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Beware the DAP sneaky bastards — warning by PAS

Hannah Yeoh wicked regime

“PAS ingin menasihatkan PKR supaya lebih berwaspada dengan tindakan licik rakannya dalam Pakatan Harapan iaitu DAP” warned PAS Sarawak commissioner Jofri Jaraiee in a press statement yesterday.

According to Jofri, the DAP – in pursuing its lofty ambitions – is not shy of stealing/”mencuri” native Sarawakians to serve the party’s political needs. (This applies as well to Malay youth spokesmen who are used by the DAP as its bumiputera front, such as Dyana Samad hitting out at UiTM or Syerleena Abdul Rashid slamming the Islamic departments.)

Nonetheless, the DAP’s sneakiness has finally caught up with the evangelical party and nowadays, even its erstwhile ally PAS has become all antsy. See, ‘PAS cautions PKR about its “cunning” friend DAP‘ reported in FMT.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh bermuka-muka

Hannah Yeoh pergi ke masjid untuk ma

I do wonder if the women pictured above are PKR, and whether they will be taking to heart PAS’s warning about how sneaky their DAP friend is. Hopefully PAS people have now stopped inviting such munafiqs to their mosques.

Yellow fever: Bersih launching boot camp

And here we go again. Bersih is once more pushing itself onto the centrestage.

The Yellow Shirts will be fanning a five-day Yellow Fever mania in early January next year – see poster.

Click to enlarge

Bersih mania
Source: Bersih official Facebook

How fitting for Bersih to run a boot camp

Among the Yellow Fever programmes is the launch of a Bersih Boot Camp.

Although Bersih is ostensibly an NGO movement, its cadres nonetheless are reminiscent of Dapsters.

Not just PKR but all Malaysians should beware the fascists’ jackboot stepping on the back of their neck.

Bersih boot camp

Malays who mirror the ultra kiasu by labelling others

Although it is the Malays who feel under siege by the evangelical Christian missionaries, yet somehow it is the UiTM folks who get labelled “the fringe, paranoid and crazy-eyed crowd”.

In other words, those Malays who are rightly suspicious of evangelistas are demonized as paranoid and crazy-eyed.

Azira Aziz Bersih takut kotor
Azira Aziz who is Hannah Yeoh’s aide

Malays linked to the DAP are the ones at the forefront demonizing their Muslim brethren. Below, on the left, is Azira Aziz. She is Hannah Yeoh’s aide.

On a separate note, Malay Mail columnist Azrul Mohd Khalib (right) had labelled a segment of Malays, i.e. those who are suspicious of evangelistas, as “the fringe, paranoid and crazy-eyed crowd”.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - 2015/08/01: A protester was detained by Malaysian police during the "Tangkap Najib" (Arrest Najib) protest in Kuala Lumpur.They demand that Najib resigns as prime minister immediately. (Photo by Rasid Mohd/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Melayu baru yang cari makan dengan politikus DAP

During the Chinese-dominated Bersih rally on Aug 30, Azira donned a yellow T-shirt and marched carrying a placard that said “Siapa takut Bersih memang kotor” – see above.

Memang kotor? On the contrary, it is Azira herself who is viewed by PAS Malays as doing the dirty work of the Christian-led opposition.

Azira soapbox
Azira in action during Bersih 4.0

PAS: “Siapa dalang di sebalik empat individu?”

Hannah Yeoh’s aide Azira Aziz was one of four Muslim individuals who initiated a lawsuit to block Hadi Awang from tabling a private member’s bill on hudud in Parliament.

Their action prompted the PAS information bureau to ask, ‘Siapa dalang di sebalik empat individu?’ – see Harakah Daily‘s Sept 28 report.

Bureau chief Ahmad Amzad Hashim considered the move by the four to be “sesuatu yang sangat janggal” and recalled that “mereka yang mula mendakwa wujudnya percanggahan perlembagaan adalah jelas datangnya daripada DAP”.

In short, Ahmad was implying that Azira is a DAP stooge. Not surprising in the light of PAS’s opinion of DAP as the ultimate sneaky (bastards).

BELOW: Azira arrested during the #TangkapNajib demo while her DAP boss stayed safely at home

azira fru

Why MCA the-walking-dead party should just bury itself

Another face of the DAP sneakiness is the backstabbing MCA.

MCA is the dog that is wagged by its evangelista tail. The party produces characters like Datuk Lee Hwa Beng (pictured below in Bersih yellow together with Syahredzan Johan), its former Adun for Subang Jaya.

lee hwa beng syahredzan

Lee was the MCA Jerusubang Yang Berhormat for three terms until 2008. In an interview with The Heat on Monday (Dec 21), he told the portal, “The best ideal scenario would be for the Chinese to seek for a short term refuge in DAP”.

If a three-term evangelista YB – who won his DUN seat on the MCA ticket – can advocate that Chinese should stick with the DAP, then what reason is there for MCA to remain in the BN?

MCA should do the honorable thing and commit harakiri.

Lee Hwa Beng The Heat
The Heat article

For MCA, Malays are amokers running around with parang

Of late, the MCA has been more DAP than the DAP. In fact the BN’s Chinese party is beginning to sound quite hysterical.

When MCA looks at the Malay community, all it sees are armed antagonists.

BELOW: Dec 22 press statement by MCA publicity bureau chairman Chai Kim Sen alleging that Malays had “brought parangs” into the Kota Raya mall last Sunday (Dec 20)

parangs Kota Raya

In a separate press statement a day earlier (Dec 21), MCA religious harmony bureau chairman Ti Lian Ker said, “Authorities must exercise law on rampaging vigilantes, looters & assailants”

Ti too viewed the group of Malays who rampaged through Kota Raya as parang wielders – see below.

