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Congratulations Isma, you’ve arrived!

‘They’ hate you with a vengeance, Isma. And they hate you almost as much as they hate Umno. So you must be hitting some raw nerves and really getting under their skin.

Btw, they seem to have momentarily forgotten their ‘turn the other cheek’ preachiness as well as declaration that they have only lurrve for their enemies. The hate is palpable in their evident bias.


‘Bizarre’ through Chinese eyes

The Vulcan Post makes an annual Top 10 list to censure Malaysian “leaders”. Before we get to this year’s Hall of Shame compiled by the tech-lifestyle portal’s Chinese writers – our thanks to commenter Pwincess for alerting us – let’s look first at their 2014 list.

All the public figures cited in the Vulcan Post list last year of “10 bizarre things said by Malaysian leaders in 2014” were Malay. So much for Malaysian Malaysia and the greatly touted ‘multiracial’ outlook.

In her compilation, the Vulcan Post’s writer Jean Khoo apparently could not think of a single Chinese or DAP leader who had put his foot in the mouth.


The 10 “leaders” cited in Ms Khoo’s article for saying “bizarre” things are as below. Isma folks can take pride in registering on the radar and being acknowledged as Malaysian leaders.

Top 10 bizarre — according to Vulcan Post

  1. Najib Razak (Umno)
  2. Mohd Hazizi Ab Rahman (Isma)
  3. Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman (Isma)
  4. Nor Saleha Mohd Salleh (Isma)
  5. Mohamad Nawar Ariffin (Umno)
  6. Mohd Zaidi Mohd Said (Umno)
  7. Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar (Umno)
  8. Mohd Hafarizam Harun (Umno)
  9. Bung Moktar Radin (Umno)
  10. Mahathir Mohamad (Umno)

Lately there is no hiding the attitude of the Chinese towards the Malays anymore, is there?

Hate disguised as Love poster

‘Weird’ through Chinese eyes

Pwincess commented @ 2015/12/04 at 12:23 pm that when she read the words “Malaysian leaders”, she expected to see a balanced report and find si Gemuk Soalan Mulut among the political luminaries on the Vulcan Post 2015 list.

The portal’s compilation this year has expanded to fifteen — “15 weird things said by Malaysian leaders in 2015 that have baffled the rakyat”.

Pwincess remarked, “If you look at the entry, you will start to see a pattern.”

Keep calm Hate

“Top 15 things considered ‘weird’ by Anna of Vulcan Post were uttered either by BN politicians, Malay figures or those related to Islamic institutions in Malaysia,” observed Pwincess. “Well, to be fair, one PKR MP was included in the Top 15 but then again he’s a Malay Muslim, so still fits the ‘bill’ right?”

Top 15 weird — according to Vulcan Post

  1. Najib Razak (Umno)
  2. Nawawi Ahmad (Umno)
  3. Dr S. Subramaniam (MIC)
  4. Mohamad Imran Abdul Hamid (PKR)
  5. Harussani Zakaria (Mufti Perak)
  6. Ahmad Maslan (Umno)
  7. Abdul Rahman Dahlan (Umno)
  8. Khairy Jamaluddin (Umno)
  9. Muhyiddin Yassin (Umno)
  10. Bung Mokhtar (Umno)
  11. Nazri Aziz (Umno)
  12. Raime Unggi (Umno)
  13. Idris Jusoh (Umno)
  14. Ismail Sabri Yaakob (Umno)
  15. Rosmah Mansor


Note that there is no Chinese nor any DAP leader ‘honoured’ by Anna Lee on the list she compiled above.

vulcan post

Pwincess remarked that strangely Aunty Rosmah is included in Ms Lee’s list of ‘Malaysian leaders’. The prime minister’s spouse may be a number of things but nonetheless she does not deserve to be on a list featuring 13 “politicians” (description contained in the url of the Vulcan Post article).

And nor are the wives of PMs and Presidents conventionally termed as “leaders”.

