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Why DAP is like a direct selling company

Hannah one dollar

Swindlers make a living from scamming sheeple. Like the City Harvest church pastors and their gullible flock.

One convicted fraudster is Bernie Madoff of hedge fund fame who is currently serving a 150-year jail sentence. He “ran his multibillion-dollar firm as a grand-scale Ponzi scheme“.


Pyramid schemes: How to get your first Prada

Big Chief scammer sits atop the pyramid. Followers below him are called his ‘downline’. They then recruit multi tiers of ‘distributors’ who will proceed to sell the firm’s shoddy or snake oil products.

Such direct-selling schemes depend on recruiting more and more true believers as their company salesmen.

BELOW: Meek and mild Lambs of God


Popular politicians making their pile

“The promoters at the top of the pyramid make their money by having people join the scheme,” according to a definition of the pyramid project as “very risky ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes” – see write-up on ‘Pyramid schemes‘ in Scamwatch.

The base of the pyramid do the heavy lifting while the nimble leaders at the apex rake it in. So now you can see why persons (or politicians) with the gift of the gab are so keen on recruiting.

Politicians building an adversarial army of downliners are similarly engaging in very risky behaviour which may lead to dire consequences.

“Despite hard facts that show it is impossible to make money with MLMs unless you’re on the top, people continue to buy into these schemes all over the world,” wrote Gordon Gora in ‘10 Shocking Facts About Multilevel Marketing Schemes‘ – see Listverse (26 Nov 2015).

Likewise the pool of parishioners buying into the DAP.

Selangor Speaker’s salary

In the business of manufacturing magic pills

“MLMs are no more than glorified pyramid schemes,” wrote Gordan Gora, saying that the marketers “will target virtually anyone whom they can trick”.

magic pillMLMs often peddle ‘miracle cures’ touted as healing/nutritious products in the forms of essential oils, pills, shakes, etc, Gora revealed. “Others are sold as weight loss or vitamin supplements when they are little more than water.”

Or better yet, Holy Water.

In both pyramid schemes and MLM, the hucksters on top get rich from the blood, sweat and tears of the people at the bottom.

It is inexperienced youths and other vulnerable groups lacking critical thinking who are usually tricked into buy impossible dreams.

An example of a ‘magic pill’ product is the DAP’s Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

Dial sales-growth

The Gospel of Prosperity in action

One MLM that got into trouble with American authorities was Veema which marketed “health and wellness” drinks. The direct sales company recruited college students by luring them with promises of achieving the good life in double quick time.

“According to the FTC’s complaint, the defendants’ websites, social media, and marketing materials show seemingly prosperous young people with luxury cars, jets, and yachts” – see the USA Federal Trade Commission‘s case against Veema.

The DAP has now become the preferred choice of crafty carpetbaggers. Malaysian youths see the visible success of some of the DAP’s social media superstars and think they can climb aboard the fast-track bandwagon too.

BELOW: ‘White House’ and expensive cars belonging to DAP Perak evangelical warlord David Nga Kor Ming

Politics of Hate as a business model 

Like the pyramid scheme, MLMs depend on a constant stream of new distributors. Writing in Listverse, Gordan Gora likens these companies to religious cults that “use psychologically manipulative techniques to get new members”.

An example recounted by Gora about an MLM distributor being coerced to buy ‘training tapes’ reminds us of how the City Harvest church congregation were forced to buy the singing pastor’s music CDs.

In the realm of politics, we see how the cult-like DAP manipulated Teoh Beng Hock’s death by invoking extreme emotions. But when it suits the evangelical party – like over the 1MDB investigation – then the MACC can overnight turn into the DAP’s Best Friend Forever with TBH and his tragedy quite forgotten.

Cults – of whatever persuasion – work by estranging their brainwashed members from family and friends. In DAP politics, the Bush-ism ‘either you’re with us or you’re the enemy’ has created a Sembahyang-Dua-Imam situation among the zombiefied Chinese today.

Hannah Yeoh banyak mencuci otak golongan muda

False prophets in the DAP selling delusions

But as with bubbles, delusions will burst when pricked by reality or realpolitik.

