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Star Wars: Princess Leia’s real twin

Kit Siang: DAP competing with Umno for Malay heart & mind

Lim Kit Siang said yesterday that as part of the DAP’s vision to reach out to everyone with their message of a Malaysian Dream, his party is “competing with Umno for the hearts and minds of Malays”.

Grandpapa Dapster noted that the DAP is busy shedding its Chinese image in order to “reach out to Malays”.

BELOW: Look at her deer-in-headlights expression — The poor woman in white tudung is spooked on both her left and her right (Hannah evangelista should really stop imposing herself on captive Muslimah in their mosques)

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Princess Leia Real Twin

‘No retreat, no surrender‘ means war

The thrust of the DAP being thus, it is not surprising that their creepy Christian YBs are obsessed with wearing tudung and songkok, and so eager to Occupy Masjid.

Kit Siang also described his party’s mission as an effort “to build a new and overarching Malaysian national identity which rises above race, religion…”

Malays must beware the sneaky bastards and the DAP’s predatory attempt to ubah the Muslims. Always bearing in mind the caution foretold in 2:120.

BELOW: DAP’s Christian fanatics worse than dajjal — Datuk Huan Cheng Guan

Special Branch are monitoring the evangelistas

Recently on Saturday (Dec 12), a Special Branch officer gave a presentation on the threat of the Christian proselytization movement. The Bukit Aman cop spoke to a seminar held in UiTM’s Lendu campus, Malacca.

Earlier on Nov 10, Bukit Aman Special Branch Deputy Commissioner of Police Awaludin Jadid had given a talk on the threat to national security by the Christianization movement.

DSP Awaludin delivered his lecture at a forum hosted by the International Islamic University campus in Gombak, Selangor.

But the evangelistas are fighting back. They would. After all, they’re super duper aggressive.

Any chance that the munafiq care for peace?


Najib Razak has finally fingered the DAP as anti Islam. He said this to a PWTC auditorium of Umno delegates at their just concluded party convention.

“No retreat, no surrender. That is Spartan law.” — King Leonidas, 300

If the Umno president invokes ‘Spartan law’, then he has to stand and fight … something which he promised to do with his proclamation of “no retreat, no surrender”.

It’s about time the Force awakens.

Hence Umno troops too must prepare themselves to fight as well as prepare to face the ferocious fightback from  their mortal enemy.

no retreat spartan law

Watch the video:

No retreat, no surrender (15-second video clip)


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46 thoughts on “Star Wars: Princess Leia’s real twin

  1. Lee Kuan Yew pakai songkok
    Hannah Yeoh pakai tudung
    DAP ingat Melayu bongok
    senang-senang kena bohong

    DAP’s not the only one who thinks UMNO’s weakening.

    PAS says UMNO’s offer shows UMNO’s desperate and facing decline and ruin.
    PAS also think they have a lot of options fighting DAP’s anti Islamic and anti Malay ambitions and those aligned to DAP in PAN and also in PKR.
    What do you think PAS will do, or is it just trash talking?

    1. We’ve already got Pota (passed in April this year) and Sosma.

      Why does the gomen feel that it has to make a new National Security Council law?

      1. Power in the hands of PM without oversight and legal backlash.

        I think it could be used to control possible future political and economical riots.

  2. ” ‘No retreat, no surrender‘ means war ”

    It is not a righteous war that Najib is qualified to fight. His personal struggle is not for the greater cause.

      1. Righteousness has nothing to do with war and vice versa. War is about survival and self preservation.

        As for the DAP’s Chinese image, this is a fallacy. There is nothing Chinese about the DAP. The DAP is anti Chinese and anti Confucian. It’s top leadership is a nest of evangelical scum, the Malaysian equivalent of hicks found in the US. You know what a hick is don’t you ? If you do not know what a hick is, look up the dictionary.

        1. Re: Righteousness has nothing to do with war…

          In a general sense I would agree.

          Specific to the topic at hand, then no.

          When the pretext for going to war is to defend one’s faith, then righteousness are being sold to justify the act.

    1. “Righteous war?” That’s such a contradictory idea. There is absolutely nothing righteous about war.