Pwincess pointed out that in this respect, only Betty Chew aka Mrs Lim Guan Eng – who was previously a DAP state assemblyman in Malacca and holding the Adun post when her Hubby Dearest became Penang chief minister in 2008 – would qualify in her own right.

Haters will hate potatoes
The Chinese keep doing this kind of thing

It’s practically non-stop how the Chinese asyik kenakan the Malays and Muslims left, right and centre – either subtly or otherwise.

Among the names on the Vulcan Post‘s two lists totaling 25 mentions, there is not a single Chinese nor DAP politician. As if Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Tony Pua or Anthony Loke have never said anything bizarre or weird before meh.

With the Lims, the occasions are too numerous. Commenter grandmarquis is able to recollect one incident — “no rain, no flood” when Guan Eng tried to deflect the charge of neglect during an occurrence of flash flood in Penang.

Anthony Loke’s remarks on Islam are “bizarre” because following his party’s acrimonious fallout with PAS, the Seremban MP made a 180-degree turn on his earlier and politically expedient pro-hudud sentiments.

Or how about Tony Pua labeling Hadi Awang as “nyanyuk” or his diatribe against Singapore roving ambassador Bilahari Kausikan, including name-calling Singapore as the “mercenary prick” of this region?

BELOW:Weird and bizarre” indeed … talking about dunno-who, dunno-where “injured & dead children”

Where is the sense of fairness among the Chinese?

Like Pwincess said, if the Vulcan Post had wanted to highlight foot-in-mouth politicians/leaders with some degree of fairness from both sides of the divide, then YB si Gemuk Soalan Mulut should have made the list rather than Rosmah Mansor.

Hannah Yeoh is after all the DAP Selangor vice chairman as well as Wanita DAP’s International Secretary.

And since Ms Lee of the Vulcan Post is compiling “bizarre”, surely Hannah Yeoh’s many sayings make the cut.

It is indeed “bizarre” that Hannah lost her appetite crying over Anwar in prison but has not lost any weight – see her viral tweet above.

This kind of behaviour from the Nicholas Cheng-type Gen Z is begging for retaliation but when what goes around comes back around like a boomerang, then the Chinese immediately whinge that they’re being oppressed and persecuted.

Bilahari Kausikan made a valid point about the young Chinese in Malaysia today.

Updated: The Vulcan Post links can connect properly now. Technical glitch earlier at my end.

  • 2014: Vulcan Post‘s Top 10 bizarre things said by Malaysian leaders (PDF file)
  • 2015: Vulcan Post‘s Top 15 weird things said by Malaysian leaders (PDF file)


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18 thoughts on “Congratulations Isma, you’ve arrived!

  1. They taunted Bilahari Kausikan by the way since they cannot refute what the man said. Oh by the way, their ‘leaders’ are symbols of prosperity if you know what that means. Don’t laugh too loud. Otherwise that person will sue you.

    1. The delusional chinese youths borne after 13 may 1969, are in for a shock when they realised this is malay country muahaha..
      The fact is that Chinese are still admitted by the Chinese ambassador as chinese daughters or citizens.
      Indians are still accepted as Indian citizens by hindu Modi.
      There is nothing wrong with these.
      Except that the Indian UMNO President who was also delusional into thinking he was a malay was not interested in promoting malay interest but his sons.
      The current UMNO President was not in malaysia during 1969, he was living the good life in anglo saxon england.
      So the recipe was ripe for a perfect storm.
      Delusional chinese like Wong Chun Wai and Hannah Yeoh think they are whites because they speak english and believe the King of the Jews, Jesus Christ.

      They think they are superior to the malays. Most chinese coolies also taught their children that chinese are superiors to the native malays..such delusioned thinking was due to the existence of chinese cultural school.

      Thus the Namawee phenomenon or the bak kut teh cina apek who just couldnt understand why he is second class in Tanah Melayu. They probably never heard about Tanah Melayu or the Federation of Malay States…such is the education system of Moohyudin and Najib, Mahathir, AI all previous ministers.

