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Nurul Izzah’s crocodile tears

Update: ‘Puteri Umno chief targets Nurul Izzah over fake tears‘ (Malaysiakini, 9 Dec 2015)


nurul izzah jacel kiram



tears streaming

Hannah Anwar

Fakers and haters galore in the opposition

There is only one word to describe rabid fans of the New Hope’s new breed of politicians – DELUSIONAL.

It is utterly delusional for any sane Malaysian to even consider handing over the rule of our country to these greedy grubbers.

“Is there anything real about” Hannah or is everything that she does “just for show”?

Russian peasant

What kind of people are they?

“… the fakest one of all”

Dapsters love pointing fingers at BN leaders despite that the worst culprits are their own DAP politikus. Consider the cognitive dissonance in reader comments screenshot below from Malaysiakini.

The opposition lynch mob had slagged Minister in the PM’s Dept Nancy Shukri – who is Muslim – last year for covering her head and said she looked like “a Russian peasant in that ugly blue tudung” (see Buttman’s comment screen-captured above).

hannah yeoh tudung biru

They’re oblivious to the irony of asking the question “Nancy babe … why the tudung?” – see below – when it is their own evangelista politicians (who are non-Muslim) that make a fashion show of the head covering.

Such a  jibe as “The stigma on your forehead will be there forever” is better applied on Hannah Yeoh than on Nancy Shukri over their respective tudung-wearing.


Plastic and ‘confused’ opportunists in oppo politics

Not only are the Dapsters unsurpassed in their level of nastiness, they’re clearly delusional too.

Take for example this comment: “Bloody Nancy, change your name to a Muslim name. So, some non-Muslims won’t be confused” (see below).

Isn’t it Hannah Yeoh who confused the Muslims as to whether she’s already embraced Islam? But if one were to wonder aloud, that hapless person would risk being the subject of a police report by the touchy and bristly Madame Speaker.

Apa lagi Dapster-evangelista mahu?

Look at how the Penang Christian Centre building is bigger and towering over the old Persatuan Peranakan Cina Pulau Pinang – pix below.


Remember 2:120.

There’s a reason why this kind of people are so hypocritical and resort to all kinds of trickery, including the device of shedding crocodile tears.

‘Real’ people cry from the heart. These fake people trickle holy droplets from their one good eye.


Airmata buaya from the munafiq

How “heartbreaking” … Hannah Yeoh’s favourite overused word on Twitter.

@hannahyeoh and her tears for the dunno-who-children living dunno-where that she has, since then, forgotten all about after milking the moment to score brownie points among her Malay social media followers.

tear emoji


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15 thoughts on “Nurul Izzah’s crocodile tears

  1. Kak Helen,

    Nurul Izzah ni mmg talam dua muka berperangai cam ba-alif-ba-ya kimk. Bapak bolek, anak rintik. Pandai menangis untuk rakyat Malaysia konon, ex-husband dia bukan rakyat Malaysia ke? Kenapa dari dulu tak rasa terpanggil nak menangis untuk rumahtangga sendiri ya? If nobody exposed that she met with Kiram terrorists, she would go on walking around Malaysia like she’s the next “Anugerah Tuhan” kepada rakyat Malaysia. That’s why Nurul Izzah and family can get along very well with Dinasti Tokong, sebab hanya jauhari yang mengenal manikam.


  2. Cik Helen satu kuasa lalu pihak Kristian tidak dapat kuasai pemerintahan negara ini tambahan pulak tidak begitu mendapat sokongan waktu itu dari China peranakan malahan ramai juga tertarik kepada Islam dan selain Budisme.

    Al kini mereka kembali menyusun satu tindakan yang terkehadapan dan pendidikan melalui parti politik serta desakkan menghapus akta-akta yang mengengkang kegiatan saperti cita-cita yang diniatkan dahulu itu, tidak keterlaluan jika sistem ubah dan perintah dari sistem lama pecah dan perintah saperti mana kelihatan dalam keadaan yang sedang berlaku dalam negara kita sekarang. Wallahwaualam.

    1. re: “By the way, why are those people so angry with Nancy?”

      Because the AG (that time Gani Patail) did not take action against Ibrahim Ali over the “burn Bible” accusation. Nancy as de facto law minister had answered for the AG’s Chamber in Parliament.

      1. Dear Aunty Helen,
        They are so childish. Hannah Yeoh must be crying to read the words those people used to humiliate Nancy ;)
        Hannah teaches them to love their enemies; like Nurul and Jacel :)

        1. childish is harmless, the worst is those boy that pretend to be mature, talk like a priest n shit like a priest by just following the book, gosh pls save our children.

      2. What is the issue of Nurul meeting Jacel? I have 3 parameters here:

        1. If it was a crime, proceed with the due process of law. As of now, there is no criminal element.

        2. If it breached any MP code of conduct, let Parliament deal with it. As of now, she has been referred to a committee. She has a chance to defend herself.

        3. For sure, her action was insensitive. What is the remedy for committing insensitive action? Not No. 1 and No. 2 as above. She has apologised. I think apology is the proper remedy in this context.

        All the allegations toward Nurul on ‘musuh dalam selimut’ and ‘hidden agenda’ have to substantiated. As of now, no evidence to suggest that the Kiram invasion on Sabah was linked to Nurul.

        Wondering why people is so concern on Nurul-Jacel?

        On the basis of hidden agenda, I think people should be more concern on the 2.6 bil donation received by Najib in his personal account. Identity of donor is unknown and the actual purpose is also unknown.

        At least for Nurul, we know the identity of the enemy (i.e. Kiram) and what he wants (i.e. to claim Sabah).

  3. Kak Helen,

    Please look at this entry written by Anna Lee of Vulcan Post entitled “15 weird things said by Malaysian leaders in 2015 that have baffled the rakyat”. I saw the linked when visiting Microsoft Malaysia’s site. When I read the words “Malaysian leaders”, I expect to see a balance report ie including fuckatan khayalan’s politicians especially si Gemuk Soalan Mulut. Well, it seemed that none of the fuckatan khayalan’s politicians fit into Anna Lee’s definition of “Malaysian leaders”. Strangely, Aunty Rosmah, the PM’s wife was included in Anna’s list of “Malaysian leaders”. If you look at the entry, you will start to see a pattern. Top 15 things considered “weird” by Anna of Vulcan Post were uttered either by BN politicians, Malay figures or those related to Islamic institutions in Malaysia. Well, to be fair, one PKR MP was included in the Top 15 but then again he’s a Malay Muslim, so still fits the “bill” right?

    So check this out

    Funny that the URL used “malaysian politicians” and the title used “Malaysian leaders”. But then Aunty Rosmah is not a politician kan? Same with Harussani Zakaria. Both are not UMNO members right? Unlike the Tokong’s wife who is a BiaDAP member. Well, even these BiaDAP beacons of hope are not fit to be called “Malaysian leaders” according to Vulcan Post.

    Anyway, thanks to Vulcan Post for the “enlightening piece”. Should I thank Microsoft Malaysia as well?


    1. Funny article. What many of what she said as weird thing are no weird at all. Some are just joke. Some are sarcasm.

      But why only Malay and 1 indian BN minister? There are so many stupid statement from DAP and PKR.

      But among the weirdest I can remember are No rain No Flood and If you want environment, go to Africa.

  4. orang kata enemy of your enemy is your friend, bagaimana pula kedudukan friend of your enemy, e.g. philippines and kirams?

  5. What I cannot stand is the hypocrisy of the pakatoons leaders and their supporters.

    Tak tahu la nak vote siapa in the next GE :( . Dua2 pun hancur.

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