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Driving a wedge between peninsula and Sabah & Sarawak

Continues from ‘National Security Council is mini Mageran 2.0, say the NGOs‘.

Some of these NGOs are proxies for the opposition parties.

The issues which the oppo will not be letting go in the run-up to GE14 are 1MDB, RM2.6b donation and now the latest — the NGOs’ #TakNakDiktator meme.

The oppo+NGOs will keep hammering away at these controversies in the same dogged way they capitalized and exploited Shahrizat’s cows-in-condo, Altantuya, TBH and Birkin handbags in the last election.

Hannah Yeoh’s tweet below typifies the DAP rhetoric.

The ‘Most Viewed’ headlines below in yesterday’s J-Star illustrates how nowadays the MCA is really the DAP.

  • Muhyiddin urges PM to go on leave till 1MDB probe over
  • Muhyiddin arrives at rally
  • Muhyiddin thanks Dr Mahathir for not giving up
  • Crowd swells at venue where Muhyiddin scheduled to give speech
  • Will Muhyiddin go for broke tonight?
  • Muhyiddin reiterates concerns over 1MDB
  • Muhyiddin: Democracy being buried in Umno
  • Muhyiddin attacks Najib on 1MDB issue
  • Muhyiddin at cliff’s edge after latest salvo

The pattern in the J-Star article headlines is revealing of the MCA’s current stance.

Imagine! The MCA media empire continually producing the type of headlines you see above. You can easily imagine too how the EvangeliSTAR will twist their scissors in Umno’s bleeding back as we get closer and closer to D-Day in 2018.


There’s no disputing that the Mother of All Battles is between Umno and DAP.

Five of the would-be NSC (comprising altogether eight members) are from Umno – PM, DPM, Home Minister, Communication Minister and Defence Minister. It looks like a war council.

Zahid has two portfolios but his Defence Home Ministry could be given to someone else should Najib want an Umno five-man head count.

National Security Council members

On the side of the opposition, it’s par for the course.

Quite predictable how these sneaky operators are poisoning minds with their unmitigated venom and repetitive Umno are “racists, bigots, extremists, spewers of hate, Nazis, dictators, scum, thieves, robbers and murderers” mantra.

(And “LOW CLASS” too – how could I have forgotten this favourite zinger from Hannah and her friends?)

Hannah Yeoh: “Wicked regime. @NajibRazak”

Hannah wicked regime

“Wicked! Wicked! Wicked!”

Hannah wicked heart

hannah corrupt wicked


wicked BN hannah yeoh


mpkotabelud_ I have never seen the level of vile&wicked language

TwitterhannahyeohWickedness of UMNO-BN



How the DAP are fighting their war

They’re exporting to Sabah and Sarawak the Politics of Hate methods that they’ve successfully utilized in the peninsula.

They’re demonizing Umno and telling the Sabahans and Sarawakians that Ketuanan Melayu is being imposed on Borneo.

Even now they’re saying that the National Security Council Act is to impose peninsular Malay hegemony on the pribumi there as well as eroding the state rights of Sabah and Sarawak.

DAP weapons of war

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

They’re making the native Christians have a phobia of Islamization.

They’re willing to drive a wedge between east and west Malaysia for the sake of the grand prize – the Putrajaya crown. Just watch how they grow more rabid by the day, now screaming “dictator” (and what will they accuse next?)

For better or for worse, Najib is at least fighting back. He has no choice but to be a war general. The inevitable is slowly but surely happening.


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22 thoughts on “Driving a wedge between peninsula and Sabah & Sarawak

  1. I would bet my entire life savings that if PH gets to power, they will ot only retain the NSC Bill but even go ahead and make it even tighter.

    The PH tactics is becoming quite boring – it is just to whack anything and everything that BN does. And they have adapted that unique Lim Kit Siang style over-the-top, emotional language in their relentless attacks.

    They have accused ajib is every possible crimes under the Criminal Law – murder, corruption, etc, etc.

    Part of the reason is that DAP’s de facto strategy of winning through Politics of Hate and Slander. Second reason is to hide the current problems the Opposition are facing.

    DAP is sending their team of so-called volunteers to interior parts of Sarawak ostensibly to “help” the people but actually to win votes via hate and slander by poisoning the natives. I hope the natives will ask DAP about their Gelang Patah Declaration just before the 2013 GE which they promised to help the poor Indians.

    1. And how much would that amount to?

      It is not in the realm of the Zuckerberg billions, is it?

        1. Heh, heh – you again?

          Still with the snide remarks and delusional comments?

          No original views, eh?

          Oh, yah – it’s the fault of the national education system! For the paucity of your rhetoric.

            1. Don’t think so, brudder.

              Maybe NUS? Or Oxford? Or Harvard?

              Do you have an “inferiority complex” vis-a-vis SJKC? Or against Mandarin?

              Maybe the next time you dialogue with the Chinese Ambassador, you can do so in pukka BM…..

              Wouldn’t that be one for the books, eh?

                1. Pithy. You aren’t referring to #islam1st by any chance, are you?

                  I make no apologies for calling #islam1st out. His views can be rebutted. Robustly too.

                  You don’t have a problem with that, do you?

                1. Oh, wow – run out of substantive comments to rebut, have you?

                  And reduced to playing the “language card”?

                  How pathetic is that?

