Elections: France gonna wake up on right side of the bed

Update: Marine Le Pen makes her victory speech

EARTHQUAKE IN FRANCE” – Sophie Pedder, The Economist Paris bureau chief

Angelique Chrisafis is The Guardian‘s Paris correspondent.

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France held its first-round regional elections yesterday. The results are just coming in. The rightists are on a winning streak and setting new records

The National Front is the far right party headed by Marine Le Pen. Their popularity surged following the recent attacks on Paris.

FN (Front National, the party’s acronym in French) is anti-immigration and accused of having a “divisive and intolerant agenda“.

It is ahead in six regions – Reuters breaking news

Marion Marechal Le Pen

Benjamin Haddad is a fellow of Hudson Institute.

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Rise of nativist populism – this is the trend

I believe the same trend will be seen in Malaysia’s GE14. The Malays voters will make a sharp turn to the right while the Chinese and Christian voters will further radicalize.

The thorough domination of local media in the English language has meant that the popularity on the ground of the Malay right and Muslim conservatives has been largely downplayed.

In fact, the Malay nationalists have been consistently demonized by the Dapsters who control the social media while the Muslim fundamentalists have been mocked as Taliban by the evangelistas who control the media agenda setting.

The ultra kiasu Chinese and the Christian bullies suffer the delusion of believing their own propaganda. That’s how 95 percent can today become such rabid opposition supporters.

It’s just a matter of another two years before the expected backlash from the Race-and-Religion majority group will slap these haters in the face. I hope then that the Love x3 (-Hate) people will practise what they preach and remember to Turn the Other Cheek.

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5 thoughts on “Elections: France gonna wake up on right side of the bed

  1. I think DAP is pursuing propaganda victory rather than military(election) one. Just encourage the Chinese youths that they can outmaneuver UMNO and Malay people themselves and watch the entire “show” happen.

  2. If you share this piece on social media then you’re in big trouble l o l ………………one of my colleagues who commented on this blog that these people… cannot reason with them. They will call you names etc. Or just ask Joanna who sometimes post a few comments on FMT voila the hacks come in.

  3. The French are facing large influx of refugees and Islamic extremism that translates into terrorism. It does not help the fact those refugees are predominantly Muslims and the fear of them (allegedly) harboring certain extreme idealogy are a disturbing concern for those liberty loving French.

    Coupled with the fact the recent Paris attacks are still fresh on everybody’s mind. Thus the sudden inclination to right-wing French politics.

    Ah, similarity with Malaysia?

    Malaysia is not taking in any refugees. God forbid, definitely not Christians on a large scale. The so-called pendatangs/economic migrants in question. are now 2nd or 3rd generation Malaysian citizens. External threats are not happening and internal ones cannot be substantiated with facts.

    What facts?

    The non-Muslim minority in Malaysia are not multiplying in numbers, they are dwindling. The question of them being an existential threat to the Malays are not founded, rationally speaking. Of course it is another thing if one choses to be irrational.

    Minority economic superiority?

    Nope, not happening either. In a recent Parliamentary reply, the cat is out of the bag. The bumis are now the top earners.

    What is left?


    They may be loud, but reality is the party is not going anywhere without Malay support. Numbers don’t lie, though politicians and hacks do all the time.

    Yes, there are movements to the right politically. The minorities and evangelicals may be the excuse, but they are not the cause.

    Irrationality is.

    How to placate the rationally-challenged? Don’t speak, don’t breathe? Voices may frightened them and so do the sound of breathing. But then if you don’t breathe, the silence may be equally unsettling to them.

    Just can’t win.

    No, we are not in dire circumstances like France.

    Now who’s delusional?

      1. Ah, someone is back on beat trolling, oops, I meant patrolling the comment section armed with mindless one liners eh?

        Anything else to add?

        Guess not.

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