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If a bomb exploded in KL

The DAP evangelistas will ask if Umno did it.

Unrelated news

‘Najib: PAS showing encouraging signs working with Umno’ reported in the J-Star today

DAP Serdang MP, the evangelista Ong Kian Ming, says its a good question (Isn’t it in Umno’s interest to bomb KL?) and wants BN Strategic Communications Director Abdul Rahman Dahlan to answer.

Btw, if a bomb really did go off, the casualties are most likely to be Christmas revelers because KL is full of shopping malls/nightclubs that are crowded, low-security soft targets during this festive holiday season.



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18 thoughts on “If a bomb exploded in KL

  1. If a bomb exploded in KL… the Evangelistas will still blame UMNO. Everything is UMNO’s fault. You know them.

    Like Alvin Tan, oh yes he is back and he is an organisation. Yes dot org.

    “1. Saya ingin mendedahkan mentaliti mundur masyarakat Malaysia yang tidak dapat menerima kritikan dan tidak reti memberikan respons yang wajar terhadap unsur-unsur controversie.

    “2. Saya beria-ia memperjuangkan hak kebebasan bersuara di Malaysia.”

    Oh so it is OK to insult Islam. Xenophobic like Donald Trump dan makhluk-makhluk yang sewaktu dengannya. Evagenslistas included. You can never win against them. They are so untouchable. They are so perfect.

    1. Dear Mulan,

      Why are you confusing religion and politics? Are you convinced that to achieve political objectives, you have to use religion and race? Are you Mulan or just another alter ego of Helen? Why not focus on the basic needs? Incredibly enough, we at times lack it these days. So why echo a clearly xenophobic and politically motivated thing like Helen? Unless you’re Helen of course?

      1. I am not confused. When the Pope is now handing olive branches to Muslims and the gay community, the American styled church members with examples like Donald Trump are spreading the word of Love to Hate.
        Today it is hate Muslims – these American Evagenlitstas preach. One day when China becomes too loud, then it would be hate Chinese day. Let’s see what the outcome is like for the Chinese especially the Born Again ones once hate Chinese era arrives.
        In the 40s there was hate the Japanese, the 70s hate the Viets, then hate the Iranians…. one day if China becomes to loud… then feel the American Xenophobia.

      2. Since Rock’s comment was directed at Mulan, I’d waited for Mulan to give her response first.

        Now that she has replied, I want to say my piece. Note that aside from simply accusing, Rock also described me in his comment above as a “politically motivated thing“.

        I wouldn’t be surprised that Rock is an evangelista. Only they dehumanize unbelievers as sub-human or mere “things” (The Helen-thing is less than human in Rock’s estimation).

        In the past, the evangelistas put captive African pagans from their colonies as exhibits in human zoos for Christian Europeans to gawk at.

        ‘Human zoos: When real people were exhibits’ @

        BELOW: Shameful past of Christian colonialism – a zoo exhibit in Belgium.

        Although a small country, Belgium had colonies in Congo and other places. If the evangelistas ever to take power in Malaysia, how do you think they will treat people whom they clearly disdain?

      3. Even the very small Christian country Belgium maintained colonies in Africa – Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. See map below.

        Christian supremacists conquer vast lands

        Portugal, a small Christian country, once conquered faraway Malacca with only a few ships.

        The Netherlands, a small Christian country, colonized Indonesia, a sprawling archipelago.

        Britain, a Christian country not all that ‘Great’ in size (the whole UK can fit into North America’s Great Lakes), ruled over the Indian sub-continent and had an empire spanning the globe.

        Christian country Spain commanded an overseas empire too.

        Christian country Germany had colonial possessions in Ghana, Mauritania and Benin.

        Christian country Italy colonized Libya, a country almost six times bigger than itself.

        Christian country France ruled over North Africa and still has territories in the Caribbean – Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, among other islands in the West Indies, were former French colonies. France also conquered north and west Africa.

        Compare the humongous size of the areas previously under French domination with the actual size of France.