Only The J-Star reported that attackers “brought parangs”

Both the MCA’s Datuk Chai and Datuk Ti got their story (about the Malay vigilantes/rioters bringing parangs) from their party’s media organ The J-Star.

KOMAAs far as I’m aware, no other media reported on the parang detail. From an eyewitness recording of the scene that went viral in the social media, the assailants had attacked the Kota Raya smart phone traders using helmets and chairs.

The gunting-dalam-lipatan role played by the EvangeliSTAR is without doubt. Thus MCA must be held accountable for the lethal behaviour of its venomous media empire and the sly scissorati.

BELOW: The dungu on the right is Star Media Group chairman – the MCA’s Fu Ah Kiow

Either MCA has allowed the J-Star to run rings around the chairman or MCA is knowingly colluding with the evangelistas.


When is Umno going to deal with thorn in the flesh?

Former Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin recently observed that the DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia “mendapat dokongan kuat dari akhbar The Star” – see Zamkata blog entry on Dec 20.

Everybody can see that the partisan approach adopted by The J-Star works to the best of Christian DAP’s interest.

PAS has by now realised what sneaky bastards the DAP are. It is only Umno which is unwilling to confront the extent of the damage being inflicted daily on the BN through the MCA’s complicity with its Nest of Evangelistas.

When DAP takes control of Putrajaya, Umno will be strung from the highest tree in the public square. Padan muka!

Updated: 9.50am


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84 thoughts on “Beware the DAP sneaky bastards — warning by PAS

    1. Sarawak will go for its state elections come early 2016.Not Sabah.BN Swak is well-prepared for any on-slaught by the opposition parties.

      There’re 82 seats at stake.BN Swak would definitely field its winnable candidates. Even tho’ they may be some big problems regarding the status of BN-friendly UPP and TERAS it’s hoping that CM YAB Adenan would eventually solve them.Nonetheless,there’re bound to be unhappiness here and there among the BN partners.

      I predict that BN Swak will still form a state govt.

      DAP would retain all its urban seats.Its “go rural seats” will see a big failure though.Some may even lose their deposits.

  1. Helen,

    For years, UMNO’s way of dealing with MCA is pretending everything is OK . UMNO made no noise when it lost Gelang Patah despite MCA boasting that it has more than 10000 members in that constituent alone. Obviously, MCA members voted DAP, not Ghani Othman.

    Last election is a watershed. It reaffirms what Malays and UMNO members have been saying all this while: that Chinese has abandon BN and they will remain with DAP.

    But last election also open many eyes though the election result still unable to make the person who matter the most, Najib to understand. That all state governments won by BN in Peninsular are actually UMNO government.

    Law of physic works here. while Chinese swung to vote DAP in(and its stooges namely PKR), Malays responded by voting UMNO in


    Before PAS was ejected out of PR, it went to town and all areas telling the naïve Malays that UMNO is paranoid and trying to break PAS from PR. .No doubt there is some truth in it. But the real reason is that PAS was repeatedly “bastardized” by DAP.

    Now PAS understands what UMNO is saying all along. Previously those warning PAS to be careful with DAP were automatically labelled as “macai UMNO”. Now PAS understands the pain of being backstabbed by ruthless Uncle Lim.

    Short of saying it, I believe Hadi now realised PAS is facing greater danger from DAP, not UMNO. Meaning both UMNO and PAS are facing the same enemy.

    As for those Malays who “cari makan”, they better remember the fate of Spanish Arabs who became allies to Castilian Christians in the Reconquisition. Time will show that they too will be discarded literally like “sampah”.

    And for Malays including malay politicians who maintain attitude “tidak apa”, do realise fast on your stupidity. Remember Palestine. we too are heading on that direction if we choose wrongly.

  2. If DAP is sneaky bastard…what does that make you? Hideous bitch? See Helen – name calling and making allegations is easy. Especially if you sit behind a computer and do it for a living. Your brand of hate is obsolete. Get used to that .

    1. re: “See Helen – name calling and making allegations is easy.”

      Like 40,000 Bangla phantom voters and blackout allegations? RM24 million diamond ring?

      Yup. The name-calling list coming from your side is a mile long – “Darth Vader, Pharaoh (2.0), dictator, murderer, Hitler/Nazis, racists, extremists, bigots, low class, running dogs, haters, morons/ignoramuses/bodoh/stupid/idiots, Dumno/Scumno/Bumno

      Your side: Screaming expletives & the four-letter word, heaping insults & curses, spewing a stream of invective

      Your side: Simply accusing – lazy lah, wicked lah, evil empire, Dark Side, corrupt, Umno minions, Najib macai

      re: “Especially if you sit behind a computer and do it for a living.”

      Especially if you’re a political operative sitting in Komtar and commanding the Red Bean troopers. You will be cursed seven generations for pied piping the Chinese like lemmings off the edge of the cliff.

      The Dapster-evangelista MUNAFIQ trademark – simply accuse

      And btw, what useful work does a DAP politician ever do for a living besides instigating hate against the ruling party, the government and the country?

      re: “Your brand of hate is obsolete.”

      How did you get 95 percent to dance around the Maypole?

      ‘One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them’ … in HATRED

      re: “Get used to that.”

      Get used to the idea that PAS and Umno are uniting in the name of the ummah.

      1. Easy peasy. You’ve just proven everything I said about you. An ugly hate monger who does it for a living. A real ugly one too. Try and get out occasionally. There is a real world out there.

        1. On the contrary, you’ve proven yourself as belonging to cybertroops whose assignment it is to carry out the Dapster’s trademark drive-by shootings.

          Simply making accusation(s) is called character assassination – which btw is the mainstay of the DAP’s gutter politics.

          What kind of people are you? Simply accuse, accuse, accuse …

          The fruit of your labour is the irrevocable 95 percent bias. How did you think you all managed to reach such a saturation point? Neutral observers can evaluate for themselves lah.

