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Lagi Banyak Seminar Pendedahan Ancaman Rencana Kristianisasi (SPARK) Akan Diadakan

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SPARK-T4TKejayaan menganjurkan Seminar Pendedahan Ancaman Rencana Kristianisasi (SPARK) yang pertama di Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM) Gombak pada 11hb November yang lalu telah mendapat sambutan yang menggalakkan.

Pertubuhan Muafakat Sejahtera Masyarakat Malaysia (MUAFAKAT) telah dihubungi oleh banyak pihak untuk mengganjurkan lebih banyak seminar yang mendedahkan rencana jahat pelampau evangelis Kristian yang cuba memurtadkan umat Islam.

Pendedahan-pendedahan yang dibuat di dalam seminar tersebut amat bermanfaat untuk umat Islam faham tentang tipu helah jahat gerak kerja pelampau evangelis Kristian. Mereka telah mengguna pelbagai taktik semata-mata untuk memesongkan akidah orang Islam.

Insha Allah dengan sambutan demikian kami akan meneruskan lagi usaha memberi penerangan yang sewajarnya ke segenap pelusuk Tanah Air bagi membentengi akidah umat Islam. Usaha-usaha seperti ini adalah amat sesuai sekali dengan peruntukan Perkara 11 Fasal 4 dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang menghalang mana-mana agama lain yang cuba mendakyahkan agama mereka kepada penganut agama Islam.


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9 thoughts on “Lagi Banyak Seminar Pendedahan Ancaman Rencana Kristianisasi (SPARK) Akan Diadakan

  1. The Christian organisations and it’s adherents worldwide were using all the sources subjugated to them in creating not only perceptions of Islam as the religion of terror but creating phobias even among Muslims which entails the Muslim adherents to abandon the religion of their forefathers and worse still converting to the religion of love, love, love.
    The same thing is happening in Malaysia and spearheaded by the serpents evangelist. The non-evangelists churches which during the good old days were very friendly were now becoming bolder in attacking the ‘friends’ they had before. Mind you these newbies were Malaysian like you and me. Compare them to those officials of the yesteryear who knew how to carry themselves.

    The question to be forwarded is;
    Did the Malaysian Muslims ever questioned “their” belief openly and offensively before their belief were being bandied about and made fun of by “them” ?
    Today, we Muslims were just doing what was duty bound on us to do i.e to remind every Muslims to be aware of the threats from the evangelists to de-Muslim us though not squarely through conversion but also in diverting the ‘Aqidah’ which can also lead to being classified as a ‘murtad’. It is also a form of Jihad.
    Did the Muslims condemn you for being whatever religious adherents or even agnostics? We Muslims were reminded by Allah to be tolerant towards any religion that exists on earth and only wage war when we were attacked (physically?).
    So to those of the other faith remember we Muslim do not ‘practice what you practice. To you your religion and to us ours”.

  2. Haiyaaa LKS..
    Don’t dare peep and kacau2 UiTM Lendu please. I was there last week and am so fascinated with the students there. TENANG.. Warning..Jangan kacau2 our UiTM students!

    So courtious, disciplined and polite (siswa and siswi) as we walked pass each of them, they throw their smiles so readily. According to my niece, a student there.. everyone even the foodcourt operators are very friendly, pleasant and kind to the students.

    Haiyaaa Dyana.. Tanpa UiTM you are nothing meh! INGAT!

  3. This is my frank personal opinion. I believe this kind of title for seminar is uncalled for Malaysia as a multi-cultural society. It is offensive for the faith which is targeted.

    Try to put ourselves into their shoes. Would it be offensive to Muslim if some non-Muslim country were to organize a seminar entitled Seminar Pendedahan Ancaman Rencana Islamisasi? or a seminar entitled Seminar Pembongkaran kepalsuan Islam? In fact we Muslim got offended when some politician criticized Muslim woman in purdah.

    Some may say well if it is a non-Muslim country who organizes it, I don’t give a damn because it is their right. But then Muslim are suppose to be better. We are guided by the Quran where in the Quran, Allah s.w.t. prohibits Muslim from criticizing other faith (6:108). So when Allah s.w.t. gives us the power to rule, we should lead the good example rather than doing something because someone else also does it.

    Having said that, it does not mean we have to agree and let things go. There are many other ways to send the same message. The seminar could be titled as an interfaith seminar, and discuss whatever you want to discuss. But it is not right to organize an open seminar with obvious title to bash certain faith, while the people of this faith are still living among us. Don’t do to others what you don’t want others to unto yourself. Having the power does not mean having the right to do things. With great power comes great responsibilities.


    1. ‘to bash certain faith’

      Saya rasa kenyataan ni akan keterlaluan. Mana tuan tahu, seminar anti-murtad dikalangan Muslim itu bashed agama tertentu??

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