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Was it Najib’s police outriders who were hated on?

Rebellions are sparked by a series of little acts of insubordination – Helen Ang reiterating the obvious

Thus far and ever since 2008, the Dapster-evangelista hate mongers have gotten the better of the BN. – afterthoughts added @ 9.40am

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The IGP said motorists who refused to make way for speeding VVIPs (with police escorts) to pass them on the road are considered as defying the law – see below the Malay Mail‘s lead story yesterday.

Apparently, it was Najib Razak’s convoy that was the target of the non-compliance.

DAP’s politics of hate

If true that the disgruntled public has started to display this kind of civil disobedience against authority, then it shows that the centre’s grip on power is fast slipping away.

This subversive act of protesting against Najib’s vehicle convoy did not come suddenly from out of the blue.

The PM and his wife have long been derided, harangued and smeared by the opposition – see @hannahyeoh’s snarky tweet – “did u kiss @NajibRazak’s hands?” – about PM’s visit to Gaza (the land of “dead & injured children”).

Such callous mockery by the hypocrites clearly has been ongoing a long while.

Red Beanies took cue from evangelista leadership

All the hating on Najib and Umno is beginning to bear dividend now that the popularity of the ruling party has plummeted to a new low.

Ever since the issues of 1MDB and RM2.6 billion donation erupted into prominence, the RBAs have been working overtime to foment hate against Najib and his family.

The worst of the haters in terms of snarkiness are the evangelistas – see the @hannahyeoh tweet below.

See also, ‘Is evangelical body NECF calling No.1 the wicked Pharaoh?

Revolts start with little acts of rebellion

All the hating on Najib is taking its toll.

Hannah has been among the chiefest hate mongers against Najib, hitting “hu hu hu” on the Big Mama and slighting the First Couple’s daughter’s wedding of the century.

Every controversy conceivable Hannah will tai chi to chide Najib, such as the demo against the church cross in Taman Medan or the funding for Isma – see her tweet above.

What’s more mind-boggling how the burglary of her Special Assistant’s house could even be capitalized (tweet below) by Hannah as something to be deflected to Najib.

Is it Najib’s fault too that babies fall sick?

Likewise the occurrence of haze! Typical of sneaky evangelistas, Hannah lays it on thick by exploiting “the safety of babies and the elderly” jeopardized because of the haze (which Hannah must believe as originating from presumably Putrajaya, ya?)

And even her child’s birth cert application also Hannah wants to involve Najib – see her tweet below, “I’m still waiting 4a reply fr @NajibRazak on my appeal 4registration of Anak Msia”.

Too much!

Hannah Yeoh wicked regime

Everything blame Najib

Is there anything that Hannah Yeoh doesn’t hold Najib to be personally responsible for?

Hannah’s confusion about her own daughter’s antecedents can even become a matter that prima donna Hannah wants Najib to look into. See her tweet (below) asking, “PM @NajibRazak pls look into this, my child is neither chinese nor indian”.

How the city was harvested by Jerusubang

Hullo! Why should the Prime Minister “look into” why Hannah’s kids are mixed up – with one registered as a Chinese and another one as an Indian”?

He’s got a country to run and better things to do than entertain petty and vindictive DAP hate mongers. The widespread hate percolating today is the fruit of the DAP’s poisonous tree.

You can watch a video clip titled ‘Hannah Yeoh: In Selangor, BN are hopeless as Government, they are hopeless as Opposition too’ uploaded by the Media Rakyat news channel.

Yup, BN are “hopeless” while the super effiicent DAP reckons that hate can be its weapon in order to cut off Umno at the knees.


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23 thoughts on “Was it Najib’s police outriders who were hated on?

  1. Glad the police made a statement on the issue. I read a thread where the guy was proud that he was one of the motorist who refused to make way for the motorcade. Sad really when people think that they doing wrong to counter someone they think have done wrong, makes them the better man.

    You know sane people stop with the politics once the ballots been cast and a new government elected. The problem with the opposition is, after the ballots closed and the new government elected, they start campaigning for the next election. And what’s really insane is that after two terms of running the state governments, they still have the audacity to blame BN for the failure in their own governments and their supporters still believe their hype.

    1. re: “their supporters still believe their hype”

      Their supporters also believe that while BN are Dark Lords, the Jerusubang politicians have clean hands.

      Joceline Tan wrote something interesting today. She said Sarawak is similar to “what is happening in the Selangor government”.

