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National Security Council is mini Mageran 2.0, say the NGOs

Where’s Muhyiddin Yassin? ‘Umno delegates disappointed at empty chair next to Najib’, reported the J-Star on the pre-council meeting of the Umno annual assembly yesterday.

Muhyiddin missing

Where’s Shafie Apdal? “The third party vice-president, Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal, did not join his counterparts at the joint press conference,” the J-Star reported.

Shafie Apdal

Where’s Syahredzan Johan?!


The NGO reps above are doing their #TakNakDiktator protest for the benefit of press cameras.

They’re adamant that the National Security Council (NSC) Act will enable Najib Razak to become a dictator – poster below.

latheefa koya

“Monstrous institution” created by defiled PM — claim SABM et al

A group of 20 NGOs – Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) & Gang – has warned that the NSC could be a license for the government to impose martial rule in the event of BN’s electoral defeat.

Their NGO umbrella Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia (GBM) projected that the NSC will be able to “effectively suspend parliamentary government” where it has designated a ‘security area’.

“This is but a horrifying list of unprecedented human rights violations waiting to happen,” said GBM in its press statement on Dec 7.

Hannah Yeoh BN wicked

The NGOs said the council reminded them of 1969’s Majlis Gerakan Negara (Mageran) but in a miniature 2.0 version.

“That this monstrous institution is created by a prime minister now defiled by alleged corruption and unprecedented low popularity is a grave warning of its intent,” concluded GBM in its prophecy of doom.

Hannah Yeoh wicked regime

Cyber terrorists terrorizing the population

BN Strategic Communication Director Abdul Rahman Dahlan counters their accusations by contending that “potensi keganasan dalam negara” mesti ditangani dengan bersungguh-sungguh – tweet below.

Who are Rahman’s prime suspects to perpetrate “potential violence”? Suicide bombers in KL, is it?

Personally, I should think that the Bintang Lima are the ones inflicting acute and chronic verbal ‘violence’ (trauma) on Malaysia’s online population but I don’t see the BN tackling this menace.

In fact, the NSC should seriously assess whether the B5 are domestic cyber terrorists.

See ‘Can Dapsters fit the definition for ‘terrorist’?

Umno devolution

Wielder of the big stick

Umno reacts to the relentless assault on the party by using its brawn rather than brain.

The ruling bloc in Parliament which is dominated by Umno – see MPs ratio, pie chart below – muscled the NSC bill into law through brute force.

Its passage caught the public unawares when opposition MPs were ambushed.

(Note: The slices below have not been updated to reflect PAS’s splinter party Amanah)


Opposition object to the bill

A total of 74 opposition MPs voted against the bill during the debate in its policy stage.

Speaking in English in the closing debate, DAP’s Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen pleaded that such an Act “will further erode the rights of  Sarawak”.

YB Chong believes that “National Security Council ini akan berhak untuk campur tangan dalam pentadbiran social aspect and political aspect of the Sarawak and Sabah” because, according to him:

“… social political stability covers everything, everything. Our Family Laws, family law is supposed to be under state jurisdiction. Native Custom and Rights, supposed to be under state jurisdiction. A conflict between claimants of NCR rights and companies. There is supposed to be state jurisdiction and because of the conflict, there is a threat to social political stability of the state and with that excuse the Majlis, National Security Council can campur tangan, can come in interfere in the administration of the state affair.”

DAP and the NGOs are echoing each other in their identical allegations.

Disregarding the objections, BN Parliamentarians passed the NSC in the closing hours of the House’s last session – the bill’s final reading was at 10.55pm – and even ‘stopped the clock’, i.e. Dewan proceedings running past midnight are recorded under the previous day sitting’s calendar date.

(For example, the POTA bill got through at about 2.25am after a marathon debate. Meanwhile the session which included the NSC bill debate ended at 12.41am on Dec 4.)

TakNakDiktator poster

Trust deficit, lacking confidence in authority

In their own mind, they’re always the good guys while their “wicked” opponents belong to the Dark Side. They whinge endlessly that BN is “evil”.

They remorselessly cast Najib as a shameful dictator. They spread venomous lies and poison the well.

Umno leaders will dominate the NSC

Opening the general assembly yesterday, Umno president Najib told the delegates at the PWTC, “Kita ingin supaya imej parti yang kita paparkan adalah imej parti yang berkuasa”.

Really? Umno may be big and strong like Goliath but it does not have the smarts of David. That’s why Umno keeps getting demonized by Hannah Yeoh (tweet above) and her ilk.

A clear and present danger

“I guess they learnt well from these churches how to fleece and con people and then turn them into hate-filled zombies,” commented Calvin Sankaran @ 2015/12/08 at 11:26 am on the way DAP operates.

Unfortunately Umno has not been able to fight back with much effectiveness except by using brute force … such as creating the NSC legislation.

National Security Council

Scissorati snipping away

The government appears to be more worried about armed terrorists coming here from Syria or the Middle East rather than the cyber variety which is homegrown in Jerusubang.

Below are the J-Star‘s Top 10 most popular stories at 10am and 10pm yesterday.

On the morning of Dec 8, seven out of the 10 most read J-Star stories had “Muhyiddin” in their headline while the eighth story had “Dr M” – see screenshot below.

Star top stories 10am on Dec 8

Then the night of Dec 8, the ‘Muhyiddin attacks Najib on 1MDB issue’ article was charting among the  J-Star‘s Top 3 most popular stories of the day.

It’s clear that the MCA-owned newspaper had gone on a backstabbing blitz in playing up the Muhyiddin-slag-Najib agenda. Unlike bombers who are suicidal, the EvangeliSTAR is simply sneaky, that’s all.


Updated @ 11.15am with corrected infographics on NSC composition


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  1. While it is true that The Star is backstabbing the BN, the paper pales in camparison to the likes of the WSJ and FT when it comes to mendacity etc. Anyone would notice how mediocre the paper is, the language employed, etc. The Star is nothing. But apparently the people behind, at The Star believe they ‘represent’ something. Oh well…………………..

  2. When NSC is used against BN/ UMNO, these same people will say it is justified.

    Forgive me for doubting them, but their hypocrisy is proven over and over and over.

  3. Cik Helen

    Its not surprising. I think you have touched upon this before, the brainier ones in UMNO never get the spotlight. sebab tu UMNO kena pakai brawn,sebab yg ada akal semua letak kat belakang ja ;)

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