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What is The Heat trying to do?!

This publication, The Heat, has been suspended once before by the Home Ministry.

See the first paragraph (below) of its main article today —

Eddie Hoo writes in The Heat:


“The tone has been set for the Umno General Assembly 2015 as the president of the most dominant party in the country opens it by screening slides of the bloody May 13 race riots and the communist attacks in Malaya. Every year it resurrects the same bogeyman at its assembly.”


The Umno general assembly will only open next week. Eddie Hoo is speculating with mischief in mind.

The Heat Malaysia 2015-12-02 13-14-47

fire burn rain

“Seriously, The Heat is much much worse than TMI, MKini, FMT and MM” — Azmi Arshad



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11 thoughts on “What is The Heat trying to do?!

  1. I must confess that I’ve only read a couple of issues of ‘The Heat’ paper. Mainly because there are better newspapers (such as The Wall Street Journal, the Singapore Straits Times and Business Times and the Jakarta Post) out there and when the New Straits Times, The Star and The Malay Mail can be read online.

    If ‘The Heat’ has misreported or misrepresented with regard to the upcoming Umno meetings, it is up to Umno to take action – by lodging a police report, by suing the pants off ‘The Heat’ or by petitioning for the paper’s publishing licence to be suspended or cancelled.

    Of course, some of these actions could be legally challenged in the courts.

    So why are the “do-gooders” making a big deal out of this?

    And here’s a question for the esteemed Mr Azmi Arshad – what is the difference between ‘The Heat’ and ‘Utusan Malaysia’? A second question – are they not playing to their respective audiences?

    I can think of other beasties that keep crawling out of the woodwork. Specifically beasties with a “terrorist” label appended.

    But maybe Mr Azmi Arshad is inclined to cut them a lot of slack or give them the benefit of doubt.

  2. The Heat belongs to the HCK Group, which also happen to publish the Edge among others. The sole purpose of the Heat seems to me is to offer another outlet to undermine the govt. I recall the very first issue of the Heat accused that due to Najib and Rosmah’s extravagant life style the economy is affected. This was the front page news.

    I think it is a matter of time when the conspiracy involving Sarawak Report, the Edge, Tony Pua, PKR and others gonna unravel and all these folks will be soon joining the God’s Gift to Malaysia at Hotel Sg Buloh.

    1. Shamsul’s comment in an earlier post – “Just revoke the licenses of media that lies such as Malaysiakini.

      Punish those spreading lies. Why Najib refuses to be firm when Rafizi said he was joking on RM24 million ring. why not taking action?

      Why not crucify the MP who accused UMNO engineering Lahad Datu incident? why no action against the stupid girl who stomped on Najib’s and Hadi’s photo?

      I would like to see the Umno government stand firm as well. Instead of focusing on just Tun’s “attacks” on Najib, why not take on all these lying publishers?

      Calvin, you think it’s a matter of time. Well, some of us feel it is PAST time for action.

      What they are doing is not freedom of speech. Freedom of speech cannot be equated with freedom to tell lies, freedom to insult, freedom to incite or freedom to accuse wilfully.

      1. And all of that cannot be tested in the courts?

        Or are you appointing yourself as judge, jury and executioner?

          1. Singapore? Sure. What would you like to know?

            Like how many international newspapers and magazines circulate in Singapore?

            Or whether they are deemed to be involved in Singapore’s domestic affairs apart from reporting on them?

            What else?

      2. Puan,

        UMMO is busy attacking Tun because the defence on these accusations by the opposition is very thin.

        So instead of focusing their energy to the opposition ( much more legwork) they turn their missiles to Tun , much easier…

        at least thats how i see it.

        havent you noticed? Sekarang semua trending #blamemahathirnotme

      3. re: Just revoke the licenses of media that lies such as Malaysiakini

        Online portal does not require license. Only print media.

        re: Why Najib refuses to be firm when Rafizi said he was joking on RM24 million ring. why not taking action?

        Rafizi was sued by Najib and Rosmah. Case is ongoing.

        re: why no action against the stupid girl who stomped on Najib’s and Hadi’s photo?

        Why no action taken on people that stomp or burn the pictures or effigies of LKS/LGE etc?

    2. A tad bloodthirsty, aren’t you?

      No rule of law? No recourse to the courts?

      All comments on the economy are not kosher? As too all comments on 1MDB and other issues?

      Are you saying that Malaysians should be emasculated and accept whatever happens, good or bad?

      Without having recourse to “freedom of expression” under the rule of law?

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