syerleena has to use the usual backdoor to make the numbers so to make DAP “multi-racial”.

    But I have to congratulate the Butcher of Bayan for a job well done…there was no recount needed / blaming on Excel needed this time. He also manage to purge the party of the pesky environmentalist who dared to support BN/UMNO motion on land reclamation.

    BTW, Syerleena is no ordinary member of DAP. She has been handpicked and elevated for some specific reasons by Zairil. This is a common knowledge among the senior members of DAP in Penang. So I leave it to the readers’ imagination to figure out the link.

    PS : A clue – You also might recall that Zairul has been caught in a very compromising poses with yet another DAP’s young lady of Rejimen 10 (the Malay wing).

    1. So the guy has been caught in a very compromising position….hmm… can bet your last penny that the party’s hatchet men will deride this as yet another attempt by the evil ruling party to discredit their man. One thing they have managed to cover up extremely well is the actual identity of this man, a man who claims he is such and such but is totally the opposite of what he purportedly claims to be. Now you cannot accuse me of libel or for being seditious since I have yet to say anything about the man. I leave it to the readers to exercise their discretions.

      1. He was indeed caught in an extremely compromising positions and the photos were all over the internet. This was with yet another high profile Malay awek cun, apparently uploaded by his own wife who found these wefies in Zairil’s phone. Of course both Zairil and the awek cun denied there were the ones in the pics and blamed UMNO for this “conspiracy. However they, for some unknown reasons, did not lodge any police reports to find the “culprits”.

  3. The Melayus in DAP, and those who join DAP are TOTALLY blinded. Muka tak malu, everywhere got rejected and yet still want to be in DAP. Bodoh tahap gaban.

    You think the Chinese in DAP want you to have a foot in? Not in a million years. You have only embarassed yourself. Rejected but still hanging in there. Real ass-holes, these Melayus, from Perlis to Sabah, glaringly so in Perak, Selangor and Sarawak.

    Hei Melayu bodoh, don’t you know the DAP Chinese wants you to menyembah mereka before you get a whiff. You are a perfect stooge for them. Itu pun tak tau, so blinded…..may be too much bah kut teh in your heads. The lelakis lost their marbles, and the betinas lost their… any rate your maruah diri has been taken away by the garbarge man.

    Good luck to you all maruahless Melayus in DAP. Ibarat melukut ditepi gantang. Dinegeri sendiri macam gampang

    1. Melayu malaysia,

      Exactly who among the Malays who support DAP. I have been noticing quite a number of Malays who support DAP and I see they share several similarities.

      1) They hate UMNO so much.

      2) They “fail’ in achieving their goals and they blame UMNO.. For example, they failed in getting UMNO Bahagian post. they sulked and pronounced that UM NO is no longer relevant when the truth is that they are the one rejected.

      3) They feel embarassed to admit that though they maybe be “pandai” they are here today because “UMNO gave them chances”.

      4) Quite a number of them lost the elections. Mohd Sabu for example lost 3 times consecutively, the last in PAS stronghold, Pendang. Yet he blamed “pengundi Siam” when the reality is that he is viewed nothing more than “court jester”. He is popular BUT NOT TRUSTED.

      5) The last group would be “as blind as a bat”. they simply believe DAP is multiracial while UMNO is racist. They would reject any advices. Instead they would accuse those trying to “sedarkan” as “macai UMNO”.

      1. 6) Inflation has gone through the roof and the economy hasn’t fared well for many years. When you start paying RM8-9 for a litre of milk, that milk ain’t going to taste that sweet no more.The ringgit is at an all time low and is the worst performing currency in the region.

        7) The perception that there’s endemic corruption within UMNO.

        8) 1MDB issues.

        9) I might be wrong on this one, but it appears to me that the Gen Y Malays are becoming more liberal and westernised in their thinking.

        Religion and race are not as important to this group as in previous generations, and UMNO’s autocratic style of governance doesn’t sit well with them. They don’t respond well to being told what to do and UMNO continues to not adapt with the changing times.

        Of course this is just my observation of the urban folk, I really have no idea about whats going on in the rural areas.

        1. Where’s the Justice,

          Yup. Religion and race not important to them anymore. But in real life , it is very important. It affects your promotion or whether you are going to win or lose in Malaysian politics.

          These young malays may have strings of degrees from well known financial institution. But they lack something. As they are young, they have yet to gain experience. and experience is the thing that make us able to evaluate life or more importantly whether the seemingly non racist politician is actually racist to his core. Just like KIt siang. though he preaches democracy, transparency, he does not subscribe to these values.

  4. Business ALIBABA pun sama aje. Just pick a GREEDY Malay, give him or his family some free shares, bagi pangkat Co- Chairman dan bulan2 kasi allowance, kereta dan rumah… Nak bawa keluarga holiday just tell. Anak2 studies oberseas all beres. Pasai duit jangan risau just a phonecall all setel wan….

    Yang lain2 hangpa dok diam2… Anything just anggoq kepala. Group foto sengeh macam kerang busuk. Kempen kena pakai tudung, songkok and kopiah.

  5. I think even though the usual suspects won the election this time, many people feel something has changed in Penang. The Tokong’s image has taken a big dent and there were loud questions on his leadership during the AGM.

    BTW, I also heard that DAP is now starting to open branches all over Penang in Malay areas – apparently anticipating Pakatan Harapan to collapse before that.

    I heard DAP is doing the same at Selangor too, perhaps they are hoping to seize power in the next GE and install their own MB (with a Rejimen 10 Malay of course).

    1. Not too long along, the NST’s John Teo made an observation that for the DAP to capture Putrajaya, it’s composition, in terms of membership and elected representatives, must reflect the demographic reality of this country. If it is true that they are indeed opening new branches in Malay areas, it will, sooner rather than later, cause a rupture within it’s rank and file, which is dominated by the Chinese. This looks like an explosive cocktail. Wither Malaysian Malaysia ?

    1. I love historical movies esp yg pasai zaman2 Emperors. Selalu mesti ada sorang tua yang bertapa dalam gua, muka selekeh, rambut serabut janggut panjang dan putih. Biasanya depa ni ada magic2 mystical sikit boleh terbang, boleh hilang macam2 boleh. DAP ni kuat main drama. Jadi depa kena la juga ada juga character ‘orang ajaib’ ni dalam plot mereka.

      Drama kisah2 palace politics macam2 conspirasi depa adakan nak cuba depose the Emperor, King, crown prince, queen atau sesama concubines pun rancak. Kalau tengok kdrama YiSan.. plot lebih kurang macam Apek Dap dok apply kat pemimpin2 UMNO.


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