      According to Jos, “The trouble with politics in Sarawak is that it has become an easy road to wealth and comfort and that is why it is so hard for people to let go even after their shelf life has expired.”

      Ditto Selangor.

      “The easy road to wealth” is filled with Gospel of Prosperity politicians queuing up.

    2. You feel sorry for these people. After all, 2 centuries ago their forefathers were brought to Malaya to work the tin mines and rubber plantations. They were slaves of the British, the white men. They were no different from African slaves working for the whites in the New World.

      Fast forward 2 centuries to present day Malaysia. The white men have left us. Yet the descendants of those slave labor continue to have their minds colonized by the white men. Only this time the colonization is ideological. In their hearts they secretly long for the return of the white men believing that the white men will deliver salvation to them not knowing that their forefathers were victims of these colonizers.Thus you constantly hear them lamenting about their plight and how they are being victimized, working with external forces to undermine the country. The absurdity is beyond imagination. The descendants of slaves, the victims of white colonial rule working with the oppressors of their forefathers. There is a Chinese saying for this 认贼作父 treating the thief as one’s own father.

      Speaking of audacity…………..their audacity is also all hype. Remember those who made provocative comments once exposed they started covering themselves with all sorts of baloney claiming they were misquoted. Yeah very audacious indeed.

  2. You have highlighted something that emanates from a sense of distrust among the masses on certain allegations that failed to satisfactorily put their doubt to rest.

    N is well aware of general public sentiments, even among diehard UMNO supporters. Of course the honorable thing to do would be to temporarily step down pending investigation and let another take the helm. But then in politics, self interest obviously trumps honor anytime.

    N is well aware of the dissent. That is why new draconian laws are introduced. Continuing to play hardball is N’s version of the middle finger to the people.

    The motorists not giving way is prolly them showing the same finger at him.

  3. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “There will be rulers over you. You will agree with some of what they come with and reject some of it. Whoever rejects what ought to be rejected will maintain his innocence and whoever hates it will maintain his innocence. However, those who accept (what should be denied) and follow the ruler, they will be sinners.”
    The Companions said: “O Messenger of Allah, shall we fight these rulers?” He said: “No, as long as they pray.” [Sunan al-Tirmidhî]

    Ubâdah relates: “We have sworn fealty to the Prophet (peace be upon him) to listen and to obey in prosperity and adversity, and not to dispute with the people in charge of government, but to say what is right wherever we are and not to fear any other than Allah.”

    It was also related by Abu Sa`îd al-Khudrî that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “The best Jihad is a word of truth in the presence of an oppressive ruler” [Sunan al-Tirmidhî]

    Enjoining the good and forbidding evil should be done gently with patience and wisdom.

    1. re: “Enjoining the good and forbidding evil”

      It is not clear-cut black & white. What is good for some may not be so good for others, and there is the consideration of the lesser of two evils.

      1. Are you referring to the sense of propriety concerning personal rights and responsibilities that makes for sound judgement?

        The Prophet s.a.w. taught: “Faith is comprised of seventy odd branches; the highest of which is conviction in ‘la Ilaha Illallah’ [there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah]; the lowest of which is to remove a hindrance from the road, & the sense of propriety is an important branch of true faith.”
        [Bukhari and Muslim]

      2. A certain ultra Chinese, or he thinks he’s Chinese has now challenge the Malays to have a go at the Chinese and he’s dragging the mainland Chinese into this. Not too long ago, to be exact it was during last year’s Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong, he lambasted the Chinese government as bananas and now a sudden turn he’s turning to them.

        Remember what you said of China’s government over a year ago punk ?

        Here’s the reminder

        We Chinese have nothing to do with you. And don’t drag China into your charade. The land of our ancestors, our motherland = China has nothing to do with you either. Keep your charade to yourself.

        1. Although China is currently reorienting itself to a neo-Confucian worldview, the government party still has not shed its Maoist underpinnings. Mao was stridently anti-traditionalist and committed genocide. On what grounds does Shuzheng analogize the Ming Dynasty golden fleet of Admiral Zheng He – a Confucian Muslim – with the Communist Party of China as his photos portray?

          Confucius said, “In administering your (some ruler named Ji Kangzi) government, what need is there for you to kill? Desire what is good yourself, and the common people will be good. The virtue of the gentleman is like wind while the virtue of the small man is like grass. Let the wind blow over the grass – it is sure to bend.”

          “Lead people by means of regulations and rule over them through punishments, and the people will evade them (keep out of trouble with the law) but they will lack any sense of shame. Lead them otherwise, through moral force (de’) and keep order among them through rites (li), then they will have a sense of shame (propriety) and will correct themselves.”