          1. You’re really quite insufferable. Delusional too. And quit pretending that everyone who calls you out does it for politics. You’re a disease to the country.

            1. re: “You’re really quite insufferable.”

              You are. I don’t go and harass anyone in their Facebook or Twitter.

              re: “Delusional too.”

              I believe the Ambassador had your lot in mind when he mentioned the word.

              re: “And quit pretending that everyone who calls you out does it for politics.”

              Quit pretending that everyone who calls out your party bosses does it for money.

              re: “You’re a disease to the country.”

              You’re the cancer that the PAS-Umno collaboration will soon chemo.

        2. l o l !

          I really admire your fidelity to falsehood. A falsehood expressed through endless prevarication. You’re a somebody ! Wow !

    2. l o l !

      I really admire you fidelity to falsehood as expressed through countless prevarication. I really do.

  3. Ms H. I have so many ideas to develop the Pearl of the Orient. Yet those in power are only interested in aping their homeland Singapore and intent on covering the unique Pearl with concrete in a spate of wanton destruction to raise revenue. My ideas are eco-friendly which not only save time and money but are people friendly as well. As I always said if the cap fits, wear it. Otherwise, these folks should not mislead their supporters that they are capable of doing things. They are not as is proven in their treatment of the poor fisherfolk. Who does not know how to reclaim land and chop down the hill-sides ? You do not need a rocket scientist from Singapore to do so.

    1. Ak47, do you think development is what the Komtar fellows want? If they really care for the people, they wouldn’t do reclamations to change the shape of Penang Island from a golden tortoise to a face of Batman’s joker. I think lining their pockets is the priority now that they have taken their souls. Love, love, love of god.

      1. Equalizer. I like your comments. But I always think in overview terms whereby our Rakyat gain without getting hurt. I have so many ideas for Pulau Pinang to gain more revenue at a faster pace. But these ruling folks keep on aping their homeland Singapore and forgetting that Pulau Pinang is really their homeland. Stupid. Also, as you said they want to do opaque things which is not my concern. I am not the IGP. Thanks.

      1. Cina. I AM NOT A FUCKING MALAY. I am a truer Chinaman than you. My father came to Selangor in 1889 and built his second house which is now known as the old Istana Negara. He founded the first Chinese Secondary School, the Confucius Chinese Secondary School, Kuala Lumpur in 1906. And he founded the Kwong Yik Bank Kuala Lumpur 1913, the Bank of East Asia, Hong Kong, 1919 and the Lee Wah Bank Singapore 1931. Cina, you are an absolute disgrace to the Cina people. You have two heads one of which was developed over 5000 years. And like Cina of your ilk, always used the wrong one. Stupid. If you use the right head, you will see that you are lucky to be alive and live in this wonderful country, our beloved Malaysia. Think ! Use your right head always ! I was in Tun Tan Siew Sin’s delegation to meet Tun Dr Lim Chong Yew (my family friend) in 1972. They talked for one hour without resolution. At this juncture, I brought up my idea which made them blushed ! Now I have many more ideas for Pulau Pinang which these folks who use the wrong heads do not have ! Stupid. Do not insult, abuse or vilify others hiding behind pseudonyms ! This only shows you are a stupid Cina ! I asked my friends,’ Have you ever met a stupid Cina.’ They all said,’ No’. Then, I continued,’ But then there are some Cina who are so very clever as to be stupid.’ They looked puzzled and could not reply. I continued again, ‘ I rolled out a few famous household names. These Cina are so very clever as to be stupid.’ They all agreed with laughter. You Cina is one of them. This is the trouble with the Cina in this land. They all think they are so very clever. To me, like those tom-tom types, they are stupid. Read Bilahari Kausikan non-delusional article with the delusional title ” Singapore is not an island ” condemning the stupid and delusional Cina like you in 5 October 2015 Straits Times Singapore. Wipe your racism from your hollow brain if you want to be heard and loved ! Think beyond the confines of your thick numb skull or mind ! Do not ever accuse others without the facts !

        1. AK47,

          So it sounds like you are an MCA person who was probably quite senior.

          What do you say to Malaysians who say that MCA has sold out the Chinese?

          1. An Ordinary Malaysian. Thanks. I like your comment. I consider myself a NATIONALIST. In 1969, I was offered the best State Exco seat for a Chinaman – Selangor. My advisors, Tan Sri Dr C.C. Too the most senior advisor on counter-insurgency to the Federal Government and my UMNO Youth friends advised me to pass it. In 1973, Tun Tan Siew offered me his own seat of Batu Berendam which goes with the post of Deputy Minister of Finance. I asked him, ‘ Any chance to be the Minister of Finance ?’ He replied,’ If you perform well, Tun Razak may appoint you.’ I recommended another person for this post ! I have a list of 17 top leaders of MCA who retired mightily rich. The MCA just like the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP are just SOCIAL WORKERS. They do not figure in the major decisions on major policies. I hope this answer your question.

      2. Cina. The good and the great, Tun Dr Lim Chong Yew, Tan Sri P.G. Lim, her brother, the Lohs, the Choongs, the Lims, the Saws, the Gohs. the Ongs and many others are/were my friends or family friends. Cina, stick to what you know and don’t try to be a stupid Cina by insulting, abusing and vilifying other races. This will get you nowhere and cause many innocent Cina serious trouble for the idiocy of just one Cina.

