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Rezeki Papa & Mama


Cari makan dengan DAP

Hannah Yeoh
Hannah Yeoh

For the power, position/prestige, perks and Prada.

To get all of the above, the DAP evangelical YBs are willing to play the politics of religion – both of their own faith as well as that of Islam.

Mrs Lim Guan Eng, who is a Christian, was even willing to shave her head bald in a Buddhist temple just for the sake of a political publicity stunt.

“Tegakkan kebebasan beragama, tidak haramkan perayaan lain.” Cakap tak serupa bikin.

Despite her tudung posturing (pix above), it was Hannah Yeoh’s aide who filed a suit in court to try and block Hadi Awang from tabling his private member’s bill on hudud in Parliament.

round DAP yang berhormat

Sebabnya evangelista gilakan jawatan politik

DAP politicians have today become well fed, well funded and well off.

The DAP Yang Berhormats also have many Personal & Special Assistants who cari makan with them.

Cash is queen. Money can buy hired guns. Dapster troopers are paid to carry out drive-by shooting (character assassination of critics) in order to protect their bosses from criticism.

pg 1 merc

Antara dua darjat, jurang kian meluas

Madame Swanky Speaker rides around Jerusubang in luxury car.

Motorcyclists in Subang Jaya fall into potholes. The Subang Jaya Municipal Council does not even bother to upkeep roads so that it is safe for users.

Subang Jaya Hannah

Muhamad Aizat Onn (pix below) was thrown off after riding his motorcycle headlong into an MPSJ pothole. The visor of his crash helmet broke on impact and the shards cut into his face.

The bad road accident in Subang Jaya last year left Aizat – at that time only 24 years old – with deep and permanent scars on his face. Story @

Aizat injured


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  1. Selamat Hari Natal kpd semua rakan2 seluruh M’sia. Semoga tahun 2016 lebih aman dan damai.

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