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Better for Najib to be feared than to be loved

I’m excerpting below some paragraphs from Joceline Tan’s Dec 1 article. She’s talking about Lim Guan Eng and the internal challenges he successfully fended off.

Nonetheless the lessons drawn by Joceline from Guan Eng’s iron grip on DAP should be made a teaching aid for the Umno president’s men.

BELOW: … and Penang


Guan Eng heading for third term as Pg chief minister

Joceline wrote about the DAP Penang election:


  • “DAP’s Mr Nice Guy [Chow Kon Yeow] powered home with an astonishing 654 votes, which meant that 86% of the dele­gates voted for him. The late Karpal Singh’s son Jagdeep Singh Deo came in second but was almost 100 votes behind Chow.”
  • “Chow had once again emerged tops in the state polls and was duly reappointed the Penang DAP chairman. But he is a marooned man because 13 of the 15 winners are aligned to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.”
  • “Chow will be a general who has to march to the tune of his soldiers rather than the other way around.”
  • “Long-time DAP warlord and state executive councillor Phee Boon Poh barely survived in 14th place. […] Phee’s placing near the bottom of the heap was a shocker […] overtaken by those who were younger, less well-known and without his kind of resources.”
  • “Lim is finally in control of the state DAP for the first time since parachuting into Penang in 2008. Where Lim is concerned, it was a case of how one can win big without even contesting. The Chief Minister has never contested in the Penang party election.”
  • “He had learnt from his humiliating experience in Malacca where he and his wife were booted out of the Malacca DAP committee. He has shown that real power comes from a big government post and a famous family name.”



A tiger, not a pussycat

Now. To make the comparison with Najib Razak.

Najib has, in his hand, a whole lot of power which is concentrated in the chief executive (PM) post. He’s actually got megatons of power that he can tap into.

The Protun don’t fully realise this straightforward fact because their idol the Grand Olde Man is larger than life while on the other hand, Najib appears laidback, too restrained and even a tad self-effacing.

BELOW: Muhyiddin lamenting his fate

Gif by Cil!sos
Gif by Cil!sos

10 strokes of Najib’s sword

But wave away the distractions and let’s examine just the solid outcomes, shall we?

(1) Najib sacked Muhyiddin as his deputy (relieved of DPM post)

(2) Najib removed Muhyiddin and Shafie Apdal as ministers

(3) Najib retained and appointed more Umno hawks to the cabinet

(4) Najib appears to have the conditional and tacit support from key PAS leaders, and remember this — PAS is kingmaker

(5) Muhyiddin is going to be made a “tunggul kayu” at the PAU

One does not simply

(6) Zaid Ibrahim faces the possibility of jail for suggesting an “offensive” pro-Mahathir course of action “with intent to annoy” the Prime Minister – refer Section 233 (1) (a) of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 under which the former Umno man has been charged in court

(7) Dr Mahathir said Najib risked getting arrested by Interpol — this has not happened

(8) Dr Mahathir, in an open letter, appealed to Umno grassroots leaders and party members to give Najib the boot — this ain’t gonna happen either

(9) Dr Mahathir appears to want for ROS to de-register Umno. This comes after Tun’s umpteen times calling upon Najib to resign. The Economist, in its article yesterday (Dec 5), noted that Tun’s shots across the bow are starting to “sound increasingly like the impotent rants of a cranky has-been”

(10) Now Dr Mahathir is accusing Najib of usurping the Agong’s prerogative after he (Tun) has thrown everything and the kitchen sink

Najib cat

Najib supporters cornered into a cul-de-sac

Reported in Malaysiakini yesterday evening:

“Meanwhile, commenting on Najib’s supporters, Mahathir pointed out how they still supported Najib even though they know he is in the wrong.

‘When the opposition is in power, these people will be jailed. These people know that Najib committed crimes but they still support him, they even hide facts and evidence.

‘Today Najib is in power so it’s okay. But these people who support Najib today, will get what they deserve when Najib loses,’ he said.”