      3. Cina. In 1972, at the beginning of the NEP, I developed the idea or concept to capture and repatriate Sime Darby PLC for the Malay and Malaysian interests. My idea was to obviate the need of the Malays to don Red Shirts and harangue the Yellow Shirts. By November 1976, Sime Darby was in control by the Malays with the help of Singapore through two major Singaporean corporates as arranged by me. However, instead of being like Temasek of the 21st Century which was my 1972 vision, Sime Darby went bankrupt twice, at RM 1.2 Billions in 1996 and RM 2.10 Billions in 2010 because of self-serving executives. There hangs the tale when Sime Darby should have captured advance Western business firms and transfer the technological know-how and employ Malaysians for our general progress. But this did not happen because the well-endowed executives did not want to risk their cosy jobs by taking risks. Hence, we have the Red Shirts and the Yellow Shirts which should not have happened. Pour le vous francais, Cina ?

      4. Cina, why do you say,” Fucking Melayu actually have business ideas ” as though you are in China ?
        Do you know that our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad created 3 million famillies of the Malay Income Group during his 22 year Administration without strife or fervour which up-lifted the 3 million famillies of the non-Malay Middle Income Group ( from which you are one ) by the purchases of the goods and services provided by the latter to the former. Go to the Malls and see but not to look. This Malaysian Middle Income Group now provide the stability, the peace and harmony today, like India’s English speaking 350 millions.
        On 13 May 1969, the British owned 70% of Malaysia’s best assets. the Chinese 25% of the third rate and the Malays just 2%. Before the NEP, the Malaysian economy was dependent on the Currency Board of Malaya, Singapore, North Borneo, Sarawak and Brunei. which was dissolved in 1972. We could only spend what we earned. This British colonial model was the model for all the Colonies of the British Empire. Hence, my concept of owning and repatriating Sime Darby PLC. was the first step to buy back British owned assets at open market prices without nationalization. This is why Mugabe is such a good friend of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. The former had to nationalize all the British assets in Zimbabwe. Malaysia did not but took over all at fair market prices.
        And your hero Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) screwed down the Singaporean Indigenous Population from 100% in 1959 to 62% in 2010 through his 2 Child Family of 1970s-1980s.. Vide Singapore Government White Paper on Population. 2011. Hence, the demography today is 3.2 millions Singaporean indigenous, 1.2 million FTs and 800,000 PRs, the millionaires and billionaires instead of 5 millions dynamic, robust and healthy indigenous Singaporeans. Not only this, Singapore has become indefensible because at the slightness sign of chaos in the Ulus, the 2 millions foreigners will decamp leaving the 3.2 millions very old and very rich Singaporeans holding the can made in Singapore and their vaunted GDP will disappear overnight !
        This is the reason why Bilahari Kausikan and his dysfunctional crew who were timid and tongue-tied with the Boss was alive, now spoke up in ” Singapore is not an island.” – a more apt title for Penang.
        And our iconic UMNO has become the FIRST AND LAST LINE OF DEFENCE FOR INDEFENSIBLE SINGAPORE because the Order of Battle has changed in the last few years making the 19th Century cantankerous thinking of the Dictator based on the Batu Pahat-Muar-Muar River defence line out of date. And Singapore’s humongous foreign manned military also completely out of date. Cina always think before you talk.

        1. so where is all yr family bank n biz, sudah kena robbed la. the confucius school stay bec the persistent of the poor n the working class. u dun talk lancau la. most name that u mention r merely parasite n ass kisser in the eyes of umno. tak malu pun.

          1. If I may add that Kung Tze also said: “The end of the day is near when little men make long shadows.”

            Little men are anxious over their fortunes, perplexed over the issues, and fearing to lose quarrels they started in the first place..

            1. I doubt HY understands what you’re saying. He’s of the coolies type, those who know nothing of true Confucian ethical values. He only knows how to shout out loud. A disgrace to the Chinese nation.

                1. Ms H. I hope you are like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Fair and reasonable. Recently, I was roughened up on his Blog by some Malay zealots. He openly defended me in his Blog and then, after a seminar. I hope you are like him who could see where and when the bullying began. Go and check.

                  1. uncle, according to many that comment here, mahathir where got fair, many claim dia sudah tua n senile la. i think helen prefer view from various class, not only the malay zealots wakaka. i always reply yr comment bec it is interesting, take this as a compliment.

                    1. HY. On tdm, he admitted he made mistakes. Do not forget in this country, politics is communalism or vice-versa. Hence, the ruling party which is UMNO must act like King Solomon, fair and just because the non-Malay political parties are weak. Those who are capable either rather not be involved or migrated. Why ? Because our country which has never gone through trials and tribulations like India, China etc. But our Merdeka was served to us on a plate.

                    2. re: “Because our country which has never gone through trials and tribulations like India, China etc. But our Merdeka was served to us on a plate.”

                      “The great issues of the day are not decided through speeches and majority resolutions — that was the great error of 1848 and 1849 — but through blood and iron.” – Otto von Bismarck, war general/the Iron Chancellor of Germany

                      “Nations are forged in the cauldron of war.” – Samuel Huntington

                      Like you say Uncle, our Merdeka was served to us on a dulang perak. The minorities take their citizenship too much for granted thinking its their God or British-given right.

