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Mahdzir Khalid’s close encounter with MCA

The MCA No.1 and No.2 met up with Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid a couple of days ago.

std 6 textbook Mahdzir Wee

MCA is not happy with the Standard Six History textbook for Chinese school syllabus.

std 6 textbook

MCA is unhappy that Umno man Ghazali Shafie is listed in textbook while MCA man Wong Pow Nee is not for their respective contributions to the Cobbold Commission.

cobbold commission

cobbold commission2


The photos above show both Ghazali and Wong together with some white dudes including Lord Cobbold himself. So what MCA wants to know is why the Malayan Tan Sri is listed in the history book while the Bangsa Anak Malaysia Tan Sri is omitted.

Education Minister counts on his fingers


(1)MCA upset over history omission‘ (The J-Star, 28 Nov 2015)

mahdzir khalid 1 question


(2) ‘No problem with history textbook: Mahdzir‘ (MySinchew, 3 Dec 2015)

mahdzir khalid 2 question


(3) ‘Education Ministry directs publisher to reprint Year Six text book‘ (Bernama, 2 Dec 2015)

“Although the error involves only one page, the publishing company must reprint the book,” said Mahdzir.

The mistake is a map putting Malacca in the East Coast above Kelantan.

mahdzir khalid 3 question

The relocation happened during the Chinese tsunami of 5 May 2013 when the monster wave lifted Malacca and swept the little lightweight state across the Titiwangsa range and finally dropping it up north near the Thai border.

Never underestimate the kinetic power of DAP Chinese.

mahdzir khalid 4 question


(4) “DS Mahdzir was convinced after the presentation by MCA top leaders. He promised to do the needful to improve or rectify it,” MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong stated in his Facebook on 3 Dec 2015.

The problem with MCA is that it has become inconsequential and irrelevant. Even our history textbook had relegated the party into a black hole.

The solution is for MCA is to just GO AWAY. No point in living.

Video clip: “Just die already, die!”

Elaine hates movie


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5 thoughts on “Mahdzir Khalid’s close encounter with MCA

  1. The Cobbold commision has got nothing to do with Malays struggle for independence..It was to gauge Sarawak and Sabah agreement for Malaysia.

    The textbook mentions the formation of Malaysia in 1963, and that Wong Pow Nee was a member of the Cobbold Commission. However, we are focusing more on the six key leaders in the formation of Malaysia and Wong was not one of them

    But if MCA is so hardup to twist history for their appeal why, just reprint it. Might as well mention Wong was responsible for defeating Chin Peng..hehe

    1. The six key leaders lauded were Tunku and Tun Razak, two Sabahans and two Sarawakians. This is a separate matter.

      What ostensibly upset the MCA is that Wong Pow Nee and Ghazali Shafie were colleagues/peers in the Cobbold Commission. Yet Wong was not “listed” (Wee Ka Siong’s complaint) compared to Ghazali who was.

  2. Helen,
    As long as MCA is being used every so often by DAP to fight BN/UMNO and MCA does not know how to turn around and bite back at DAP, then it is “Goodbye Sam, hello Samantha”. This is the goodbye to MCA and the coming together of UMNO and PAS.

    Well, even if MCA were to join DAP then and give them a 100 % chinese vote, BN without MCA will only lose just about another 5% of the chinese votes but stand to gain another 15% of the Malay votes with PAS joining them.

    Then, you can really see a very clear picture of racial polarisation at its peak. If that is the case, then I can predict that the chinese will be forever in the opposition where they clearly deserved it as envisaged by the “army of god” DAP.

    BN without MCA then, can continue ruling the country without any chinese minister or deputy, why not? Maybe a malay can do a better job in dealing with chinese matters, after all we are all…. Malaysians.

  3. I hope PM DS Najib realize that he doesn’t need MCA and their support to make him stay on top.

    BN may lose Penang or other constituencies but still can stay in power.

    He needs to take care of the poor and weak people esp. in the rural area who gave him undivided and wholehearted supports.

    On top of all is his care for Islam.

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