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Answer for Rocky’s question

Q:  If you have just ONE word to describe Umno, what would it be?


A:  Meow

cat loaf

Don’t say ‘toast’ and “spread butter thick on it”. Look carefully at the picture.


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17 thoughts on “Answer for Rocky’s question

    1. I believe it’s a loaf of bread.

      The cat face looks real. So it’s likely a Photoshop splice.

      1. Hope they’re training tigers to gobble up the Dapsters.

        The evangelistas can be thrown to feed the lions.

  1. In answer to the question posted, if we say the Dapsters are delusional, I have to say the Umno members are in denial. (if we were in Egypt, we could at least throw them in the Nile)

    Penyakit Umno. SiLuncai terjun dengan labu-labunya. Biarkan! Biarkan! Tak kiralah Luncainya menjelma dengan muka Najib, KJ ataupun Kit Siang, biarkan ….

      1. Interesting read. I’ve already acknowledged I am going to have to agree to disagree on the Mahathir-Najib tussle.

        The thing is, if we discount the Mahathir-Najib tussle, the fight and challenges have not changed (maybe worsened) since the last PAU and yet if you caught the speeches by the Umno Wanita, Youth etc they are still speaking in rhetoric.

        KJ sounds so sincere, so down to earth when he lamented about rising costs of living. Shahrizat was so supportive of the leadership. But I get a sense of deja vu. Haven’t we heard all these before? In how many ways can they recycle the same speech? Mujurlah bahasa Melayu itu indah dengan bunganya, lengguknya, maka senang diputar usul yang sama dengan nada dan bunyi yang berbeza.

        You know it would be good if someone would ask “what are we going to do about Dap marching into Sarawak and Johor?” It would be even better if someone would point out the mischief that the Lims had wreaked since the last elections and asked why something, anything is not done yet.

        Yet, all I get from the video feed on the PAU looks like a Jom Heboh Carnival if Jom Heboh had a dress code.

        1. Meow because Umno leaders are a bunch of fat cats. Sleek, well-fed and nicely licking their cream.

          1. Cute. Subtlety doesn’t seem to work for me these days.
            Now if you had posted this pic, I’d say spot on.

  2. The cat is either dumbfounded or simply clueless of it surroundings and the appearance of it self , if the cat could talk it probably said
    “judge me not like me or hate me this what I have become” .

    utk relax minda supaya tidak terlalu pening , dituju khas kepada semua pembaca .

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