          1. Shuzheng you see, he will say what it is that suits him. He’s no different than Josh Hong of Malaysiakini. Both think they are Chinese but reading their pieces you know in an instant that Confucian ethical values mean nothing to them. Where in their conduct do they exhibit the Confucian values that we as Chinese hold so dear ?

          2. Kung

            Confucius is as much a part of China as communist Mao. Just as Zheng Ho, Henry Pui Yi and Qin Shi Huang.

            They may be from different era and bear differing ideology, but they are not independent of one another when one talks about China.


      3. re: “Are you referring to …”

        I don’t think there are absolutes in good and evil. There is still context to be considered.

        e.g. Thou shalt not kill is one of the Old Testament commandments. But the state nonetheless executes the death penalty.

        The executioner who chops off heads or who presses the button of the electric chair as well as the hangman and the rifleman in the firing squad – they all kill. But society does not label them murderer or sinner.

        If Col. Claus von Stauffenberg had succeeded in assassinating Hitler, he would have been hailed as a hero. He’d not be tarred as a villain.

        1. I wish to share this story if I may, about Prophet Muhammad – his charisma in the face of mortal danger. Thank you.

          * * *
          The idolaters and the disbelievers had suffered a severe defeat at Badr [the first battle between the Muslims and the pagans of Mecca, 624 AD during the fasting month]. Among them was Umair ibn Wahb al-Jumhi, who was now squatting in front of the Ka’abah with a gloomy face. He was especially upset because his son had been taken prisoner along with the other Quraishi leaders. A little while later Umair was joined by his kinsman Shafwan ibn ‘Umaiiah : “What’s on your mind Umair?”

          “What am I thinking? If it wasn’t for the debts strangling my throat and my young children to care for, I would leave at once for Yathrib (Madinah) to cut off the head of Muhammad,” he swore. Shafwan made a spontaneous offer: “Consider your affairs settled. Go and finish your mission. I shall pay your debts and take care of your children in your absence.” That was good enough for Umair. Soon afterwards he was sharpening his sword and lacing it with poison.

          Umair rode into Madinah several days later and his unexpected appearance took the Muslim community by surprise. He tethered his camel close to the masjid and strode purposefully towards the building, sword slung across his shoulder in readiness.
          Umar al-Khattab spotted the intruder and alerted his friends: “This enemy of Allah is coming with evil intentions.” Swiftly the Prophet’s companions advanced upon Umair and a fight broke out in front of the masjid. The resulting clamour caught the attention of the Messenger (saw) and his companions inside the mosque. Someone hurried outside and returned with Umar to report the situation. The Prophet (saw) instructed Umar to fetch Umair. Umar returned dragging the attacker with him into the Prophet’s presence.

          “Let him loose Umar!” ordered the Prophet (saw), “Umair come over here!”
          “What has brought you here, Umair?” asked the Prophet.
          “Muhammad, I came for my son – to negotiate his release.”
          “Tell me your real intentions Umair,” the Prophet (saw) demanded.
          “Nothing else but that!” maintained Umair.
          “Then why is that sword slung across your shoulder?” challenged the Prophet (saw).
          “This is the dreaded sword of Allah that has brought despair to many at Badr!” he boasted.
          The Messenger (saw) inquired, “Didn’t you come here to accomplish what you confided to Shafwan in front of the Ka’abah? Are only your debts and your children hindering you from taking the head of Muhammad in Yathrib? Did Shafwan encourage you and promise to take charge of your affairs?”

          Stunned by this miraculous exposure, Umair exclaimed: “I testify that you are the Messenger of Allah! Only Allah could have revealed it to you. Only Allah was present when I spoke with Shafwan!” The Prophet requested his friends: “Accompany your brother here and teach him the tenets of Islam . . . and free his child.” Umair had wondrously accepted the faith.

          When the day arrived for the father and son to depart for Mecca, Umair sought an audience with the Prophet. He said, “I am returning to Mecca and I shall appeal to the people to accept Islam. If they refuse, I will pester them the way I used to trouble you Muslims in Mecca.”

          While Umair was experiencing his conversion in Yathrib, Shafwan was busy bragging to the bellicose pagans in Mecca: “Rejoice, for within the next few days something is going to take place that will purge our sorrows at Badr.”

