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Tun’s scorched earth: Wants ROS action against Umno?

Tun wrote the following today in Chedet:


“The Prime Minister says it [RM2.6 billion ‘donation’] is for Umno. According to the Societies Act, Umno must report all financial transactions. There is no evidence that it has done so. It is in breach of the Societies Act. Umno was declared illegal in my time. The reasons were hardly serious. Now Umno had not reported and not taken action to recover the money and report to the Registrar of Societies. What does the law say the Registrar should do?”


I don’t see how the Umno warlords can sit on the fence anymore. Only yesterday the Umno Cheras boss said, “Umno dikhuatiri hilang sokongan Melayu jika tidak ada usaha damaikan pemimpin yang bertelagah”.

Making ‘peace’, however, is not on the table where Tun is concerned.

cool hand luke

Today Syed Ali followed up with saying that pakatan pembangkang terutama DAP sedar “hanya parti itu [Umno] yang menjadi penghalang untuk mereka menawan Putrajaya pada PRU akan datang”.

PAS, PKR and DAP combined cannot topple Umno. The ‘parti keramat’ can only implode through attacks from within.

Bottomline: If Tun brings down Umno, DAP will rule this country.
Tun Najib
Poster credit: Cil!sos

Whose side are you on?

Tun’s latest gambit is an outright declaration of war — a fight to the very last until either he or Najib kisses the ground.

There’s no choice left now. The pro-establishment voters need to pick their sides too.

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14 thoughts on “Tun’s scorched earth: Wants ROS action against Umno?

  1. There is no need to be partisan yet. The old man is having post PM depression. Ah well……the old man……….still thinking he’s the man in charge.

    1. Any ROS action as implied by Tun might cause Umno to be declared illegal. Not Najib’s presidency of the party voided/nullified.

  2. Najib is too obvious in his ********. Tun is just stating the obvious.
    You want to ***** dontlah that obvious.
    Malu UMNO dan malu Melayu.
    Not only that Najib enrich the Jews, chinese and indians while only get ** of the *********

  3. His cronies desperately seeking bailout during this economic downturn. But Najib not listening to the old man. Similarly like Rafidah Aziz back in the street wearing air Asia skirt.

  4. Let it be known that Im on the side of Tun to bring down Najib. Im also fully aware that he is also a politician, so I may not agree with his choice of words sometimes, but the end justifies the means ;)

    Im fully confident that, UMNO will stay strong ( even with the risk of deregistration). in the current state no way the Malay heartland will vote for DAP.

    1. re: “in the current state no way the Malay heartland will vote for DAP”

      I do not think either that the Malay heartland will vote for DAP but urban Malays might – the Azira, Rara, Dyana, Fahmi and Syahredzan types. (Note: Azira is Hannah Yeoh’s aide, pix below)

      Even if Malays do not vote oppo but merely abstain, their choice to stay at home on polling day will hurt the BN.

    2. Postscript:

      Because not only will 95 percent of the Chinese vote DAP, it was witnessed during GE13 in 2013 that the Chinese returned from S’pore and other countries overseas just to wu yue wu, huan cheng fu – change gomen on #505, ubah ini kali lah.

      1. The chinese are not the only one delusional. Najib himself is a delusional malay who thinks he exude aura muahaha…
        Such stupid UMNO leaderships who allows oversea chinese to come back and vote only shows how stupid the current UMNO leadership i

        More activists malays must get up and contribute. The Malays really need all hands on deck.

        KJ, Rahman, Keruak are all croaking monkeys who dont know how to run the country..

  5. We need Hitler is our country, this so called politaik is ruining our country. People are laughing at us. Be it the ruling party or opposition, better the devil we know than we don’t. Enough said.

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