Robert Fitzpatrick is author of the book False Profits: Seeking Financial and Spiritual Deliverance in Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes. Fitzpatrick observes how the marketers “can get sucked into the euphoria of what he calls ‘delusional behavior’.”

An interesting element in the sales bubble is the World of Amway which has various MLM subsidiaries registered under different names.

The DeVos family is the primary shareholder of Amway. This Christian conservative clan mixes business with politics by bankrolling Republican candidates.

“Since 1970, DeVos family members have invested at least $200 million in a host of right-wing causes—think tanks, media outlets, political committees, evangelical outfits, and a string of advocacy groups,” according to a Mother Jones article in the political magazine’s Jan-Feb 2004 issue.

BELOW: DAP Subang Jaya’s Edward Ling – a former pol-sec of Hannah Yeoh

Edward Ling (Hannah Yeoh's pol-sec), speaker at Subang Rally
Edward strutting his stuff on stage
Edward, a DAP politician who sells saliva (jual air liur)
Edward Ling

Hannah’s former pol-sec now Waze sales manager

Before her entry into the political arena, Hannah Yeoh’s job was as an Event Manager. This is not surprising seeing as how the DAP evangelistas are superb at managing public perception and marketing themselves packaged in Holy Water bottle.

It’s par for the course to learn that Hannah’s ex-political secretary Edward Ling has been hired recently as a regional sales manager by Google.

Are the Dapster family altruistically pursuing and selling the Malaysian Dream – see Grandpapa’s tweet below – or are they slick shysters who will soon plunge their delusional supporters into a horrible nightmare?


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31 thoughts on “Why DAP is like a direct selling company

  1. 50 tahun! 1/2 abad tu! Bila nak pencen? Btw, depa ni dapat 1 pencen setiap seorang tanpa kira berapa kali jadi MP atau 1 pencen untuk setiap lantikan?

    Kalau ikut purata, mula kerja lepas SPM umur 18 tahun. Umur pencen 60 tahun. Tempoh perkhidmatan 42 tahun. Grandpapa ni dah 50 tahun lamanya kerja. Wajar dipencenkan, in fact 8 years overdue.

    1. I am Woman,

      Malaysia will always by threatened by evengelist DAP if the power to be (meaning UMNO) refuses to be firm.

      That is the only way out. Be bold. Be firm. Just say out loud that Kit Siang ‘s inciting the Chinese led to May 13 carnage. Just revoke the licenses of media that lies such as Malaysiakini.

      Punish those spreading lies. Why Najib refuses to be firm when Rafizi said he was joking on RM24 million ring. why not taking action?

      Why not crucify the MP who accused UMNO engineering Lahad Datu incident? why no action against the stupid girl who stomped on Najib’s and Hadi’s photo?


      1. En Shamsul

        Jawapan dia senang sahaja: the leader is the problem.

        I would say put Zahid in charge but Cik Helen not in favor ;)

  2. If one were to accept the ‘pyramid scheme’ analogy, shoddy grounds and all, just how are other political parties (eg UMNO, PAS) any different?

    Don’t all political parties have something to sell? Don’t they all operate within the climate of fear and aspirations of the people?

  3. Ms H. A screaming headline in a Blog today with a quote from the venerable leader of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, ” 50 years in pursuit of Malaysian Dream.”

    The good leader confirmed what I have been saying previously that the leaders of the DAP twiddled their thumbs and contemplated their navels for 50 years as social workers collecting the lush Federal and State Governments tax-free allowances, Party salaries and legal donations from non-Arab supporters. The largesse so collected is good for 3 generations. As social workers, they did nothing for the National Development Effort for 50 years.

    But their peers in the DAP’s homeland lost their patience and through Bilahari Kausikan and his dysfunctional crew wrote a non-delusional opus and published in the Straits Times on 5 October 2015 with the delusional title, “Singapore is not an island” which condemned the ‘delusional Chinese’ of Malaysia. I presume the 95% of the Chinese which voted for the DAP and the Party are included.
    Are the twenty-somethings in the DAP willing to wait for another 50 years ? Their Boss in Singapore has already given them due notice – vote for, quote,” Mr Najib” unquote or face the music.