        Christian Europeans subdued China by making the Chinese addicted to opium. (The DAP evangelistas have subdued the Jerusubang Chinese by making them addicted to J-Juice.)

        The weakened and debilitated China was famously said to have been “carved up like a melon” by the Christian powers. (No wonder China is today still so freaked out by her own emerging evangelistas.)

        The moral of our history lesson is that “size does not matter” where bullying is concerned. The Christian supremacists are very aggressive conquistadors who have been bullying the natives everywhere in the world for the last half a millennia.

        1. I want to add some more. All the good work done by the nuns, fathers of the old churches like opening schools, hospitals, shelters, orphanages have been obliterated by the loud Born Again Evangelistas.

          I have not seen a single school (except Sunday school), hospital, shelter or orphanage opened by the new Christians. Apart from building sky scrapping churches and American Football sized prayer halls, I have not seen a single contribution of the evangelistas to society. Singing carols at Pavillion is not contribution to society OK. Opening the church (with lots of floor space) to the needy is. Flood victims settling at mega churches for example.

          I wonder what charity does Donald Trump do?
          This is an article about a good Christian.

          ” Although Donald Trump has described himself as an “ardent philanthropist,” he has only donated $3.7 million to his own foundation. In comparison, a wrestling company has given Trump’s foundation $5 million. He ranks among the least charitable billionaires in the world.

          During the Comedy Central roast of Donald Trump, the presidential aspirant used his rebuttal time to remind the audience–and a dais of tormentors–that he had “seven billion fucking dollars in the bank.” He delivered this rebuke with the kind of pure joy seen when a boy discovers Santa has brought him a puppy for Christmas.”

          1. Zuckerberg and his wife are not Christians, are they?

            Bill and Melinda Gates? Warren Buffet? Sergey Brin?

            As they say, “charity begins at home”.

            Something that should be pondered on in the season of Advent leading up to Christmas.

          2. Dear Mulan

            If someone cannot differentiate between race, ideology/faith and politics, then he/she is confused.

            Quote: Apart from building sky scrapping churches and American Football sized prayer halls, I have not seen a single contribution of the evangelistas to society.

            Your beef with palatial worship houses limited to the Christians?

            Just asking. Not sure what are your stand on the size of Hindu shrines/temples, Mosques and all.

            You don’t talk about them as often, if at all.

            Donald Trump was a Catholic until he was excommunicated by the Pope a few months back. Trump did admit to being a Presbyterian member as well.

            Do Catholic and Presbyterians conform to your definition of ‘American styled’ churches (sic) ?

            1. re: “If someone cannot differentiate between race, ideology/faith and politics, then he/she is confused.”

              You can’t have mistaken Hannah Banana for Mulan, can you?

              BELOW: Birth certificate application for Shay Adora Ram, where in the ‘Keturunan’ box, the proud mama had filled in her child’s race as “Anak Malaysia” … later amended to ‘Chinese’

              Confused much?


                1. re: confusion

                  Since when has our citizenship/nationality been confused with ethnicity?

                  An individual who confuses the two items is, urm, confused.

                  Hannah would better exemplify than Mulan.

                  1. Quote: Since when has our citizenship/nationality been confused with ethnicity?

                    Good to know you concur those who use the word ‘pendatang’ on fellow Malaysians in a not so literal sense are confused.

                    Quote: Hannah would better exemplify than Mulan.

                    I might have a word with Hannah if she’s around commenting.

                    1. re: “Good to know you concur those who use the word ‘pendatang’ on fellow Malaysians in a not so literal sense are confused.”

                      Your comment is apropos of nothing. You’re quite mixed up, aren’t you?

                  2. “An individual who confuses the two items is, urm, confused.”

                    Judging from the issues Donald Trump raised, unAmerican element must be purged. If Donald Trump were a local politician, bangsa Malaysia who can’t speak the local language would be purged.


