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What does The J-Star mean by UiTM’s “anti-Christian” seminar?

Update: 20 Dec 2106

What does Wong Chun Wai mean by saying “public institutions of higher learning are allowed to hold seminars questioning the faiths of other Malaysians”? See his column today, ‘Let’s rise above racial rants‘?

Original posting:

The J-Star article initially headlined ‘IGP: No laws broken by police officer speaking at anti-Christian seminar’ – see tweet below – has been amended to say “anti-conversion seminar” in the paper’s online version.

This type of provocative approach to reporting adopted by the MCA-owned media hardly reflects ‘moderation’.

BN must take MCA to task over the latter’s media empire and behaviour of its editorial staff who are divisive and deliberately promoting disharmony among adherents of different religions.

Labelling the UiTM seminar as “anti-Christian” is not being the ‘Voice of Moderation’ at all.

Saifuddin Abdullah Wong Chun Wai

MCA accountable for EvangeliSTAR hijack and sabotage

Is the MCA’s propaganda machinery covertly as anti-Malay and anti-Islam as the DAP?

And why is the MCA allowing its paper to be used as a vehicle by evangelista Wong Chun Wai to promote himself and his fellow Christians?

Chun Wai had plonked his face on Page Two of the newspaper recently on Nov 22. Does his photo really need to appear on the second page of the J-Star touting his piddling article?

And what does the paper mean to do by omitting mention of the Selangor State Secretary when the Selangor Speaker can be mentioned prominently in the caption? See screenshot below.

The caption to the article a few days ago datelined 11 Dec 2015 reads,

“A file picture of Selangor Ruler Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, accompanied by Speaker Hannah Yeoh (left) and Azmin (second from right), arriving at a state assembly meeting in Shah Alam.”

Datuk Khusrin is invisible where the J-Star is concerned.

Click to enlarge

Although captioning Hannah Yeoh and Azmin Ali, The J-Star notably failed to credit Selangor State Secretary Mohammed Khusrin Munawi who can be seen second from left in the photo above.

This omission is a breach of protocol because Datuk Khusrin is No.2 in the order of precedence after the Menteri Besar. He even ranks ahead of senior excos like Teng Chang Khim and Elizabeth Wong in the hierarchy – see chart of the Selangor government here in the state official website.

If the EvangeliSTAR copyeditor is unable to name all the VIPs, it would have been more prudent for him/her to have just used a standalone or general illustrative photo instead of HRH Sultan Sharafuddin.


Note that the bylined reporter Wani Muthiah made no mention of Hannah Yeoh in her write-up. The accompanying photo – which has Hannah in it – is merely a File Picture, i.e. photo that is not current nor related to the event detailed in the article.

The photo was selected not by the reporter but by a scissorati on the desk. MCA is allowing a business company that’s owned by the BN party to be actively promoting the cause of DAP evangelical Christians.

Why is MCA permitting the media apparatus under its control to breed a Nest of Evangelistas?



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20 thoughts on “What does The J-Star mean by UiTM’s “anti-Christian” seminar?

  1. Well, MCA certainly misbehaved (re: admittance of PAS into BN) and naughty. It deserved to be spanked hard.

    PAS is not that stupid to join BN, it can work together with UMNO outside the folds.

    Just remember dear MCA, in areas where you will contest and have a good high percentage of Malay voters, you can be sure Hj Hadi will put his candidate there, drawing away a good portion of your valuable votes.

    So continue your “support” for your J-Star… Many of us, Melayus, will bear this in mind.

    TQ for making it clearer to us by the minute. MCA can remain in BN but will never get the votes. Go silently into the dark night and please don’t come back

  2. Interesting.

    If the report is correct, there was a “anti-Christian” seminar held at a certain public institution.

    Academic freedom and all that. Wonderful.

    So, is it ok to organise a “anti-Muslim” seminar? And invite Donald Trump and Ms Le Pen as guest speakers? For example.

    I am guessing that such a seminar would not see the light of day in this country. It would not be countenanced. And any number of laws could be brought to bear against the organisers of such a seminar.

    So much for “freedom of speech”. Or “academic freedom”.

    But it’s perfectly “kosher” to organise a “anti-Christian” seminar at a public institution? If in fact it did really take place.

    I guess there’s “freedom of speech” and “freedom of speech”.

    Different horses for different courses.

  3. re: This omission is a breach of protocol because Datuk Khusrin is No.2 in the order of precedence after the Menteri Besar.