      Thus instead of a modern scientific culture, DAESH philisophy like ISMA flourished.
      Mat Sabu claim that PAS is DAESH in disguise is not far from the truth.

      Now free Arab school promised by Noh Omar, its time for Tawfik and the G25 to take over malay leadership. They may also allows chinese delusions to continue so nationalistic malays like Ali Tinju and Jamal needs to be at the fore front of malay leaderships.

    2. Spectre,

      DAP has been leading Chinese to clash with Malays. It feeds Chinese with lies that they(the Chinese) can outmanouvre the Malays.

      It is not hard to see why DAP and Chinese hate UMNO so much. UMNO is the only force that stands between DAP and corridors of power. Hence, it must be crucified at all cost.

      ISMA is getting on their nerve too. ISMA’ ability to rebut what nonsense by DAP is actually an eye opener. Contrary to what Chinese feel about ISMA, its members are professional and speak good English. Certainly that is refreshing especially if we care to compare DAP MPs who speak “pidgin English

      Though DAP remains supreme in Chinese politics, it is not invincible. UMNO actually can whack DAP on many occasions . For the best reason known to UMNO, it chooses to to extra lenient to this racist DAP.

    3. Never mind that Kausikan wrote his commentary for a Singapore mainstream newspaper and targeted it at a Singapore audience.

      As anyone who read the commentary in full, especially the penultimate paragraphs, would have realised.

      But that is seemingly “irrelevant” for the delusional who cherry pick bits and pieces from his commentary to suit their own particular agendas and biases.

      Maybe Kausikan should write a follow up commentary to clarify his first commentary.

      And we will all not laugh out too loudly.


      1. Spectre & Kineas,

        re: “Kausikan wrote his commentary for a Singapore mainstream newspaper and targeted it at a Singapore audience”

        And the DAP went ape shit.

        Kit Siang called him “ugly Singaporean”, “smart aleck”, “impertinent” … Duh, why over-react when the ambassador published in a S’pore broadsheet for a S’pore audience (as you say).

        Then Tony Pua was so rude His Excellency merely retorted that the S’gor DAP chairman’s “crudity … speaks for itself more tellingly than anything I could have written”.

        Meanwhile the evangelista MP Ong Kian Ming hit a low blow by suggesting that the ambassador5 was motivated by his “fears about a possible transition in power in Malaysia” (meaning for reasons of her own, S’pore wants Najib to remain in power).

        And the Dapsters and Chinese ultras waded into the gutter by calling him all kinds of names and even (attacking) making up stories about his wife and kid(s).

        Their ballistic reaction only confirms for Kausikan what he said about the Chinese in Malaysia being delusional.

        re: “Maybe Kausikan should write a follow up commentary to clarify his first commentary.”

        He did follow up on the topic of the delusional Chinese minority/diaspora in his speech at Cambridge talking about LKY’s legacy. See,

        1. Sure. And why not?

          If a commentator or pundit somewhere calls Malays in Malaysia “delusional” in refusing to face up to globalisation, won’t elements in Umno and the right wing media in Malaysia go “ape shit”(sic)?

          Even to the extent of personal gutter-level attacks?

          So, why single out the DAP?

          Unless, of course, the DAP’s thinking and strategy and it’s agenda is completely antithetical to your worldview. And when you are threatened and made to feel inadequate and irrelevant, why not lash out?

          Which, btw, is what Isma is doing.

          So, it’s good that Kausikan made those comments. Because it opened a lot of eyes on both sides of the Causeway.

          1. re: “If a commentator or pundit somewhere calls Malays in Malaysia ‘delusional’ in refusing to face up to globalisation, won’t elements in Umno and the right wing media in Malaysia go ‘ape shit'(sic)?”

            No need ‘sic’. Umno leaders and Malay netizens did not go ape shit at Bilahari Kausikan even though the ambassador’s commentary was equally critical of Malay and Chinese politics in Malaysia.

            re: “Even to the extent of personal gutter-level attacks?”