                    3. Ms H. You are absolutely right. It is up to you, me and others to guide those who are disadvantaged in their access to historical or factual information, to see the wonderful World which is our beloved Malaysia with all its warts. See the great Prime Minister of India, Modi. who could be humble in the interests of India’s Sovereignty, National Interest, Self-esteem after 2 all out Indo-Pakistan Wars. If our beloved Malaysia survives what had beset or will beset her this round, I am very optimistic we will ascend to the Moon and the Stars to emulate the great nations of Switzerland and Japan. Fortunately, we Malaysians have still a lot of goodwill in our hearts. And what ails our beloved Malaysia today, it is the failed MONEY MONEY MONEY (GLCs) policies of the Dictator which do not fit into our Free Malaysian Style Democracy with Capitalist Characteristic and a Malay Bias with our loyalty and devotion towards our Yang Di Pertuan Agong and our Royal Sultans and cherished Constitution which safeguards Islam and all the other religions. The quicker we discard the GLCs back to the Private Sector the better. If money is lost, it could be recovered or be created again. The approach by the Penang Government in aping Singapore is thoughtless and lack finesse, vision, creativity and innovation. Lee Kuan Yew had some merits in sticking to his Oxbridge/Ivy League Meritocracy. But too much of this also brought HUGE 2 Child Family, Loss of US$ 108 billions in October 2008 etc. This reliance on meritocracy was dispensed with by 2 Ministers in 2013. Too much brains. Bad. No brains. Also bad. The trick is to be INCLUSIVE to stay relevant, Ms H. The Pearl of the Oriend need not be covered in concrete or beautiful Penang Hill destroyed by aping others. The answers are in the brains of the Chief Minister and downwards. Think !

                  2. uncle, according to many commentator here, mahathir where got fair, he is old n sudah senile la. helen welcome viewpoint from all sort of background n class, not only limited to malay zealots wakaka. i never bully u, like i always said, i reply yr write bec it is an interesting read. i hope u r not like that religion last fella to expect me to treat u like an old useless scrap, or treat a kid like a kid right? I think both kid n old have their own thought that worth reading n rebut, right or wrong (my view) is another question.

                    1. HY. I was never scolded in my family. But I was scolded 13 times by Tengkus down to Datuks. I knew why they did it because they did not know my background and I NEVER BOAST. This does not mean I run away to join the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. I stayed and with grit and determination tried to put public affairs on a fair and even keel for all WITHOUT PUBLICITY OR TITLES. This is why I can speak openly within the LAW.

              1. Mr. Spectre, this thread began with some uncouth Cina using foul language on the generality of our Malay brethren, for which he was fairly censured by a Chinese gentleman. But then this HY whom I suppose is a Chinese individual now comes and accuses Confucius of supporting social elitism against the downtrodden masses (poor and working class). Now, this sounds eerily like the little red revolutionary Mao Tse Tung as he rampaged China with his Cultural Revolution and overturned Chinese civilization monstrously spilling innocent blood. So Mr. HY if you are a remnant of the CPM cadres please take note:

                Confucius customarily spoke his mind. He told the truth as he saw it, and this apparently offended leaders who had great power. And so, the teacher was forced into exile. He had to leave the state of Lu with his disciples, and they wandered from state to state looking for a ruler to serve.

                Again and again, the leaders of the kingdoms in China turned him away. By the time they reached the state of Chen, they were starving and suffering from sicknesses. One of the disciples, Zi Lu, pondered at the group of men and said to Confucius: “So a good person can indeed become poor!”

                Confucius agreed. “Yes,” he said. “A righteous person will guard his virtue even when he is poor. A wicked person will do anything to escape poverty.”

                1. re: “this HY whom I suppose is a Chinese individual now comes and accuses Confucius of supporting social elitism against the downtrodden masses (poor and working class)”

                  Huh? Where did this come from?

                  1. Here Ms. Helen, his words: “the confucius school stay bec the persistent of the poor n the working class”.

                    Why does he cast aspersion on Confucius to strike at the managerial successes of the Chinese Mr. AK47?

                    1. Kung & Spectre. Many thanks. Unlike the political cina boys, I delivered even on the Ringgit when it was RM 1 to SDlr 1.03. Little cina like cina and hy, they have no father or mother.

                    2. Kung

                      Re: “the confucius school stay bec the persistent of the poor n the working class”.

                      The above meant exactly what it says. You injecting Confucius in everything you read is grossly over the top.

                      Commentator AK47 was spewing his exquisite family lineage out there to bolster his claim to a ‘higher Cina’ heritage rights than mere Cina mortals (like HY and others) because his father started banks and schools.

                      HY is right to point out what ever happened to the Chinese-owned banks of yesteryears Mr AK47 had included in his list of bragging rights??

                      Where are they now if not wiped out/merged/taken over by non-Chinese? Why are the banks not flourishing? Why are these Chinese elites giving up so easily the financial institutions their forefathers built from scratch?

                      Is that something to be smug about?

                      The Confucius school AK47 mentioned is still around. The school exists today not because of the rich elites, it’s the little people that kept it going.

                      By the way, what’s Confucius take on constant name dropping?

                    3. re: “The Confucius school AK47 mentioned is still around. The school exists today not because of the rich elites, it’s the little people that kept it going.”

                      Little foul-mouthed people don’t keep Confucius school going. Neither do wealthy harlequins.

                    4. kung brader, I have nothing to add on what helen n harlequin asked n elaborate, perhaps u r not that familiar with my stance n viewpoint all this while. a word of caution though, confucius have many good, but at the same time some of his thought tak bolih pakai punya, u sometimes seem over glorify him n his thought.

                      btw, u dun expect ak47 dad would send him or many of his cucu cicit to confucius school or cis right? lks punya anak pun la salle la, I am not saying they r wrong, it is purely personal choice n abt their son daughter future. we just wan to point out some hypo from time to time, i think tis is the good of a confucius man.

                  2. Ms H. Nuts like HY and cina should be treated in Tanjong Rambutan or Woodbridge Hospital, Singapore. I agree with Spectre and Kung who are both educated whilst the nuts are uncouth and jealous poor troublemakers. You should know how HY insults, abuse and vilify me for so long. I am surprise at your tolerance level, Ms H. All these are PERSONAL attacks not based on FACTS. And these attacks by HY have always been OFF TOPIC. And yet , he appears with regularity whenever I wrote factually and objectively. Have you got a reason for permitting cina nuts to vilify their own kind ? Does it meant that you are my un-believer too. Too good to be true ?

                    1. Uncle,

                      re: “You should know how HY insults, abuse and vilify me for so long.”

