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Safe for churches to hold Christmas celebrations — Guan Eng

“We’ve full confidence that police have the situation under control and we would of course condemn any uncivilized element that is trying to disrupt Christmas celebrations,” said Lim Guan Eng.

The Christian Chief Minister added that he believed Christmas in Penang would be celebrated in peace, harmony and with mutual respect among all citizens. See video below @ 1:35 onwards.


Apart from banning Christmas,

Guan Eng Christmas

Why is MCA attacking the govt, Guan Eng queries

Since Guan Eng has “full confidence” in our police to keep peace at churches during Christmas, the DAP sec-gen finds it puzzling that MCA lacked confidence in the same police force to keep peace in shopping complexes that sell mobile phones.

Why is MCA attacking the authorities when the Chinese party is a part of the BN government, asked Guan Eng (see Yahoo! Singapore News on 20 Dec 2015).

“If MCA is angry, they should withdraw from Barisan Nasional. It can do nothing about this Ali Tinju incident,” he said, adding that with such an attitude, “There is no meaning [for MCA] to be in BN”.

Actually, there’s no meaning for MCA to be anywhere in the country’s political landscape.

MCA jump fish

Slap in the face for MCA from DAP leaders

“We don’t want MCA because it’s a racist, chauvinist party.” — Lim Guan Eng

“DAP won’t welcome them” — Teresa Kok

“We don’t need MCA to join DAP” — Liew Chin Tong, DAP election strategist

Quotes above sourced from Malay Mail story today, ‘Team up with MCA? No way, DAP leaders say‘.

J-Star photo url, here
J-Star photo url, here

Hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong

It’s true that DAP does not need MCA. After all, DAP has already got 95 percent Chinese support, so what can MCA offer that it hasn’t surreptitiously given DAP already? Nothing else.

As it is, MCA’s media and machinery are already covertly chugging in favour of the evangelical party.

MCA is just plain pathetic, especially how it allows the EvangeliSTAR to endlessly bodek the missionary Christians, e.g. The J-Star promoting Hannah Yeoh by deliberately selecting to feature photos of the Selangor Sultan where she is in frame – see above.

And below too.

Scissorati stabbing, stabbing, stabbing

In an earlier posting last week, I highlighted how The J-Star (in its eagerness to promote Hannah Yeoh) had mentioned the Selangor Speaker in the photo above but nonetheless failed to name Selangor State Secretary Mohammed Khusrin Munawi in the same caption.

‘File picture’ means a photo stocked in the archives that is perhaps unrelated to the current event being reported. In fact, there was no need to use the particular shot with Hannah in it as she was not even mentioned in the J-Star article headlined ‘Flourishing economy’ (see above).

It’s only because the J-Star is a Nest of Evangelistas that all these shameful shenanigans – by the scissorati hellbent on providing positive coverage for the DAP as well as casting the BN in a negative light – are allowed to continue unhindered.

KUALA LUMPUR 30May 2015. Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak melawat bengkel penerima program TEKUN, 2H Auto workshop kelolaan Zaharul di Kampung Baru. Usahawan Bumiputra yang berjaya. NSTP/ Pm twitter.

Umno pikul biawak hidup

Rather than publicizing Hannah in the two royal yellow umbrella photo stories above (there are plenty of other photos of the Sultan bermesra dengan orangramai), the J-Star could have given Najib a break from the public assaults on his image by publishing the PM’s ‘jiwa rakyat’ photo above.

But no. The picture of Najib holding the umbrella himself and at the same time shading a warga marhaen appeared only in Harian Metro which had picked it up from the PM’s Facebook. The J-Star tak layan pun.

MCA dan jenteranya tikam belakang ada lah. Bila pula MCA dan jenteranya ada tolong BN, kan?

MCA media is voice of the opposition

A regular reader of the J-Star would get the impression that our Malaysian climate is one of gloom and doom. In this, the MCA-owned paper is not much different from the many pro-oppo portals.

Even today, a J-Star columnist penned the pessimistic piece titled ‘A bleak future if there’s no change‘.

Okay, fine.

Change begins at home and the UBAH proponents can start with the MCA. The Chinese party should indeed withdraw from the BN if it feels that Umno is leading the country astray.

reuters bush baby

Why must BN be left holding the baby?

BN doesn’t want MCA which serves as nothing more than a nuisance.

Malay voters won’t welcome MCA election candidates anymore.

The ruling party doesn’t need MCA onboard the BN omnibus only for its EvangeliSTAR media to keep promoting DAP values.

MCA run after Pakatan bus


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4 thoughts on “Safe for churches to hold Christmas celebrations — Guan Eng

  1. The chinese do not want MCA, the malays do not want MCA and DAP do not want MCA…, so where is MCA going?

    Sell your Star to DAP instead of it being used by DAPdogs to bite BN and everyone will be happier. Close shop and let the chinese go to the DAP for their problems and at least MCA does not have to do stupid services where DAP got all the names.

    If MCA is smart, they should push all those chinese with problems to the DAP as DAP is now very very rich. Close all MCA’s service centres leaving only 5%. Tell people the truth that with 95% chinese support for DAP, DAP had become a billionaire party, so all the chinese with problems should go and see Tongkang Lim as he had become the most powerful with rich chinese tycoons behind him in Malaysia. Mind you 95% chinese support. The Premier of China also do not have such high % of support. AnywayTongkang Lim is a little behind the Dear Leader of Korea who has 99 % support and 1 % who wish him dead.

    BTW it is always safe to celebrate Christmas or any religious celebrations in Malaysia and we don’t need Tongkang Lim to come out to say that it is safe this time. What is he trying to imply? Playing politics again on Christmas celebrations?

      1. TQ Spectre for the lovely and meaningful song. I hope those DAP millionaires and those in power who raised their own salaries and allowances, appreciate this song. Love, love, love of God.. Dum dum dera dum dum…. I will dedicate this song to the state speaker of Selangor.

  2. ““We’ve full confidence that police have the situation under control and we would of course condemn any uncivilized element that is trying to disrupt Christmas celebrations,” said Lim Guan Eng”

    Dear Great Leader
    Are you saying 2015 HAD (past tense) the potential to become the first disrupted Christmas in hundreds of years since it was first introduced in Melaka in 1511 (with the exception of 3 disrupted Christmases during WW2)?

    What are you implying? Who are the villains that will disrupt Christmas? Is it the Gringe? Or Uncle Scrooge? Please name them.

    Else stop destroying our Christmases with unfounded concerns.

    Have a thought to the inhabitants of Bethlehem who do not have a true happy Christmas unlike Christians in other countries including Malaysia. Ironic isn’t it. The townsfolk of Jesus Christ can’t even celebrate a happy Christmas.

    So what is the Great Leader bitching about? Merry Christmas. If LGE wants to wallow over Christmas, we go about our Christmas, let the brat sit alone. And make sure Santa boycotts him.

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