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Kejadian bukan kerana letupan bom — Ketua Polis Negara

Menjelang sambutan Krismas, enam kereta terbakar sekaligus.

Taman Jaya LRT fire

Kejadian berlaku berdekatan dengan Amcorp Mall, PJ.

Amcorp Mall adalah sebuah kompleks membeli-belah yang mempunyai beberapa kedai dan kiosk menjual telefon bimbit.

LRT damage Taman Jaya



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9 thoughts on “Kejadian bukan kerana letupan bom — Ketua Polis Negara

  1. This looks like a false flag. The cell phone kiosks, the location, the date you name it. And the first thing that crosses your mind is “those M****** ! Must be them” and couple that with the reach of social media, you have all the makings of a spectacular blockbuster and the real perpetrators behind the incident can milk it for political capital. One must ask, cui bono ? But then again, with Malaysians having the propensity to go hysterical nowadays, who’s going to ask the question ‘qui bono’ ? The finger pointing, the blame game, the name calling, if they haven’t begin, that would be a real surprise.

  2. Laknat mana ni nak cuba takut takutkan rakyat.Tak ada kerja lain,ni kalau polis dapat habis dalam tahanan **** ******.

  3. This is the opportuity for those political opportunists to point finger at a certain group and blame it on the BN govt., again UMNO and Najib will be blamed. A very clear pattern of blame game had been hatched long ago and it is continuing till today and those DAP lapdogs and supporters are having a field day playing blame games in the net.

    If everything is quiet and peaceful, then those opportunistic, idiotic politicians do not have anything to fall on to blame. Something must happen for them to blame. Incidences that attract attention.These are purposely created incidences. To me, those benefited from the blame game must be the suspected instigators or creators of these incidences. WHO ???

  4. There have been cases of car and motorcycle arson before.
    This happening close to Christmas maybe is coincidental. You wouldn’t even know whose cars those belong to.

    Cellphone kiosks are at every mall, besides, the best thing about Amcorp mall for me are those flea market stalls, shops selling old collectibles and Bookxcess.

    1. re: “There have been cases of car and motorcycle arson before.”

      But before, the IGP did not think it merited his personal real-time comment and nor did a burning motorcycle/car cause widespread panic rumours.

      re: “Cellphone kiosks are at every mall”

      There are like the “open sesame” byword for trouble.

        1. re: “It’s because of whatsapp messages and facebook shares going around saying it’s a bomb, what can I say.”

          The authorities themselves announced that M’sia is on terror alert, so M’sians taking their cue lah.

          Bali fears a Christmas bombing,

          Having said that, I don’t think a Taman Jaya carpark is a terrorist target. Like Rahman Dahlan mentioned, if a bomb were to go off, it would be in KL.

          And the Taman Jaya incident yesterday (Dec 21) has less impact in terms of date. A bombing on Christmas eve or X’mas day would grab world headlines.

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