      Disappointment is a toothache
      And the droop of an eyelid

      Age and failure
      Cause a dry mouth to swallow

      I try to hide
      What I cannot and hate

      You notice those things
      I swore had perished

      When I humbly claimed I was

      You winced
      As I dropped you at a bus stop

      Amongst burned strangers
      Without discussion

      I found you in the mirror
      As shame brought a dull ache

      The throb of sin in my jaw
      Is the price of feigned wisdom

      And the inadequacy
      Of my devotion

      – a poem by Professor Joel Hayward, who is an authority on international politics, the concept of the “Just War” and the ethics of modern conflict. He also researches and lectures on Islamic laws and the ethics of security. He is interested in both the influence of conflict on Islam and the influence of Islam on conflict.

      Schooled in the classics, he is fascinated by comparative religious studies, and reads the scriptures of the monotheistic faiths in their original languages (Hebrew, Greek and Arabic). He speaks several modern languages, and has undertaken extensive primary research in Russian and German archives.

    1. Hmm……………….cell group. You know, a cell group is code for……I shall not go any further as the evangelists will go berserk the moment I associate their movement with t******** because that’s what a cell group is as interpreted by westerners. l o l

    1. They’re underground.

      Don’t think SB Bukit Aman would be taking this kind of interest if the numbers were not a concern.

      You if asked me, I would say that I do indeed believe there is a movement to Christianize the Malays. It’s been my opinion from Day One of my blog some 4-and-1/2 years ago.

      This is my genuine belief without any political motivation whatsoever.

      1. It may have something to do with their failure to entice the Chinese to join their cause. While it is true that a considerable number of young Chinese are involved with the church it is to a larger extend about participating in church led activities, I don’t have the numbers but the conversion rate among the Chinese I have been told by some ‘ex Christians’ is very low, by ex Christians I meant people like that woman in the Malay Mail article provided through a link by Mulan. So if they are turning their sights to Malays then this is no surprise. The evangelical movement is a ponzi scheme. They need people to join their movement or else how in the world are they going to sustain themselves ? But eventually people become disillusioned and they will abandon the church. So these hacks will have to replenish their ‘flock’. Now they are after the Malays, not to mention the native Christians in Sabah and Sarawak.

      2. Helen,

        Everybody should be allowed to believe whatever fairy godmother or fairy godfather they like.

        Religion has not served us well at all.

        I mean, look at all the hate religion has brought.

        You may say that the evangelist Christians hate Muslims.

        Well, you seem to be doing a pretty good job yourself of hating the evangelist Christians back.

        Tit for tat – I guess that is what religions seem to teach.

        You may say that you do not preach hate to the Muslims – that you are merely warning Muslims about Christians.

        Be suspicious of Christians, be careful of Christians, be mistrustful of Christians, etc etc.

        Helen, your religious writings suck big time and do nothing but divide Malaysians along religious lines – no different from what you claim Hannah Yeoh is doing!!

        Your invisible “friend” is no different from Hannah Yeoh’s “invisible friend” – they are both fakes made up by some human mind.

        I wish you would go back to writing political articles for which I have always respected you for.

        P.S I do know you will publish this because of your editorial policy and that is another aspect of you which I hold in high regard as well.

        P.S.S. Instead of using religion to create divisions and hate amongst Malaysians, a highly intelligent person like you should be thinking of ways we can make Malaysia a better place for all Malaysians regardless of race or religion.

        1. re: “that you are merely warning Muslims about Christians”

          The warnings are in the Quran.

          re: “Instead of using religion to create divisions and hate amongst Malaysians, a highly intelligent person like you should be thinking of ways we can make Malaysia a better place for all Malaysians regardless of race or religion.”

          The hate originated from the DAP evangelistas. See @hannahyeoh tweet below.

          Malaysia will be peaceful and harmonious without the DAP’s politics of hate.

          I subscribe to the Clash of Civilizations theory. Malaysians will inevitably have to pick their side.

          Malaysia is a Muslim country where Islam is the religion of the Federation. The evangelistas trying to kebas kalimah ‘Allah’ are not on the side of right.

            1. Everytime I read Hannah tweeting back “which big mama?” I laughed. I always picture her thinking people are talking about her.

