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Ibrahim Ali thinks Umno too ‘busy celebrating Christmas’ to attend Perkasa AGM

Umno not only suffers a trust deficit but has an image problem in terms of its Malay nationalist credentials too unless the party stops coddling the evangelistas.

The news below about Ibrahim Ali’s complaint has made its way to Singapore, btw.

Apa masalahnya dengan Umno ni? Kera di hutan mahu disusukan. Patutlah akar umbi parti semakin jauh hati.


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9 thoughts on “Ibrahim Ali thinks Umno too ‘busy celebrating Christmas’ to attend Perkasa AGM

  1. But it hasn’t been picked up by the Singapore mainstream media as yet, apparently.

    Let’s see if it is reported in the Singapore Straits Times, Berita Harian or on Channel NewsAsia.

    Btw, does Perkasa & Pak Ibrahim have some gripes about Christmas?

    Or maybe feeling a tad insignificant, hence the angst?

    1. “the Chinese can depend on DAP”…………….Oh my, there he goes again, dragging the Chinese into his own personal charade. Come on LHB, don’t lie. You actually meant evangelical Chinese Christians, not Chinese. Spin here and there.

      “seek for a short term refuge in DAP”……you drunk or what LHB ? Who says we Chinese seek refuge in the DAP ? More like you and the evangelical Chinese Christians seeking refuge in the DAP.

      LHB what a joke.

  2. “‘The Chinese must elect MCA representatives if they are to get more financial allocation from the government, the party’s Wanita chief Datuk Heng Seai Kie said, as reported by The Star.”‘

    Hope Najib has learned his lesson

    Maybe we gonna see “We Love PM 2” soon.

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