          Shafwan counted each passing day, searching every caravan that arrived for news from Yathrib about Muhammad’s death but there was always no news of Umair. It was therefore in disbelief that Shafwan received hearsay of Umair’s conversion to Islam. When Umair finally returned quietly to Mecca, Shafwan harboured an aversion for him: “That animal usually comes to visit me as soon as he gets home . . . I won’t be seeing anymore of him from now on.” Umair did look up his old friend but Shafwan would only look askance as he chided him, “Is this how you repay me for all the good I’ve done you? Your debts I settled, your children I have fed. You have cheated me and become a Muslim.”

  4. Civil disobedient.
    All of us should at least once a day, stop at the traffic junction, when the green light is on, for 10 mins, pretending to have car trouble.

    That will slow down fucking UMNO stealing our money.

    1. Ah from the language you’re using, you’re another one of those non Malays from the Sekolah Kebangsaan. If there is ever a need to show why Umno is such a failure, then you’re the best piece of evidence. Profanity is your badge of honor. Umno oh Umno, are you reading this ?

      1. Ah spectre, Helen’s latest alter ego defender. Wake up and smell the roses. Politics has gone beyond race however much you and your fat handler wants to convince otherwise.

        1. No rock, it is not about race, it is about being very, very ‘kurang ajar’ attitude of a type of human species in this land of the Malays! …..and you are one of them for calling this house owner……. !

    2. If you think UMNO is such a failure and the DAP administration of Penang is such a success then read this from Malaysiakini.

      Of course as usual the DAP Chinese calls the writer names.
      The Chinese of Penang have their wish. If Kuantan has Lynas and Penang has Solar.

      “The opening of the world’s biggest photovoltaic plant in Penang was curiously carried out discreetly without any pomp and circumstance. It is unlike the Guan Eng that we know who would always go to town to beat the drums and gongs when something big like this arrives at his doorstep.

      The opening of the world’s biggest photovoltaic panel plant in Prai, Penang on May 26, 2015 has caused grave concerns among the citizens. The plant in question is operated by the controversial solar power manufacturer that was banned in China over malpractices.

      In September 2011, 500 protesters stormed into the plant and ransacked its offices for three days when the solar plant in Haining, China killed a large number of fishes and pigs and caused 31 cancer cases after it polluted a nearby river with fluoride. The river contained 10 times the acceptable level of fluoride and it was later revealed that the plant has been failing pollution tests since April that year!

      The Penang Chinese know of ways to exterminate themselves. Ali Tinju don’t have to ask them to go home. Just ask them to drink the water and eat Haining Pork. Kau tim.

  5. That is why I’m of the opinion that Najib should just resign. There are too much baggage to carry for him, come GE14 campaign. Even the mention of Jho Low, Deepak Carpet and Razak Baginda, could make us stutter in defense. They are not even government officials, yet very close to him/her.

    And now, he wants to take us along with Saudi Arabia’s fight/bullying Yemen under the guise of ‘Coalition of Islamic State’, the Saudi themselves terrorist, without provocation, bombed the poorest neighboring state. After 2 years, when the Houthis instead had come 10km into their land, they cry foul.

    The Indonesian had turned down the Saudis. Wonder why Najib took the bait? Does the donation had anything to do with it?

    I’m afraid this is another Najib’s misadventure. Please make him say NO to the Saudis.

    1. re: “That is why I’m of the opinion that Najib should just resign.”

      If he does that, things will almost immediately fall apart because the barbarians are at the Putrajaya gates already.

      “The centre cannot hold. Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed …”
      (words from a poem by Y.B. Yeats)

  6. Come to think of it. It is foolish for Kedah to take back Penang. With all the asset sales by the Penang government and the commitment to all the infrastructure builders (like the tunnel) and the annual budget deficit, Penang would in the future be a Greek vacation for Malaysia. It would be cheaper to divorce Penang, something the Penangcentric lang want.

    Think of it. The tunnel costs RM6.3 billion
    There are 1.68 million people in Penang and 29.72 million in Malaysia.

    That RM3.75 million cost to each orang Penang. Or RM211K to each Malaysia.

    You really have to sell a lot of assets to pay for the bridge. Who is gonna pay for it? Is it fair that each Malaysian fork out RM211K for the tunnel. Means Kak Helen or 1st or spectre each owe RM211K for the tunnel.

  7. Helen,

    DAP propaganda machine is just riding the wave. The disdain towards Najib and his wife started wayy before this 1MDB scandal.

    1. Golden Rule: What goes around, comes around.

      The DAP’s overly successful black propaganda will cause the wave to back flow and it is the ordinary Chinese who will drown.

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