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Tun slams Najib’s “DAP-like slogan”

Tun yesterday wrote an open letter to Umno members and party grassroots leaders. In it, he made a whole slew of allegations.

See report ‘DAP-like slogan, RM2.6b, S’pore stooge and more: Doctor’s diagnosis’ (Malaysiakini, 30 Oct 2015)

According to Tun, Najib’s 1Malaysia is the same as the DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia slogan.

So why is the BN and government machinery geared towards publicizing gimmicks closely associated with the DAP?

Najib’s slogan is, in effect, promoting the DAP’s Malaysian First propaganda. Only that PM puts the numeral ‘1’ in front of our country name whereas the Dapster family puts the ‘1’ behind the Malaysia name.

1Malaysia / Malaysian 1st … same difference.



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39 thoughts on “Tun slams Najib’s “DAP-like slogan”

  1. It was 6 years ago. 1malaysia slogan was design to woo chinese voter from DAP. Najib himself was in CNY advertisement which drew flak from chinese on alleged deadman shirt he was wearing. But all of that went down the drain when Najib says”chinese tsunami” . Even Hannah Yeoh try remind him of that. The question for ” old horse” is , why now ? 6 years too late.

    1. While we may disagree on a lot of things where Tun is concerned, you have to know that he has always questioned the 1Malaysia slogan. He has said he doesn’t understand what it means. He once said (jokingly) it’s true there’s only 1 Malaysia. So questioning the slogan is not new for him.

      And regardless of how you feel or think of the old man, can you honestly say that you agree with the slogan? Don’t you have questions about the slogan yourself?

    2. Actually that Singapore stooge may be real.
      Why?Because the balance of the RM2.6 billion is in Singapore Chinese hand and they are keeping it as ransom.
      Thus Najib has to be [deleted]

    1. The old man ***** and enriched Indians and Chinese. See how that cina **** Vincent Tan embraced and kissed him muahaha..
      But Najib is worse because he followed the old man enriching again the Indian bumiputera Ananda Krishnan and chinese bumiputera lim goh tong by the billions.
      And he thinks he is being world class and mat salleh standard being in the company of Kimora…

  2. That is a behaviour of old man. Old habits died hard. Attacking a leader before he became a PM and after being a PM

  3. If Tun M is disappointed with both Pak Lah and Najib for not dancing to his tune, what makes him think Muhiyiddin is going to ?

    Long story short: just let go. The next generation has to forge its own destiny, come what may.

  4. Dear Helen, the “whole slew of allegations” made by Dr.M, was true though.
    That bank account frozen by Singapore must have made Najib subservient to their wishes.

    1. re: “That bank account frozen by Singapore must have made Najib subservient to their wishes.”

      You can’t know this.

    2. Yes, RD…..what, exactly, was in that bank account? Are you privy to that information? Or are you gleaning from the rumour mill?

      Here’s another news item that may be further grist to the mill: “Fitch affirms Singapore’s ‘AAA’ sovereign ratings” (Singapore Business Times, December 1, 2015).

  5. It’s instructive how Tun Dr Mahathir has again resurrected the Singapore “bogeyman”.

    For reasons best known to himself.

    It seems (and I hope that I am wrong) that he has a very large chip on his shoulder as far as Singapore is concerned.

    Why he is bringing this up again now is anybody’s guess……

  6. Dear Aunty Helen,

    If Tun M is not happy with PM Najib, Tun M has no right to make or instigate others to do the same.

    If he for what ever reason do not want PM Najib as the PM anymore, he cannot expect that to happen just because he says so. To cause more headaches to the government, Tun went as far as saying that JAKIM was forcing people to follow its Islamic version. He uses anything that he can think of to cause problem to the government. That is not fair and he is telling others to be fair.

    He must remember that he was voted to power by UMNO members and now he let himself be used by the oppositions to destroy UMNO. Now TMI loves using Tun.

    1. Ahmadalikarim,

      Tun has 22 years as the premier to make “the jambatan bengkok”. Yet, he only mentioned it on last few years of his premiership.

      Though I respect Tun and read his blog, I feel that Tun has gone overboard. Tun’s relentless criticism is not only can lead to Najib’s resignation BUT MORE IMPORANTLY it will bring UMNO down too.

      Surely, Tun has some love for UMNO. Surely Tun can understand that the opposition is attacking Najib (and Rosmah) too because they want to bring UMNO down.

  7. Helen,

    Me thinks Tun Musa was spot on when he pointed out a couple of years ago that Tun M is suffering from a post-Prime Ministerial syndrome.

    Sadly all the wrong things that are happening in M’sia has a direct correlation of Tun’s past (mal)actions.

    When he was PM, Tun M never tolerated dissent. Hence, the prevailing yes-men syndrom in um, no. I wont even begin on what he has done to the Judiciary’s supposed separation of powers.

    Then, why oh why did he resign in 2003 only to make a fuss when his own appointed successor(s) begin to have their own minds(less)?

    Someone wrote that Msia has lost a decade in all aspects & we’re degenerating into a third world. I tend to agree & Tun M has to bear some responsibility.

    To make up for his past errors by throwing a tantrum now just wont cut it.

    1. Well, Sir – at least the PAP government in Singapore runs a ‘AAA-rated’ economy. A rating that has just been affirmed by Fitch.

      Lessons could be learned, don’t you think?

      As for the “amalgamating” claim, that is a tad mischievous.

      Unless you believe in poetic license?

      1. BTW, the AAA-rating is for sovereign rating and not for its economic management. FYI, the Malaysian economic growth has outperformed Singapore by a significant margin despite the slump in the commodities like oil and palm oil.