          1. Helen,

            re : “The warnings are in the Quran”

            Some people consider religious books to be works of fantasy.

            re : “The hate originated from the DAP evangelistas”

            Yeah, good thinking, Helen, let us all hate them back and that will fix the problem, right?

            And BTW, which part of Hannah Yeoh’s tweet reflects religious hatred?

            re : “Malaysia will be peaceful and harmonious without the DAP’s politics of hate”

            Malaysia could also be harmonious and peaceful if Malaysians did not respond to the politics of hate with more hate.

            re : “Malaysia is a Muslim country where Islam is the religion of the Federation.”

            That is merely your opinion as there are others who hold the view that Malaysia is a secular country with a Muslim majority.

            Even then, there are other views which hold that Islam is being forced onto Malays – which seems to be rather strange for a country which is supposed to be Islamic as I am told that Islam does not condone the use of force in belief.

            1. I think you’re aware that the mainstay of DAP’s Christian leadership is anchored to a sectarian belief allied to millennial Zionism and the Prosperity Credo?
              And certainly from what has transpired in this blog for the past year, in terms of the tensions between the traditional and the heterodox conceptions of Islam, that what you say has a particular truth to it – namely, that the agents of Islamism have been forcing their idiosyncratic interpretations of the Islamic religion onto other orthodox Muslims.
              The not-so-funny thing is that the Christian Zionists have been intimate with the Islamist chauvinists! -until they divorced each other recently; or is it just political contingency to tide over the present social setbacks?

            2. re: “Malaysia could also be harmonious and peaceful if Malaysians did not respond to the politics of hate with more hate … there are other views that Islam is being forced onto Malays”

              The Quran states clearly in ch 2,v 256:

              “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And the Lord hears and knows all things.”

              “Al-Fatiha” is “the Opening” of the Quran; also called “Ummul Kitab” or “the Mother of the Book”. Its seven verses (ayat) are a prayer imploring the guidance of Allah while acknowledging His Lordship and seeking His Mercy. This chapter is essential in Islamic prayer (salāt) and is recited at least 17 times throughout the course of the 5 prescribed daily prayers:

              (1) In the Name of Allah Most Compassionate and Merciful
              (2) Praise be to the Lord of the Universes
              (3) O Most Compassionate One, All-Merciful
              (4) Sovereign of the Day of Judgement
              (5) Thee do we worship and Your deliverance we do seek
              (6) Lead us upon the straight way, the path of those granted Thy favours
              (7) Not the way of those of earn Thy anger, nor of those who go astray.

              There is no opening for hatred in the Mother of the Quran. We constantly pray that our faith in the Universal Truth never abandons us.

              “He (Noah) said: “O my people! Don’t you see that I have a Clear Sign (of Prophecy) from my Lord? And that He has bestowed Mercy unto me from His own presence, but this Mercy has been obscured from your eyes? Shall we compel you to accept it when ye are averse to it?
              (Quran 11:28)

        2. Hey hick, so when you’re not busy hanging out at the Speaking of China blog you come here. You should mind your own blog. Or is it because your blog is too pitiful so you decided to come here and make a scene ? An ordinary Malaysian ? Oh please……………………stop the red herring.

      3. Actually Helen, here’s my opinion on this:

        I can tell you that, indeed if there is an aggressive dakwah Kristian movement going on ( which i have not seen in urban areas, but the typical white shirt / black tie evangelist quite a few times), they have their work cut out for them. There are already a huge number of Muslims by name only

      4. And only the Malays did not think so, Ms H, that is the PR kind, now the PAN and some PKRs type. Also the liberals, too and may I add, even the G25

        The rest of us do believe in the idea that there is a movement to Christianize the Malays. Even as far back as when the Constitution was drafted. That is why it is provided for, to safeguard the Malays and Islam.

        But some sneaky bastards found ways to beat it and create “cells”. And some Malays and Muslims are indeed very liberal about it.

        And I share your belief, Ms. H

      5. Helen,

        And it is written in the Quran that ” Nasranis will not be satisfied until Muslims follow their ways….”

        so we have Christians insisting on using “allah” a word that is not mentioned even once in Bible. And DAP by insisting to use “allah” is actually creating wedge between muslims(UMNO) and Christians especially in Sarawak.