                      You insult, abuse and vilify HY. Those comments of yours did not pass moderation.

                  3. Ms H. You accuse me of insulting, abusing and vilifying HY FIRST ! Please go and check on all my Comments from the beginning. You will find that his comments on me were PERSONAL, ABUSIVE, INSULTING AND JEALOUS ALWAYS ! Please go and check for fairness sake ! Please do not be bias !

                    1. re: “You accuse me of insulting, abusing and vilifying HY FIRST !”

                      I did not say which one of you started it “first”.

                      re: “Please go and check on all my Comments from the beginning. You will find that his comments on me were PERSONAL, ABUSIVE, INSULTING AND JEALOUS ALWAYS !”

                      Not as abusive, personal and off-topic as yours about him.

                      re: “Please go and check for fairness sake ! Please do not be bias !”

                      I have never had to censor or withhold any of HY’s comments. On the other hand, a number of your comments about him failed to pass moderation.

                  4. Ms H. To make your HY more jealous. I was the only Asian ever appointed to advise the World famous Smithsonian Institution with its 19 museums. I did not boast before. But I am forced to do it now.

                    1. uncle, i am sorry if i get personal once a while, but i rarely verbal attack a harmless commentator like u but never mind. my question is a relevant one, at least relevant to your comment though i am not sure how yours relevant to this thread, but again never mind.

                      pray tell us who own the maybank, ky, dc etc etc? how many bank left to support the smi? how a great cina like u would propose to let the small biz to continue to grow n thrive? how would u suggest to allow the bus co like tongfong, lienhup to stay n compete, n let the rice miller n wholesaler free from the control of bernas? just a few question at this moment. lets hear from u first. ok kah uncle?

                    2. Ms H. When I was offered political posts in 1969, I knew that there would be jealousy all round like now. OK. To make these fellows like Harlequin, cina, HY etc more jealous based on their emotions, I further state that I gained entrance into the best College at Cambridge University through an Open Entrance Examination with 100 marks in 4 subjects after only 9 months of study. And that their hero, Lee Kuan Yew ( my brother-in-law through marriage ) got into Fitzwilliam House by the back door without sitting for the Open Entrance exam and without Latin. If people are jealous, let them be more jealous ! I believe in true MERITOCRACY. No hard feelings, Ms H. I have got a very thick skin !

                    3. OK. HY. You become civil, so can I. On Maybank, it was founded by Khoo Teck Puat, a former OCBC manager, arising from an idea that the Government Servants have to be paid on time in the small towns where there were no banks in ‘British Malaya’ in 1959. Maybank established branches in all the small towns to service the Civil Servants. Khoo Teck Puat got into trouble with the Bank Negara Malaysia on a technical point in 1966 and lost control to the Government. On Kwong Yik Bank, my father became a maverick with his friends when he refused to take part in taking over the assets of debtors after a great slump after World War 1. Hence, he became a founder shareholder of the Bank of East Asia Hong Kong because of his honesty. Kwong Yik Bank was sold to Maybank in the 1980s which in turn sold to Rashid Hussein’s D & C Bank. The Development and Commercial Bank licence was given by the Government to my relative Tun Sir Colonel H.S. Lee, Malaya’s First Minister of Finance on his retirement. His son over-traded and lost control to Rashid Hussein who again lost control to EPF. You must realise the political weakness of the Chinese is entirely due to the Chinese political parties like the MCA and DAP. The leaders of the latter have done very well by collecting legal salaries and allowances from the Government since 1966 by just having a wonderful gift of the gab. In fact, Malaysian politics is a good profession – no need to study hard. Just talk, talk and talk. Hence without Government help, it is difficult for a SMI to thrive because Malaysia is a small place. The proposed TPPA will kill the SMIs because of the flood of tariff free goods from Singapore after signing ! All foreigners here have already got their markets in the World. The moment they start, they make money. I am very much aware of the bus, second motorcar trade, the rice and rice milling trade, smi etc. I have friends in this trade.
                      Have you ever heard of the word ‘sacrifice’. from these folks ? All we hear is that one is smarter than the other, just like the arguments here on this Blog.
                      I believe that despite of all the negative things we know about in recent years, our beloved Malaysia will progress and succeed in the Malaysian Dream for all, given the right ingredients.
                      A practical note for you, please note that once every 10 years there will be a big up-turn or down-turn in the Malaysian economy.
                      You must take advantage of this by being well-informed reading financial news from overseas.
                      And when you fly above our land, you see the huge expanse of greenery. What do you do ? You go into property development which will prosper you if you enter in 2018 !
                      I want all Malays, Chinese, Indians and all to be rich.
                      Slowly, slowly, people will understand my 1972 Sime Darby concept which should have benefitted all citizens. But it did not. It is still not too late.

                    4. HY. It is not my policy to comment on names. sorry ! Some Government high-ups sent me to Hong Kong and Singapore to rescue Pan-El. It was unsuccessful. After the Malays got hold of Sime Darby from my concept of preventing the Malays to put on their Red Shirts, the MCA leaders used this Sime Darby excuse to go on a Big Business spree April 1974 to 1985 ending with the suspension of the KL-Spore Stock Exchange for a few days in 1985,arising from the Pan-El caper.

                    5. thats fine ak, i then ask in a more direct approach, what tks did is common among singapore n malaysia commercial practice at that time, do u think its a selective prosecution?

                    6. HY. On tks, I knew him when he first came down from the hills, Genting. Please remember if a politician touches anything, the thing is POLITICISED. I thought he got lost with his power and money. I would have done it differently. At the material time, a smart MCA operative, a friend of mine, decamped.