        BTW, did you change your name again? You sound soooo familiar.

        1. His name depends on which fantasy fiction he just read. He is The Rithmatist when he’s reading Sanderson’s book of the same title and now Kineas since he’s probably reading The Tyrant series by Christian Cameron.

          Maybe soon he’ll call himself the Sandman if he ever picks up the Neil Gaiman series.

          But no matter what he calls himself, one thing is consistent, his worship of Singapore.

          1. Unfortunately, Gaiman isn’t my cup of tea. Nor, too, the Game of Thrones author.

            But “Dr Who”? Hmm….that’s worth considering, don’t you think? Especially as portrayed by Capaldi?

            And what’s wrong with “worshipping” Singapore when it seems to be getting most things right? Including punching above it’s weight?

            That sticks in your craw, eh?

            1. No. It doesn’t stick in my craw, as you put it. Good for Singapore that they are progressing. If we must have a country to measure up to, why choose Singapore? That’s not the highest bar. Let’s aim higher. Let’s go for Norway.

              1. Well, Norway is way out of Singapore’s league so naturally……..

                Singapore is not a bed of roses either. But for ‘that’ specific group of people Singapore is a paradise, sort of. You should read the piece by Singapore’s Straits Times, the one involving an interview with Victors Mills.

                1. While you are about that, please do not forget the Malaysians who work in Singapore.

                  Especially those who commute daily across the Causeway.

                  From an ethnic viewpoint, that group includes a fairly large number of Malays and Indians, in addition to the de rigueur Chinese.

                  Have they all been led astray (or seduced) by the lure of the Singapore Dollar?

                  You don’t hear them clamouring to come back and work in Malaysia, do you?

                  As for the comparison with Norway, apart from the fact that it has significant oil and gas resources, what else is there to compare?

                  In fact, I believe, according to reports, that the Norwegian SWF has set up an office in Singapore to scout for investment opportunities in the region.

                  As for Victors(sic) Mill’s views….he is entitled to his opinions. Freedom of speech, remember?

                  Like how the WSJ and the Sarawak Report report on Malaysia….

                    1. Me worked up? Hahaha – you wish.

                      Oh, btw, I read the transcript of the Victor Mills’ interview with the very mainstream Straits Times. He didn’t pull his punches. And no one in the Singapore government descended on him like a ton of bricks. Why?

                      I think one reason is that Mr Mills is a Singapore citizen. In the interview, he referred favourably to “hundreds of thousands of his fellow citizens”.

                      Interesting, don’t you think? That Mr Mills became a Singapore citizen and chose to live and work in Singapore.

                      Which you carefully omitted to mention…..

                      So much for snide comments….

              2. Why don’t you run the comparison between Norway and Malaysia and enlighten us?

                And which metrics are you planning to use? GDP per capita? SWF size? Education system rankings? Competitiveness? Freedom of speech and religion? LGBT acceptance (ok, I threw that in to confuse you)?

                Are you going to raise the bar further?

                1. You have a serious flaw in your thought process. Let me keep this simple for you.

                  You brought up the Fitch rating on Singapore. You compared Singapore to Malaysia, and I said why stick with Singapore. Why not pick a more progressive country like Norway.

                  So why would I want to run a comparison between Malaysia and Norway when I have already acknowledged that Norway is a more developed country?

                  Damn! I should have known better than to try to reason with someone who’s reading list matches my 15-year old nephew.

                  1. Careful there lady. The man, or rather ‘boy’ has a fragile self esteem. With your comment, he’s going to get really all worked up. And you know what it’s like when a ‘boy’ is worked up. Ah well……….I have to say that it is great to have someone like you here. Have a pleasant evening.

                    1. Me? Hahaha – you wish.

                      I only get “worked up” when people post drivel and racist/religion-tinged comments. Freedom of expression doesn’t preclude robust responses, especially when the agendas are transparently misguided.

                      Make of that what you will.

                      In the meantime, I will finish reading the latest book by Robert Galbraith. I might even use “CoromoranStrike2067” as my next nick.


                  2. And your point is? Apart from querying my taste in reading materials?

                    Your reasoning is flawed and specious. Go reread the thread again and see how it developed.

                    As for Singapore, I make no apologies for pointing out that it, together with Australia, are the only two “AAA-rated” sovereigns in the Asia-Pacific region. Worldwide, there are, I believe, only 12 “AAA-rated” sovereigns. Which makes it a pretty select club.

                    As for your nephew’s reading list, I must congratulate him on his predilection for the sci-fi/fantasy genre. I would suggest that he add Guy Gavriel Kay and Carol Berg to his reading list.

        2. “BTW, did you change your name again ? You sound soooo familiar”.

          What took you this long to spot the similarity ? I m not going to point out ‘that’ person so that no one can accuse me of being slanderous.

          1. And your point is…..?

            If your nick is “Spectre”, why not adopt the nick “Ghost” or “Phantom”?

            Like the “Ghost of Christmas Past”?

            Or “iZombie”, even?

        3. Ooh, Mr Sankaran – I suggest you read the latest Fitch report on Singapore in full. Your friendly private banker or investment banker should be able to arrange this for you.

          And precisely what metrics are you using to support your claim that “Malaysian economic growth has outperformed Singapore by a significant margin…”? GDP growth y-o-y? GDP per capita? FDI received? Forex reserves? Sovereign ratings? Country risk profiles?

          Do share with us the fruits of your economic and consultancy expertise.

          As for my nick, “Kineas” is pretty good, don’t you think? Or would you prefer “Arimnestos” or “Cyrus” or “Miltiades”?


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