        I spoke with several of my Iban friends on this word “allah”. Actually it is not an issue among Ibans.

    2. You can never find the statistics for Malaysia…..cos there is none, if not one or two brave cases.e.g Lina Joy @Azalina Jailani The rest are usually Muallafs who return back to their original religion …the real issue is the umno uses this to freak Malays out, and it’s easily done with showing someone with Malay feature professing Christianity…and which is the best party to be made a scapegoat, if not DAP….. IN Malaysia, it is against the law to try to convert a Muslim – how far can any group go converting a mass group of Muslim in Malaysia? But the Christians can still talk to the Hindus, Taoist, Kadazans, Melanaus, Orang Asli and this irks the the Jakim Muslims lots…..Hannah might just had a bad experience with ala Jehovah’s Witness evangelist, and these buggers can be a nuisance sometimes….

    1. You’re correct.

      But the English-language news portals are reporting the story using the term “anti-Christianity”. Jahat, kan, ‘cos they’re purposely ignore the difference that you’ve pointed out.

      Tapi itulah, they will not miss any to politicize and propagandize whatever that can serve their cause.

      1. Somehow behind the scene they revel in bashing those Chinese and Indians who are not ‘Christian’ very slick indeed while projecting an image of a besieged community.

      2. Dear Aunty Helen,
        Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution:
        State law and in respect of the Federal Territories of Kuala
        Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya, federal law may control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing the religion of Islam.
        The UiTM’s “Seminar Pemantapan Akidah” is about protecting the Muslim’s akidah in line with the Article 11(4). Tokngah is right, it is not about “anti-Christianity”.
        By the way, Dato’ Awal is DCP Dato’ Awaludin bin Jadid and not DSP.

      3. As outsiders, we can’t really tell if the seminar is ‘anti Christianisation/proselytisation’ or ‘anti Christianity faith’. We need to look at the slides and speech of the speakers. Until these are verified, non-Muslims tend to believe the latter. Actually, there is nothing wrong to organise an ‘anti Christianisation/proselytisation’ seminar. In fact, proselytizing Muslims is illegal in Msia.

    2. it’s an Anti Christianization seminar which would eventually build up to anti Christians……i am smart, i can see what you are doing….i don’t think the uitm students are aged enough to sense the subtle hatred that being brainwashed into them.

    3. You are spot on but as usual the alternative media latched upon this issue like some rabid dog and running away screaming “religious intolerance”, “intimidation”, etc, adding to the already rising Islamophobia.

  3. Did you note how quickly Dyana Sofea came to attack UiTM for the course? This clearly shows that the Malays in DAP are merely act as mouthpiece and proxies of their Christian Taliban Masters. The Malays in DAP might as well wear the Rejimen 10 uniform.

      1. The Malay statement on the banner says “Berbahagialah orang yang murni hati, mereka akan mengenal Allah”.

        I do not think that’s an Islam function.

  4. Kenapa MUSUH-MUSUH ISLAM sangat benci apabila kita usaha bentengi akidah Umat Islam?

    Di mana salahnya kita perkasakan akidah anak-anak muda dengan penganjuran seminar dan ceramah pemurnian akidah?

    PELAMPAU EVANGELIS KRISTIAN bebas berkeliaran memurtadkan orang-orang Islam – TETAPI apabila kita berusaha mendedahkan AGENDA JAHAT TIPU HELAH mereka, mereka mula membuat bising.

    Yang patut dipersoalkan ialah kenapa ada “SPY” yang menyelinap masuk dalam seminar yang dari awal lagi dikhaskan hanya untuk pelajar Islam sebagai sebahagian dari program ACIS. NIAT BUSUK dan JAHAT “spy” ini jelas sengaja membuat kecoh. Niat pelajar tersebut sepatutnya disiasat. Paderi yang mula menyebar FITNAH dan HASUTAN tersebut mesti disiasat kerana niat jahatnya.

    Ini hak orang Islam yang dilindungi oleh Perlembagaan Persekutuan – Perkara 11 Fasal 4.

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