Going by Tun’s description above, Najib and his supporters seemingly cannot afford to lose power nor allow the BN to lose power. The ante has been upped to the max. Win GE14 or die.

Whether innocent or otherwise (and the Dapster gangsters don’t really care), think what they will do to Najib if the DAP ever gains control of Putrajaya.

Guan Eng in Penang DUN

His evangelistas preach love but Guan Eng is feared

Returning to Joceline Tan’s analysis of the DAP Penang election result, excerpts (below) from her article:

“The new line-up [in DAP Penang] is a sign of the generational shift taking place in DAP.

The younger generation who joined the party after the 2008 tsunami have started to make their presence felt and many of them gravitate towards Lim [Guan Eng]. They do not agree with everything he says or does but he calls the shots and he can help them realise their political ambitions.

The defeat of old-timer Lim Hock Seng was also a signal for the old guards to make way for younger faces in the next general election.”

Joceline’s take on how the DAP operates:

“But, as far as they are concerned, Teh [Yee Cheu, the Tanjung Bungah Adun] crossed the line when he followed his conscience and voted for the Umno motion calling for greater accountability on land reclamation projects.

Lim seized on the moment to set the tone – whoever is against him is with Umno to topple the state government. It was very clever and, after all, Lim is not known as the King of Twists and Turns for nothing.

In party politics, principle and conscience are secondary to loyalty to the party and leader. The party comes first even if one does not see eye to eye with the top leader.”

For Guan Eng, whoever is not with him is considered to be siding his opponent.

For Najib, he should similarly take the tack that the MCA – which is too often against the BN mainline positions – is now the enemy within.

The coalition chairman no longer needs the love of the BN’s Chinese party or the love of those Chinese pretending he’s their Ah Jib Gor.

He has crossed the Rubicon. You can’t rule with unrequited love a people who hate you, your deceased father, your wife, your children, your cats, your furniture all with a vengeance.

Beluders: An interesting piece of trivia

Did you know that Pandikar Amin Mulia is from Kota Belud?

Also from Kota Belud is Abdul Rahman Dahlan and Salleh Said Keruak. It must be the fish (eel) brain food.



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7 thoughts on “Better for Najib to be feared than to be loved

  1. Helen,

    The hate BN and UMNO are getting give me the feeling that they are like hated wife/ spouse/ partner.

    Reason is not needed when they are hated. Every good will be looked down upon and any mistake will be magnified.

    It is because temptation from the younger and sexier (not necessarily better).

    These kind of people only learn when they get what they want and reality sinks. Ask Pas.

    1. You’ve never made a single move in your life worthy of the country and its people, or have you?

  2. 1. najib dah ubah tradisi umno baru & bn; i. timb presiden umno tak mesti jadi timb pm & ii. naib presiden pun tak mesti jadi menteri. kalau tak silap pak lah pun kena dulu. ini kuasa pm, ikut suka dia la. 2. wakil rakyat ialah calon bebas yg dipilih & yg lain2 wakil parti. kuasa rakyat taik minyak.

    1. Kampong Lad,

      Jawatan timbalan perdana Menteri adalah atas budi bicara PM. Jika dia nak hapuskan jawatan tu tak ada salahnya.

      Tun Ghaffar dulu walaupun jadi naib presiden UMNO tetapi tidak berada dalam kerajaan. In bukan hokum ugama yg tak boleh dipinda. Ini adalah hak PM.

      I said many times that Chinese are actually playing a very dangerous political game. or have Malay character.

      They support DAP that is waging war againt malays, islam and whatever institutions cherished by malays.

      It is a matter of time that malays will react. I know many Malays are upset with Najib. but that does not mean they like Hadi or Najib being insulted with their photos stomped by rude Chinese girl.

      Those who do not believe BN, UMNO, Najib will never accept any of his explanations.

  3. I’d like to read Joycelyn articles, and Helen’s too.

    I find one similarities in them; both have not written much on 1MDB.

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