            Gutter level is DAP/Chinese as evidenced by personal attacks on Chua Soi Lek’s wife and son, Najib’s cats and Kausikan’s wife and children.

            re: “So, why single out the DAP?”

            Because of their gutter-level politics. After the up-close-and-personal, do you think His Excellency will revise his opinion of the delusional Chinese or do you think he will be more convinced than ever that he was right to think so in the first place?

            re: “Unless, of course, the DAP’s thinking and strategy and it’s (sic) agenda is completely antithetical to your worldview.”

            the DAP’s thinking = gutter
            the DAP’s strategy = gutter
            the DAP’s agenda = gutter

            re: “And when you are threatened and made to feel inadequate and irrelevant, why not lash out? Which, btw, is what Isma is doing.”

            Umno did not lash out at Bilahari Kausikan despite some negative views of the party and its politics expressed by His Excellency in the same commentary. The DAP on the other hand lashed out like a demented banshee.

            re: “So, it’s good that Kausikan made those comments. Because it opened a lot of eyes on both sides of the Causeway.”

            Three cheers for Kausikan.

  2. ‘Jean Khoo apparently could not think of a single Chinese’

    Mungkin depa dah sedaq kut Helen, Tanah Melayu without the Melayus is outright delusional!

    1. As they say, close but no cigar.

      Did Kausikan specifically describe the Malays in Malaysia as being “delusional”?

      I have reread the text of that particular commentary. His tag of “delusional” only applied to the Chinese in Malaysia, unless he was misrepresented or misreported.

      So, there was no reason for Umno to lash out or go “ape shit” because that particular tag did not refer to the ethnic community they represent.

      What, exactly, were the “negative views” of Umno as voiced by Kausikan? Did those views include the now famous “delusional” descriptor?

      I will agree, though, that Kausikan has a formidable intellect and a sharp pen, and that he is not afraid to call a spade a spade, as he sees it (although others may disagree with his views).

      In that context, he is to be admired.

      1. The ambassador did not call the Malays “delusional” because they’re not. There’s no Malay equivalent to the Red Bean mentality and behaviour.

        Malay politicians pun ada sex scandal. But the Malays don’t kenakan orang (say Umno bloggers kenakan PAS for their leaders’ sex scandal or PAS bloggers kenakan Umno for their leaders’ sex scandal) the way that the DAP has remorselessly kenakan Chua Soi Lok.

        And yes, the ambassador did make critical observations about Umno. He said, “Umno has always operated through a system of patronage.”, “Umno politicians have been unable to resist the temptation to use religion for electoral advantage”. “defending Malay rights and marked by fierce racial rhetoric”, etc.

  3. When are the “young intellectuals and brains” in Isma going to engage on the world stage? Given their overweening ambitions and their deliberately “confrontational” agenda, they should bring their message to a wider audience than limiting themselves to just Malaysia.

    After all, if they are in the vanguard of the “pushback” against Christians and certain ethnic communities, they should have no qualms about seeking out sympathisers and fellow travellers who share the same views and agenda.

    Of course, if they then come under the scrutiny of security agencies elsewhere, they shouldn’t be worried, seeing as how it’s all part of the great “pushback”.

      1. ……snide remarks?

        Glad to oblige, dude.

        Now, if you could just bring your considerable intellect to bear on rebuttals…..

        Or would that be too much to ask for, seeing as how you are not into the sci-fi/fantasy/historical fiction genres…..

        1. The Spectre/Ghost/Phantom/iZombie person seems to have gone mysteriously silent.

          Maybe this person picks and chooses targets and those to criticise and backs down in the face of “pushback”.

          “Delusional”, perhaps?

            1. And that is how?

              By refusing to believe in meritocracy, good governance, honesty, globalisation, good education, tolerance, freedom of religion etc?

              You would know, wouldn’t you?

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