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Bleed Umno bleed! The Scissors backstabs again

The J-Star headline reads ‘PAS snubs Umno’s offer to join forces’.

None of the other news provider carried such a negative angle as the evangeliSTAR in their respective headlines.

Compare how the other news outlets titled the same story:

PAS tegaskan kepentingan Islam dalam tahaluf siyasi — Harakah Daily

Presiden Pas jawab tawaran kerjasama Umno-Pas — Sinar Harian

Tawaran Umno akan dibincangkan – PAS — Berita Harian

PAS adalah rakan tahaluf siyasi PKR tegas Hadi — Astro Awani

PAS komited tahaluf siyasi dengan PKR ketika ini – Abdul Hadi — Bernama

After Najib’s olive branch, PAS chief says with PKR, but open to unity on Islamic principles – The Malay Mail

PAS open to anyone who promotes Islam and nation, says Hadi — TMI

Cooperation with Umno best decided by PAS top leadership — FMT

Hadi rushes to respond to Najib’s offer: PAS to welcome ties if Umno does its best to return to Islam — Malaysia Chronicle

Hadi: PAS is open to unity efforts but Umno must repent — Malaysiakini

‘Umno and PAS presidents should have a sit-down’ — The Rakyat Post

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As you can see from comparing the above, all the other news sources were open or neutral in charaterizing PAS’s response to the Umno offer of working together. Only the J-Star insisted that PAS had snubbed Umno.

The Scissorati strike again.

Umno must hold MCA accountable for the continual sabotage by the media empire under the Chinese BN party’s control.



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8 thoughts on “Bleed Umno bleed! The Scissors backstabs again

  1. Umno will not do anything. They are too dimwitted. Or in your own words they are the ‘could not care less’ party.

  2. I thought I might have fell due to spinning and my own personal bias so I bothered to look up harakahdaily and read Hadi’s own words. He must think he was being wise. I personally think he was spiteful.

    Didn’t think of looking up how other news portals report it though.

    Well, they thestar might have put that interpretation of snubbing for the reason of sabotage.

    What’s there to sabotage, though?I think it looks better for UMNO and worse for PAS . Snubbing UMNO after them PAS have been kicked out by DAP , its politicians running off into PAN, clinging into PKR citing tahaluf siyasi(after how well it worked with DAP) and yet holding off UMNO, telling them to go back to Islam and repent, this makes it look like PAS is the obstacle against unity, not UMNO that already extended an olive branch, sincere or not. Either they really reject UMNO or they are trying to make UMNO offer them a better deal, well, good luck with that.

    Unless, thestar people is the same as DAP, relishing the thought of Malay disunity. Forgot to check the reader’s response.

    They’re probably happy, most of them.

  3. Cik Helen

    The Star may or may not spin about this, but there a few PAS supporters in my extended family and they are completely against working with UMNO….that the so called olive branch smacks of insincere-ness

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