                    7. HY. I note you are interested to make money. It is OK. You and all the Bloggers here can do it. First, do not immerse into the local politics which is the same the World over. Second, 2016 onwards is the perfect time to get ready for any Big Downturn. This comes ONCE in a life-time for many people. I experienced 13 down-turns. Down-turns give us ordinary folks a chance to buy assets cheaply. In boomtimes, we cannot compete against the millionaires and billionaires. From 2016 onwards, do NOT buy any asset but to conserve your CASH only. Now, it is difficult to get financing from banks. But this will change in the years ahead after a Big Downturn. Then the banks will beg you to borrow from them to buy as many condos/properties as you wish. The stock market is too high now. But after a Big Downturn this will be a different story. On the SMIs, I have owned textile mills, garment factories, hospital supplies, biscuit and hair-wigs and handkerchiefs factories etc. It is difficult to sell in our small country without a brand name. To sell to America it means money, time and personnel. Hence, the Government has a big role to play here to safeguard our interests. This is where our political parties’ role is no less important instead of acting like SOCIAL WORKERS. After 13 May 1969, I went to North America, Australia and Singapore. Eventually, I decided it is best to stay at home. I was not in the money-minded but only interested to serve people when I was young. My whole life changed when my eldest brother took all my money which he held in trust. I did not do anything to him. From a zero base, I just took a job which paid me RM 401 per month in a hospital and carried on. By 1966, I took over a listed company on the KLSE. The first takeover in corporate history. A good example for you is that I have a motorcar salesman friend who could build up his portfolio of small condos AT GOOD LOCATIONS which he rented out one after another. Maybe you should try this in 2018 or thereabouts. The prices for everything now is too high. Enjoy.

                2. n kung, touch a bit abt history, mao often said revolution is not a dinner party, i think we have to accept mao as a whole n not broken pieces. if china will to continue with the confucius way, middle east or islamic world is the best reflection. the west (general term refer to usa n west europe) would tear n break china into pieces.

                  if u r a fool then only take note of my above comment, or else, move on.

                  1. The master said: “The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.”

                    But certainly Mr HY the one who shouts high and low displays his foolishness to everyone. You do not understand Chinese history and misrepresent Chinese civilization. Tyrants and oppressors have been with us all along, but there also have been heroes and saints. I rest my case.

                    1. i think history is not that black n white as u want to paint it, pls ask yrself y kungzi thought never accepted well by all states but did flourish during han, n become the mainstream ideology endorsed by han wudi?

                      mao was born in an era when china was weakest in term of every aspect n sector, he, similar to luxun n chen duxiu, is a product of mayforth movement, that want to learn, imitate, create n develop a new culture to replace the old. the diff is mao could implement what others cant. can u claim any of the scholar during that period know less of confucianism than any tom dick n kung when they live thru it n did read n practice confucianism day in day out? point is they knew confucianism dun work under a feudal china, but that doesn’t mean confucianism is a total fail ideology of a modern world, the proof is today the communist state seem to revert back to confucianism.

                      yes mao is perhaps a tyrants, but in term of military strategy n geopolitics, he is much insightful. otherwise deng xiaoping might not have the rather long peaceful years to carry out his “crossing the river feeling the rock” reform.

                      i state my view base on my understanding of china history, so tell me which part i sound misrepresenting n ignorance.

                    2. ‘Commentator AK47 was spewing his exquisite family lineage out there to bolster his claim to a ‘higher Cina’’

                      HY, HH and gangs tak payah dengki sangat dengan AK47. Dia adalah patriot yang banyak sumbangan kepada negara! Korang ada?

                    3. Islam 1st. I did not ‘spew’ my exquisite family history, It is a fact and part of our beloved Malaysia’s history to prove to all that there are Chinese who contributed to the development of this country since 1889. I deliberately keep a low profile throughout my life to be different from those who did nothing and assumed a high profile. I am surprised at your comment. Islam 1st. To let you have more truth, I help many Malays to be multi-millionaires and Chinese and Indians as well and some cases I cannot mention. Sorry, I did not meet you during my lifetime !

                    4. islam1st. My concept of 1972 to get the Malays to control Sime Darby was my vision so that the Malays do not don the Red Shirts and harangue the Yellow Shirts later after the launch of the NEP in 1971. The concept was supported by the Father of Development Tun Abdul Razak and YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and was successful after the money ran out and I had to get 2 major Singaporean corporates to close out the venture by November 1976. Do not forget on 13 May 1969, the British controlled 70% of the BEST assets, the Chinese 25% of the third grade and the Malays just 2%. After 2 huge bankruptcies of Sime Darby of RM1.2 billions in 1996 and RM2.1 billions in 2010, Sime Darby is now the flagship of the PNB. It is alleged Sime Darby is looking for a new loan of RM19 billions for re-financing.

