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The Heat main api

Akhbar The Heat ini pernah digantung oleh pihak berkuasa atas sebab isi kandungannya yang menghasut.

Versi portal (dalam talian) The Heat juga sering membuat onar.

The Heat Malaysia

Jelas puak pembangkang pro-evangelis sedang memarakkan lagi api ketegangan politik yang membara.


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12 thoughts on “The Heat main api

  1. From what I see, one of the main parties dividing and ruling is the DAP. It is so glaring that DAP seek out to divide the Melayus and ruling them with their dirty little fingers. That little crowd of dissatisfied Melayus in PAN is so intoxicated by a drop of attention from their godfather, tokong lim

    And the BN? BN asks all races to unite under their banners, and such so that what is mutually beneficial can be discussed and brought forward to them.

    And the HEAT is surely on fire. I am glad PAS and UMNO are having thoughts of cooperation in many many ways. But foolish MCA steps in and demand the sky and heaven. Face up to reality please.

    Many Melayus will buy The Heat’s opinion but will turn away the majority. If their existence is only to provoke, then it is very irresponsible. In turn you will get what you deserve. Time will surely tell

    1. Melayu Malaysia,

      Agreed. But we are going to do about it? “we” means the “who’s who” in power.

      Refusal to be firm is a sign of indecisiveness. It is a form of weakness. Why no action taken?

      Why TONY PUA still in PAC? Who is government of the day?UMNO or DAP. Cant UMNO led BN votes Tony Pua out?

      Susah sangat ke?

      1. Yes Sir….too much face and prominence for someone unworthy. That is the problem with UMNO/BN… inclusive my foot, my dear PM

        1. Melayu Malaysia,

          That is why my father in law once said he wishes he can “lempang muka pemimpin UMNO ni”.

          I can understand him frustration. And I do believe they need good whacking.

      2. The democracy of the ballot box irks you?

        Are you longing for the likes of a Caliphate, perchance? Where everything and everyone is governed by fiat? That seems to be pretty regressive in this day and age.

        And you could do with some lessons in English grammar and syntax. Unless you think that that is an unwanted legacy from the former colonial masters?

  2. Illegitimate government? Buat letih orang undi BN. Sebenarnya, tu ketua yang kat pulau tu yang questionable. Setahu saya, dia tu “pendatang” ke pulau tu.

    Kalau nak jatuhkan kerajaan pun biarlah secara bermaruah. Jelas apa yang ditulis itu tidak benar, bagaimana ketua pengarang boleh terbitkan?

    1. Ketua kat pulau tu ‘seorang pendatang’ sebab kat negeri asal dia yakni Johor, orang DAP Johor pun tak terima dia. Sebab tu lah dia ‘berhijrah’ ke Melaka. Kat Melaka pun dia dan isteri dia di tolak orang DAP Melaka.

  3. The Heat is quite insulting when reporting about Rayani Air. Kurang ajar.

    “A new airline, labelled as syariah-compliant, has recently been launched. The very fact that an airline has to be labelled as such shows the narrowness in which Islam is being interpreted in Malaysia.

    It also puts doubt to whether all the other airlines are not syariah-compliant and therefore forbidden for Muslims to fly with.

    When asked what makes this airline syariah-compliant, it is said its air stewardesses will be donning hijab, not serving alcohol, serve only halal food and the captain will say a prayer before take-off.

    One who may have never flown in life would wonder if it is allowed for Muslims to fly with other airlines. For, the air stewardess pictured on the syariah-compliant advertisement seems just as attractive as any non-hijab clad woman.”

    1. I think they are pitching for other airlines. Many Muslims would prefer a journey with a doa/prayer for their flight to be safer and sound, reach their destination in one piece.

      For a destination with choices of airlines to fly with, guess which ones would the Muslim passengers choose?

      Maybe cramped seating is not a problem to many….but halal and syariah compliant…

      1. Oh, wow – I don’t see Muslims avoiding SIA, even though the sarong kebaya-clad “Singapore Girls” are clad in form-fitting uniforms….

        Or Cathay Pacific, BA or Qantas for that matter.

        It’s freedom of choice. The more choices, the merrier.

          1. Why? Lost for words, are you?

            Or bereft of sensible ideas?

            It’s perfectly ok to lapse into slumber or a catatonic mind frame. All the better for the more industrious to pass you by….


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