    Datuk Khusrin is indeed No. 2 after MB. But he is in the executive arm of the state government of Selangor. Hannah is in the legislative arm i.e. the state assembly. The former is not superior than the latter simply because both are from different components.

    The description of the picture already listed down the No. 1 of each component, i.e. the Sultan (ruler), Azmin (executive), Hannah (assembly).

    re: breach of protocol

    Is the above your presumption or is there a written protocol?

    1. Journalism convention – you name the people in a photo like for example – (from left) Merkel, Hollande, Cameron. The backstabbing Star should do its job properly as journos instead of hijacking an MCA-owned company to promote the party’s arch rival.

      If Azmin and Hannah are named, then Khusrin should be named too.

      Pls don’t give excuses for their dereliction of duty. The omission just goes to show what kind of people are in the Nest of Evangelistas. They’re exhibiting the same kind of bias as the Vulcan Post making their Top 10 and Top 15 lists all filled with Malay (and one MIC Indian) names only.

      Click to access httpsvulcanpost-com9276110-bizarre-things-said-by-malaysian-leaders-2014.pdf

      Click to access httpsvulcanpost-com469811weird-things-said-by-malaysian-politicians-2015.pdf

  4. ‘If the EvangeliSTAR copyeditor is unable to name all the VIPs’

    Helen these people are DELUSIONAL. Mereka ni ‘Bagai Ketam Mengajar Anaknya Berjalan Lurus’

  5. ‘Why is MCA permitting the media apparatus under its control to breed a Nest of Evangelistas?’

    Helen, ‘Birds of a feather, flock together’?

    1. Ho, ho, ho…..and a Merry Christmas to you too!

      Oh, wait – you don’t believe in Christmas! Too bad, lah.

      Still, it’s “peace on earth and goodwill to all….”.

        1. See my reply in another thread.

          Anyway, Christmas in Singapore seems to be doing just fine. The lights and decorations are up, the malls are packed, Orchard Road is bustling, MBS hotels have pretty much full occupancy…

          A lot of Malaysians are in town too, judging from the number of Malaysian-registered cars on the roads and in the car parks of the malls and hotels in Singapore.

          With no angst about which mall has the best Christmas tree!

          1. ‘With no angst about which mall has the best Christmas tree!’

            Ya lor itu CHC Pastors sudah ramai kena tangkap maa, average Singaporeans sure ada extra money to shop this time! Hoh??

            1. Looks like it – about spending more on Christmas.

              It’s a pity you don’t get access to the Singapore Straits Times in your neck of the woods. It’s a better read than the NST or Utusan, for sure.

              And what’s the CHC case got to do with it, apart from playing in your fevered imagination. The legal process in Singapore is continuing.

              Why don’t you go stand at the Causeway and hold up a sign calling on Malaysians not to do their Christmas shopping in Singapore? Or indulge in a little bit of R&R in the city-state?

              Of course, the Johor state government might not be amused by such antics.

              But, hey, nothing like putting it to the test, is there?

      1. Ho ho ho. Xmas is a pagan invention.

        Too bad, lah. You believe in Xmas.

        Still, enough place for the ignorant on Earth!

  6. Ms H. Here are three mis-leading reports from the infamous The Star newspaper today, 20 December 2015.

    Page 4. ” US interest rates not affecting our economy. ” A report from a junior Minister which is full of inacurracies and contradictions.

    Page 24. ” Chinese SMEs can survive the TPPA.” Quote ‘ Once the TPPA is in full force….all local SMEs are expected to face stiff competition.’ unquote. But I say that after the TPPA is signed, overnight the Singaporean re-labelled and other goods will flood into Malaysia without paying tariff. All SMEs will collapse with bankruptcies and unemployment leading to unrest and chaos which will bring down the BN Government. There is NO mention of this Singaporean flood of tax free goods anywhere or by anyone. Why ?

    Page 11. A full page advertisement of Tan Sri Limkokwing praising and congratulating himself for receiving South Africa’s highest award for foreigners from the lovable President Zuma, 24 years after the event. Thanks to our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, it was alleged that he introduced LKW an alleged unqualified cartoonist, to submit a set of cartoons for the ANC campaign in 1993. That’s all. The impression we get is that LKW donned his battle-gear and fought the good fight for the South Africans. Spinning at its very best.

    1. And I suppose that your expertise is in the area of trade economics, regional supply chain integration, value-added and value-creating structural reforms and the BEPS framework proposed by the OECD?