                  2. islam1st. My vision for Sime Darby under the control by the Malays was that Sime Darby takes over big British companes which could benefit Malaysia by way of technolog ical TRANSFER and EMPLOYMENT for the Malays, Chinese, Indians and all. In fact, better than Temasek Holdings in the 21st Century. And what did the Malaysian management do ? They did nothing but sponsored Ocean Racing in New Zealand for 9 years, bought small business like travel agencies etc in Australia, local hotels, 30% in TESCO, golf couirses in Florida etc. Also,they turned Sime Darby into an elegant British trading company selling motorcars, tractors etc WITHOUT the Empire Preference. The managers are all ennobled. They collect RM 50,000 to RM 500,000 per month.
                    You should join Sime Darby which is now owned by PNB arising from my 1972 concept which without my “exquisite” background would not have been possible.
                    I did not BOAST about this for 90 years. Why are you sarcastic to a person who served the MALAYS, CHINESE, INDIANS AND ALL WELL, honourably and honestly ?
                    With your permission, may I say something ? I did not ask for a title, money or favours.
                    The Chinese thought I was bum-sucking. I did not say anything because WITHOUT Sime Darby in Malay hands, where are the big Chinese businesses today. You think so easy to manage and create a profitable business or BIG business, uh ?
                    My 1972 concept actually benefitted the Malays with Sime Darby on the one hand and the LEEWAY for the Chinese to build up their BIG businesse on the other eg. MPH, etc.
                    Go and check. THIS WAS NOT AN ISOLATED BENEFIT FOR ALL BY ME. There were many others eg. my turning round the biggest bankrupt Folex Industries Berhad the biggest corporate scandal in the 1970s for the benefit of all, Malays, Chinese, Indians and all. I was only paid RM 7,000 per month for 9 years of my life. and one month annual bonus. This restructuring WITHOUT ANY NEW MONEY FROM THE BANKS would not have been possible without my ‘EXQUISITE’ family background as you said so glibly. I was not a shareholder !
                    It is also for this reason that I knew many would accuse me of haviing an ‘EXQUISITE’ background which I decide not to be a POLITICIAN.
                    My whole life record is based on MERITOCRACY like yours.
                    I am the only Malaysian who got into the best College at Cambridge by sitting for the Open Entrance Examination and scoring 100 marks in 4 subjects within 9 months.
                    I have to disappoint you here, islam1st. I COULD NOT TELL THE CAMBRIDGE EXAMINERS THAT I HAD AN EXQUISITE FAMILY BACKGROUND. I did not know you then to help me.
                    I was roughened up by Malay zealots at ‘chedet’ on the facts which I presented. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad DEFENDED me twice, once on his Blog and another after a seminar. Go and check. islam1st. I have never forgotten we are all MALAYSIANS for 90 years ! And I always remember snide remarks will get me nowhere.

                    1. islam1st. And more specially for you. In 1957, when our beloved Malaya wanted a suitable house to be the ISTANA NEGARA, my family was approached and we sold our family house with 13 acres for only RM 1.4 million ( 1 sq ft now worth RM 3,000 ). We did not take the Government to Court because we are Malayans. I was the only Chinaman in the World to be born in a ‘palace’.

                    2. islam1st.. I hope you and others of your ilk who think others do not contribute to the historical development of our beloved Malaysia, now be more magnanimous to those who really did.- 30 millions of the population !
                      Here is something SPECIALLY FOR YOU.
                      At the age of 26, because my eldest brother stole all my money, I had to earn a living by being the only houseman ever to be from Cambridge at the KL General Hospital earning RM 401 per month. I could not go on to Stanford University to do research in therapeutics. In Stanford, I would not be bothered arguing with you on the merits and demerits of the good Malay, Chinese, Indian and all here.
                      My first emergency case was a young MALAY boy age 12 who was in a DIABETIC COMA when he was treated by me at 1 a.m. It was not easy to introduce a drip into him as his fine veins were all collapsed. At the famous Guy’s Hospital, London, clinical students were not permitted to touch the patients. It took me one hour to find a vein to save the life of this MALAY BOY ! The British consultant gave me a smile when I succeeded and I was so happy at 2 a.m. During my tenure, the Malay boy came again in a diabetic coma because his dotting mother kept giving him sweets. He was from Kampong Baru. KL. During my sojourn at the KLGH, I saved 10 dying patients who did not know they were dying !
                      The following year I was part of a American medical research team on dengue fever, scrub typhus, leptospirosis, malaria etc which made a study from the 3rd to the 13th mile Jalan Gombak, Kuala Lumpur. And do you know what living conditions the inhabitants were experiencing then ? I gave them free medicines . You will note that I am never personal in my presentation of my comments because I do not want to be eaten up by a tiger. I am not boasting. I am already more than 90 years. I never boast.

                    3. Dear AK47, I was not being sarcastic at all describing you a patriot. Your comments over the years makes me think so. I’m well aware of thr fact that ALL of us had contributed to this country well being. But whenever I appears not so, it is because I was mirroring some kiasus amongst us who thinks nothing of others!

                    4. islam1st. No hard feelings. We are all Malaysians in the same boat. Remember I said ’13 Tengkus and Datos scolded me without a reason because they did not know my background and I never boast.’ Because of this I did not run off to join the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which was founded by my brother-in-law by marriage Lee Kuan Yew. I do not agree with his 44 Failed Policies.(1959-2015) vide. Specially for you. One evening at 6 pm, a mountain of a man in a comatose condition was trolleyed into Ward 14, KLGH. This time my hands did not shake like a leaf as these were with the Malay boy, my first patient in coma. I worked on him a Eurasian for one hour and he died. I was very disappointed when his son came to me a said, ‘ Doctor, I thank you very much for easing my father’s suffering.’ My eyes welled up in tears as I was so touched by his FILIAL PIETY AND HUMANITY. These words made my day and many more days thereafter.

                    5. You are not blowing your own trumpet, and lest we unwittingly forget our mentors ……. you are like a sweet melody.

          2. Awak ni, kalau awak tak tahu malu itu awak punya pasal lah. Cakap macam budak dari sekolah kebangsaan, buat malu orang Cina saja.

            Siapa yang cium bontot Umno ? Orang macam awak lah. Tak faham ?

            Cakap macam dungu. Buat malu saja.

            1. HY. I still say that I have many ideas for the development of Pulau Pinang without harming any community but a Win-Win formula for all !

        2. The way of a superior man is threefold: Virtuous, he is free from anxieties; Wise, he is free from perplexities; Courageous, he is free from fear.

  4. Ms H. Do you know why all these Hainanese types parading themselves in full colour and making a nuisance of themselves ? Why are they called DAP, sneaky or bastards ?

  5. re: PAS cautions PKR about its ‘cunning’ friend DAP

    They are all cunning in this together; all of them and now the PM.

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