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Did MPs from PAS abstain from voting on national security bill?

Continues fromDid MPs from MCA vote for national security bill?

This new National Security Council Act is a double-edged sword. If BN loses the next election, then Putrajaya will fall into DAP hands and the Kims will then use this law against Umno leaders instead.

We should also learn the Selangor lesson. See what happened after this rich and developed state fell into Pakatan hands.

From a two-thirds majority in GE12, the DAP-led ruling party consolidated their grip to a three-quarters majority by GE13, only after one election cycle – see pie chart below.


Pakatan created Menteri Besar Incorporated (MBI) so that their greedy politicians can dig grubby fingers into the Selangor piggy bank. And they fitnah and ousted Khalid Ibrahim – their own flag bearer – when he blocked them from raiding the cookie jar.

They created the infrastructure for saturation brainwashing by setting up propaganda outlets like Selangor Times, Selangorkini, Media Selangorku, TV Selangor, etc all of which did not exist before DAP and PKR took over.

Even today in the BN states, there is no Kedah Times, Johorkini, Media Pahangku or TV Negeri Sembilan.

There are Sekolah Demokrasi DAP popping up everywhere.

These evangelical politicians are like the communists who make indoctrination of the masses – i.e. fomenting a mindless hatred towards the chosen ‘enemy’ – a top priority of their governance.

They aggrandized the post of Selangor Speaker. During the eras of Umno MBs Khir Toyo, Abu Hassan Omar and Muhammad Muhammad Taib, we could not even recall offhand the name of the Speaker in the Selangor Dewan.

None of the BN states have ever politicized the role of the Speaker as Selangor under Pakatan rule has done.

These DAP and PKR politicians and their PAN stooges carry out their politicking 24/7 and they politicize every single thing. Think Teoh Beng Hock’s death. Or any other fatal mishap/tragedy that these vultures can seize upon.

The Hannah Yeoh culture of blame

Hannah got caught Facebooking when the House was in session (that time she hadn’t been elevated to become Madame Speaker as yet).

And she had the temerity to deflect to Najib over her own fault of not paying attention to the assembly proceedings – see her tweet below.

Their pusing, putar-belit and putar alam onslaughts are too much!

I’ve been hankering for Najib to become a war general because these kind of people do not understand any language except that of force. China had rolled the tanks into Tiananmen Square to crush the Chinese who are enemies of the state.

But then I’ve repeatedly said in the same breath – “Be careful what I wish for”.

The National Security Council Act has the capacity to put even more power into Najib’s hands.

Tun Razak had wielded Emergency powers post-May 13 but he relinquished it after our country stabilized.

Umno’s direction on Race and Religion is obvious but then again, the party has no choice. MCA has handed over the Chinese electorate to the DAP gift-wrapped in J-Star paper.

Thus the circumstances are forcing Najib to ride the tiger of Malay right wing and Islamic conservatism. I just wonder if he is able to climb off.

The tiger is galloping to Tanah Melayu and Bumi Islam. PAS might hop on board for these. The DAP know it and the MCA knows it too.

That’s why I’ve been saying there’s no escaping the final showdown in OK Corral for the shootout between Umno and DAP.

If the Protun do not side Umno under Najib, then by default they’re with the DAP.

This National Security Act has been successfully passed into law. If BN loses the federal government, then it is the DAP who shall be in control of Putrajaya. Then the Kims can wield this law how they will.

And we’ll all be plunged into the rabbit hole. Try to digest @hannahyeoh’s Twilight Zone tweet below.



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  1. Every single write is about Hannah Yeoh. Recycling the same stories over and over again.
    Get a life, you old grumpy woman.

    1. Are you aware of the story – real and true one – about Hannah Yeoh being investigated by the anti-corruption agency (MACC) some years back?

      Most unfortunately, the investigation was scuttled due to Teoh Beng Hock’s sudden death. These negative-DAP stories are buried in a conspiracy of silence due to the English-language media in Malaysia being dominated by the Christians.

      Are you aware that almost all the significant English-language media (e.g. those aggregated by Google and Yahoo! News) are pro-opposition?

      I would be happy to stop writing about Hannah Yeoh if she fades away from public life or if the evangelistas can be stopped by our authorities, in the same way the City Harvest church elders and pastors were nailed in the Singapore court.

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