      Why don’t you harangue Mustapa Mohamed and the folks at Miti about the evils of the TPPA?

      And if you think that Malaysia can “go it alone” without joining the TPPA, pray tell us how.

      By signing on to RCEP, perhaps?

      1. Kineas1067. I was in action in my Thirties when the Ringgit was RM1 to Singapore Dollar 1.03. My 1972 concept ( were you born yet ) to capture Sime Darby for the Malays ( so that they do not don the Red shirts to go after the Yellow shirts ) for only RM 23 millions. These folks ran out of money and I got hold of 2 major Singapore corporates to assist. This is the MAIN reason why characters like ? you and other Chinese corporations flourished and prospered throughout the NEP. I singlehandedly turn round and made milions of ringgits for the biggest corporate (textiles) bankruptcy scandal in the 1970s ( for a salary of RM 7,000 per month ), Folex Industries Berhad, 1975 – 1984. – without a single sen from the Consortium of Banks. Folex has a complement of 1.200 workers, majority Malays on 3 shifts. No trouble. We spent RM 17 per minute. I did the biggest corporate re-structuring outside of the Government eg. Renong Berhad, Multi-Purpose Holdings Berhad, Malaysia Textile Industries Berhad, Kuala Lumpur Properties Berhad, Folex Industries etc. I was the first to take-over a listed Company on the KL Stock Exchange in 1966. The first Malaysian to plant oil palms in 1965. The first to build condos in Singapore, Balmoral Park in 1965. In the 1960s, I owned the Tanjong Rambutan Tin mine. In the 1990s, I was the first and only Asian appointed to thw World’s biggest museum the Smithsonian Institution with its 19 museums. I was unbeaten in Free Pistol, Rapid Fire and Centre Fire Pistol competitions in Malaysia and Singapore. I won a Bronze Medal at the SEAP Games. I took the Open Examination into the best College, Christ’s, Cambridge University and scored 100 marks in all 4 subjects. Want to know some more ? And my eldest brother stole all my money in the 1950s. I began with ZERO money !
        To answer your question, Malaysia stopped improving after 2003. This is the reason why Malaysia today only exports oil, palm oil, rubber gloves and assorted manufactures. The goods produced by the FTZs are not owned by Malaysians. We see a lot of money coming in and a lot of money going out. Tourism should have been the main revenue earner. But this has not happened. I say again if Malaysia signs the poisoned chalice for Malaysia the TPPA, the Malays will die without a whimper like the Red Indians of North America. They will lose their political and socio-economic control because the re-labelled goods flooding in from Singapore the morning after will finish off all the Malaysian SMEs except the glove makers. I have owned textile mills, garment factories, supplied hospital supplies to U.S. tin mines, rubber and oil palm plantations, biscuit and wig factories in Jurong Singapore. I know that it is not easy to fly all the way to North America to sell by a SME eg. shortage of personnel and money. You talk knowing nothing.
        The genesis of the TPPA was inspired, created and promoted by the Dictator Lee Kuan Yew in 2002 after Singapore was got caught with her pants down after the end of the Cold War 1948 – 1989. Uncle Sam’s new post-Cold War spiel, ‘ Globalization. Free Trade. Human Rights.’ was anathema to the Dictator’s Cold War trading activities eg. smuggling, sanctions breaking, Myanmar and North Korea. arms trade, scavenging the Vietnam War debris, money laundering, etc. By 2005, the Dictator set up the International Trade Centre, Singapore in anticipation of the launch of the TPPA crafted by him. TPPA was launched in 2006. There were no takers but only Chile, Brunei and New Zealand. But after the Crash of October 2008, Uncle Sam was grasping at any straw in the ocean of financial turmoil and became the Donkey being rode on by the red ant. In June 2009, the Dictator at 85 came traipsing in to exhort his digits and cohorts in the Ulus with Obama’s TPPA OK in his pocket. Thereafter, Malaysia huddled in 19 very secret negotiations until exposure in 2013. Why the flood of tariff free Singaporean goods into Malaysia after the signing of the TPPA never mentioned anywhere by anyone from 2013 tp 2015 ? And you only spouted one liners in support of your own future demise. Come and talk again ON 21 December 2016 ! I only express facts and nothing personal. But we Malaysians have still a long long way to go to learn on this. The moment Malaysians opened their mouths, out spouted insults, abuses. etc.
        And do you know, the Dictator set-up INSEAS in 1972 to flatter and brainwash young and up-coming UMNO aspirants ? How ? INSEAS invite these folks to give a talk and the following morning in the Straits Times there would be a glowing report on how brilliant and clever these young UMNO aspirants were ! If you do not believe me, I invite you to go to the Straits Times Library, Singapore and check the names of the PROMINENT UMNO PERSONALITIES against THEIR LECTURES AT THE INSEAS AND THE STRAITS TIMES REPORT ON THEM THE FOLLOWING MORNING. It is a fact. Never accuse without facts.
        These are the brainwashed time bombs of Malaysia. No Malaysian Chinese like ? you was ever invited since 1972, Ms H ! Go and check kineas1067. My old IC No. 0671818 beat yours anytime.
        You know for sure Malaysia is NOT POLITICALLLY AND SOCIO-ECONOMICALLY READY UNTIL LATER. In fact, Malaysia is the weakest in this Group of !2 in general terms.