      1. Quiet?

        Nay, just thought this is rather elementary. But since you ask…

        Someone worthy of your moniker would know the striking similarity between the Torah, Quran and Old Testament. (e.g. Moses’ Law)

        What is so surprising about the video?

        The selected passages were taken from the Old Testament. Those interviewed are obviously clueless about the OT and chose to associate ‘the bible’ /Christianity with the New Testaments.

        What stood out is the public perception between the faiths.

        Hmmm, ever wonder why?

        1. What stands out is your fallacious reasoning and your incompetent grasp of the old and new testaments.

          1. Are you one of those transient troll that specializes in lazy one line retort or do you actually intend to lay out your arguments?


                1. (10 + 10 = 100) is a TRUE statement if it is premised on the binary system of numeration.

                  Not every grown-up is aware of this and certainly no buffoon. Examine your own premises before you rush into arguments on specialized subjects against others. I don’t call people buffoons just because they don’t know some facts but since you called yourself Harlequin . . . and biblical historiography is a specialized subject.

                  1. stick to yr one liner la, another suggestion is learn how to cut down yr useless verbiage that says in 100 words what could have been said in 10.

                  2. Retard

                    You arrived at the conclusion the intent of the video and the subsequent taunt by commentator Islam1st are all about ‘biblical historiography’ [sic]?

                    It seems comprehension is not your ‘specialized subject’.

                    Perhaps music is more of your forte considering how you delight in blowing your own trumpet.

                    1. “What is so surprising about the video? The selected passages were taken from the Old Testament. Those interviewed are OBVIOUSLY CLUELESS about the OT and chose to associate ‘the bible’ /Christianity with the New Testaments.”

                      Is there anyone out there who DOES NOT associate Christianity with the New Testament?

                    2. Quote: “Is there anyone out there who DOES NOT associate Christianity with the New Testament?”

                      Perhaps the question ought to be – is there anyone out there who STILL associate Christianity with the Old Testament?

                      The God in the Old Testament appear powerful, harsh and punishing while in the New Testament, loving, forgiving and all-embracing.

                      Since it is proclaimed God never changes, then it has to be assumed (by the believers) both testaments are equally right on the nature of God.

                      Christians tend to embrace the more compassionate character of God in the New Testament and in general, public perception (rightly or otherwise) tend to associate Christianity with love and forgiveness.

                    3. Alright sir, it must be difficult to imagine that Christian sectarian persecutions can be as brutal as what we are witnessing today with Islamist violence.

                      Hudhaifa r.a.reported that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said:
                      “Do not allow yourselves to become blind followers, saying that if other people are good then we will be good, and if they are unjust then we will also be unjust. Rather, make up your own minds: If the people are good be good, but if they are evil then you yourself do not be unjust!”
                      (at-Tirmidhi no. 2007)

  4. I had a very interesting discussion with an ex-member of the City Harvest Church last week. He (a Singaporean) is an educated guy and I asked him how could someone like him get conned by some religious BS artists.

    His reply was quite surprising. He explained that the way these churches attract followers is first by getting in young and pretty girls using rock and pop music, singing and dancing. Once these girls are in, then they use the girls as bait to attract boys.

    The way they make millions is by telling people that the Bible asks Christians to donate 10% of their salary to the Church. On top of this they even charge people to come to church and also pass out the donation box during the sessions. The money collected was never accounted for and only a small group of people close to the leadership knows how much money came in and how it is used.

    What struck me is that this is exactly the way DAP operates. I guess they learnt well from these churches how to fleece and con people and then turn them into hate-filled zombies.

    1. Maybe KLSCAH boleh buat forum cakap pasal duit yang City Harvest sudah songlap…then ony the moderator, boleh aptly, tanya the audience “Ada sesiapa lagi mahu berkongsi PENDAPATAN?!”*

      *Overheard baru-baru ni kat KLSCAH bila moderator nak buka sesi soal jawab kepada para hadirin. #pendatang #tongkang

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