  2. Helen,

    So get even. No need for UMNO leaders to get mad. Just get even. Just turn the table.

    Susah ke?

    May I offer lists of things to do. things that UMNO must do.
    1) Keep on reminding that Kit Siang has been there for more than 40 years as Setiausaha Agung DAP. when he was not the secretary general, he elevated the post of Chairman to that “executive chairman”.

    2) Keep on saying sentences like thing “Kalau tak menipu bukan DAP namanya. Kalau tak racist, bukanlah DAP namanya”. Hannah yeoh keeps on saying UMNo is wicked day in day out. Why not UMNO leaders like Rahman Dahlan turns the table and says “Hannah perempuan gila”.

    3) Use media to whack DAP. how about asking non stop during prime time (like Berita) on Penang reclamation. Bring on the issue daily. Interview fishermen. interview NGOs. Interview people on street.

    4) Show the list of donors to DAP and PKR. UMNO knows how to get the facts. use it.

    5) Rafizi said he was joking when he accused Rosmah of buying RM24 million ring. Why cant Najib used this admission to nail Rafizi. If I were to be the PM, I would swear at masjid Pandan. I would challenge Rafizi to swear too. And I would say should Rafizi refuse to swear too, I would take it he lied. make it a national issue.

    THESE SCUMBAGS ARE BOLD because UMNO is “too lembut”. Be firm and half of the battle is won.

    1. The main problem with these so called lawmakers be them from Gomen or the oppo, they all lack INTEGRITY.

      If they can LIE and DECEIVE to themselves, what do you expect from them as a law abiding rakyat?

      They really fcuk us all because we let them. They built a system which protect them once they are there.

      Secretary General of DAP can become the Penang CM and exempted from state election, is not that undemocratic?

      Secretary General of UMNO is an appointed position but acting as though he has more authority than the Deputy President?

      What a joke these morons are entertaining us everyday with their politics. Need we see more?.

        1. You are not one of them, surely?

          But the way that you have been “ducking and weaving” when put on the spot about the stuff you posted….that’s indicative of a certain mindset, wouldn’t you say?

    2. Shamsul,

      I concur with you 100%. The problem is that UMNO/BN is stuck on defensive mode, they should move to “attack mode”. Look at Selangor, despite massive blunders by PH govt, no BN leaders have been attacking them or bring their dirty deeds to public.

      At least in Penang, BN is bolder these days. The motion on reclamation could a game changer. For once the NGOs (the real ones not the DAP proxies) are on the same side as BN. However BN must go further than this.

      They should organize ceramahs daily like PH do and then attack the state govt non stop on reclamation, high cost of houses, abuse of power, dictatorial leadership of Tokong, rampant over development, etc. Exploit the differences between DAP and PAS and paint DAP as racists and anti-Islam/Malay. Use DAP’s Al-Kitab’s stance as the proof that DAP hates Islam and Malays.

      1. Interesting….

        So, in your worldview, Umno is not “racist and anti-whatever”? That it abhors “patronage” in all it’s forms? That it does not espouse a “Ketuanan” agenda and mindset? That it is not anti-globalisation, anti-free markets and anti-meritocracy?

        Or compare Umno against the PAP in terms of results achieved for their respective countries?

        That would be “verboten”, wouldn’t it?

        I think that the rakyat are sensible enough to differentiate between fluff, froth and the real thing.

        And who can best position the country to meet the challenges of the 21st, 22nd, 23rd….. Centuries.

        Unless you believe that it can be “business as usual”.

        That would be the mother of all cop-outs!

        1. Kineas67,

          No need to compare UMNO with PAP. Whatever our intention, it will affect bilateral ties. why not compare UMNO and DAP?

          Ok. UMNO has 6 Presidents from independence(not counting in its founder Dato Onn). But what about DAP? Who is the supremo as far as anyone can remember?

          UMNO may have its wars and all just like you and me or your mother or my father. Taht is natural. it has glaring weaknesses too. But it too has delivered. Or it would not have won 13 times consecutively in GE.

          1. If you refer to Kausikan’s article, he did write about other issues in Malaysia besides “delusional” Chinese. Helen did refer to this in one of her threads when she contrasted the “ape shit” reaction of the DAP to Kausikan’s views with the discreetly restrained reaction of Umno.

            So, the comments were already on record.

            The PM, in his address to Umno, mentioned Malaysia’s 18th place ranking in the international competitiveness index. Which is well and good. And we also know that Singapore is ranked higher than Malaysia in the same index.

            All of that hasn’t affected Malaysia-Singapore bilateral ties, because each side works with the other side’s government of the day.

            Btw, are you saying that it is Umno that has delivered or is it the BN coalition that has delivered? Like in Sabah and Sarawak, for instance.

            If Umno and the DAP go at each other hammer-and-tongs, how is that any different from the Republicans and the Democrats in the US or the Conservatives and Labour in the UK?

      2. Ah, ha – the issue of “land reclamation”. A red herring, if there ever was one!

        Isn’t it ironic that China is merrily “reclaiming” away in the South China Sea while Malaysia and China have extremely cordial ties? That’s not an issue, is it?

        It’s only when a DAP led state government has the audacity (or temerity) to propose such an initiative that the knives come out and the bloggers come out of the woodwork.

        Back in the day, I remember that Singapore did reclamation works in the Johor Strait. Malaysia objected and the matter went to the ICJ. How did that turn out?

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