      2. Kineas1067. Irony of all ironies ! On 5 October 2015, the non-delusional Bilahari Kausikan, a roaming Singaporean diplomat wrote an opus in the Straits Times Singapore with the delusional title, ‘ Singapore is not an island.’ in which he accused the Malaysian Chinese of being ‘delusional Chinese.’ Then on 31 October 2015 at the ” Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy’ Forum at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. He noted that Malaysia has entered a political trajectory which may lead to racial and religious violence. Do you know why he was so undiplomatic only 6 months after the departure of his Boss ? He was timid and tongue-tied when the Boss was alive. The fact is the Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats aka Inheritors discovered that the 19th Century cantankerous thinking of the Dictator (1959-2015) based on the Singapore Defence Line at Batu Pahat-Muar-Muar River has been out-dated in present day terrorism. Singapore does not need her humongous military manned by foreign mercenaries because Singapore’s demography which is 3.2 millions indigenous Singaporeans, 1.2 millions FTs and 800,000 PRs of millionaires and billionaires. is her Achilles Heel ! How ? If there is unrest and chaos in the Federation, all the FTs and PRs will just decamp leaving 3.2 millions very old and the very rich Singaporeans holding the can made in Singapore. Therefore, by attacking the ‘delusional Chinese’ which indirectly supports UMNO, Bilahari Kausikan and his dysfunctional elite crew. give CREDENCE TO THE CHANGE OF THE DICTATOR’S FOREIGN POLICY TOWARDS MALAYSIA ! To the Singaporean elites, THE FIRST AND LAST LINE OF DEFENCE FOR INDEFENSIBLE SINGAPORE IS NOW OUR ICONIC UMNO ! So what as you would say ? So, the SIGNING OF THE POISONED CHALICE TPPA BY MALAYSIA HAS BECOME SINGAPORE’S DILEMMA. Why ? When unrest and chaos come, the Achilles Heel of Singapore the FTs and the millionaires and the billionaires just run off and Singapore’s GDP will disappear overnight. Who created this state of affairs ? The Dictator’s 2 Child Family Policy of 1970-1980s which screwed down the Singaporena indigenous population to just 62% today. Otherwise, there would be 5 millions healthy Singaporeans. Kineas1067. I suggest you better stick to your favourite and specialised subject of R & R in the tiny Republic of Singapore which late Dictator was also a cause of our problems with the tom-tom troupes in Malaysia today.
        The irony is the Dictator’s TPPA was meant to harm us, Malaysia and the Malaysians. But the completion took so long that the TPPA by weakeniing Malaysia will surely bring the downfall of Singapore which is no longer defensible. What goes round comes around. This is why I always said ‘ Don’t harm people !’
        I am no longer worried about the TPPA which is now Singapore’s problem of how to nullify its effects on us !
        Vide. Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement: Implications for Malaysia’s Domestic Value-Added Trade. Rashmi Banga. UNCTAD Geneva and Centre for WTO Studies New Delhi. October 2014. As Shakespeare said,’ Reading maketh the Man.’

    1. Yup, P&L, bottom line and shareholders’ interests being given priority.

      Anything wrong with that?

      Apparently that’s a lesson that MAS didn’t learn. Hence it’s present predicament.

      Are there more examples of your financial expertise?

      1. Anything wrong with that?

        I am so glad we concur. The only way to bring the Star to its knees is not to support their products. So Gunting actually has their Achilles heel.

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