                    “1. A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border. ”

                    Mexicans and whites like Trump are sama sama Christian.
                    The old churches like the one in Kuching is large, and so is the charity. Tsu Chi’s buildings are large and so is the charity.

                    “Zuckerberg and his wife are not Christians, are they? ”

                    No he is not. He does not believe in God.
                    “Zuckerberg was raised Jewish and had his bar mitzvah when he turned 13.[16] Afterward, he became an atheist”

                    Bill Gates is agnostic.
                    “Growing up, his family attended a Congregationalist church, a now-extinct version of Protestantism.1

                    Now, Gates doesn’t seem too interested in religion. He doesn’t believe anything without evidence. He was once asked about the human soul, and he replied:

                    I don’t have any evidence on that.2”

                    Read this and jump.

                    Come to think of it. I do like Donald Trump.
                    Citizens who are unlike like the citizen of a country should be purged. (Americans speak English not Espanyol. Malaysians speak Malay and not some other language )Say no to immigration. Trump hates pendatangs.

                    1. Correction – Trump focused on Muslims in the US. In his recent remarks. Are you denying that?

                      And if you are talking about “purging”, that is precisely what the Bosnian Serbs did to the Muslims? Have you forgotten that particular episode in history or do you have a selective memory?

                      And your point about Zuckerberg and Gates is what? That agnostics and atheists can’t be philanthropists?

                      That, ahem, seems “confused” to me.

                    2. You win la. Oh mighty clever 1067.
                      “And your point about Zuckerberg and Gates is what? That agnostics and atheists can’t be philanthropists? ”

                      In fact agnostics and atheists are more generous philanthropists. You don’t need religion to do good. So who is confused.

                      “And if you are talking about “purging”, that is precisely what the Bosnian Serbs did to the Muslims?”

                      And Jews in WW2, the Chinese in WW2…. do you need more examples. And yes, halau halau Cina during the Vietnam War. Don’t create an issue with the natives….

                    3. What’s “purging” have to do with “natives”? You aren’ a cheerleader for Trump, are you?

                      As for philanthropists and philanthropy, are you saying that they should be categorised by race or religion? Or that those who don’t believe in religion are to be treated as a special case?

                      And “Malaysians speak Malay”……exclusively, with all other languages relegated to “not important” status?

                      Incidentally, Arab Muslims who live in the US communicate in both English and Arabic. Which causes some other Americans to go “ape shit”!

  2. Read the article “Malaysia and the concept of Peaceful Salafism” by Muhammad Haziq Bin Jani. He is a Research Analyst in the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

    What is your opinion of, for example, “Daulah Islamiyah Baqiyyah wa Tatamaddad” (an Islamic State that is forever lasting) that Mr Muhammad Haziq refers to in his article? Or of the Salafist doctrine of “Al-Wala’ wal-Bara” (Loyalty and Enmity) that “draws narrow theological boundaries between oneself and the putative “Other””?

    Who is the “Other” referred to here?

    Dr Fathul Bari, as the article noted, “once elaborated on his taxonomy of “kafirs” (infidels) before he joined Umno, has recently expressed his displeasure regarding “Puji Kafir, Hina Islam” (praising infidels while insulting Islam. Dr Fathul Bari argues that, despite the value deficiencies of Muslim societies and governments, placing a positive value upon the perceivable good of infidel societies and governments is an act of shirk.”.

    Mr Muhammad Haziq wrote: “… ideologues like Dr Fathul Bari would argue, some “kafirs” are “Kafir Harbi” and meant to be fought and opposed…..”

    Mr Muhammad Haziq concluded his article as follows:

    “Jihadi Salafism and elements of Salafism that encourage kafir hatred, that is hatred of non-Muslims, should not be left unchallenged. Put in the context of of a racialised, multi-religious society, non-Muslims and those Muslims around the world who are “not-so-Muslim” are at risk if hatred is given a womb in which to percolate an Islamic State in Iraq and Syria brand of 100 per cent Islam: Jihadi Salafism.”

    (Google “RSIS Commentary”)

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