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Christians also “only nine percent” in Brunei

Christians are 8.7 percent of Brunei’s population. As with Malaysia’s 9.2 percent, they are “only” a small, self-professed helpless number but nonetheless cause such outsized anxiety to their country.

Deep-seated fears prompted the Sultan of Brunei to ban public celebration of Christmas this year in his country.

The prohibition has been hot news in Malaysia – see ‘Somalia and Brunei ban Christmas celebrations’ (AFP/Al-Jazeera, 23 Dec 2015) as well as the “nine percent” Brunei Christians detail below.


Valid reason to be scared of the cross?

What is it which makes Bruneian Muslims fear their faith will be shaken, so much so that the ruler Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has had to resort to the drastic action?

Tajikistan is another country that has banned Christmas. Meanwhile, Beijing churches are keeping a low profile due to hostility by the government.

In our own country recently, a barrage of missiles had rained on UiTM for hosting a seminar warning students to be wary of evangelical missionaries who are trying to convert Malays to Christianity.

The reaction by evangelistas to the UiTM event was ferocious and nothing short of bullying. The university was roundly condemned and demonized, with the majority of the news reports – those in the English language – characterizing the seminar as “anti-Christian”.

BELOW: Cross and candle lookalikes appearing on rooftops in Langkawi

salib di bumbung Langkawi

Since it is the Christians who control the English press in Malaysia, it’s perhaps not at all surprising that they unfairly accused UiTM of promoting an “anti-Christian” event when the subject matter of the seminar was actually ‘Christianization’, meaning kegiatan mendakwah.

As the police have already clarified, the law does not allow evangelical Christians to preach to Malays/Muslims.

Although the preemptive measure provided for by the Federal Constitution’s Article 11(4) is to protect Muslims from proselytization, yet it was the UiTM speakers – i.e. those who had earlier spoken during the inaugural seminar in May 2014 – that were being bullied.

BELOW: UiTM is one of the bulwarks of Malay strength


The Muslim speakers were hit with a stack of police reports filed by those opposed to the UiTM seminar and backed by high-powered legal eagles from the evangelical lawyers’ fraternity.

This type of aggressive behaviour – for example the bullying by Christian activists coupled with the pro-Christian media onslaught against UiTM – is the reason why so many Malays feel that they’re under siege.

Even Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid was harassed for “linking” Christians to an alleged Jewish conspiracy to destablize the Najib administration.

BELOW: “Malays feel they have been ‘pushed against the wall’ – Mahdzir Khalid

stick em up kitty

JASA must step in as wall of defence

The pro-Christian groups selalu kenakan orang, like what they did to Isma by applying a very dirty tactic and deliberately misrepresenting this frontline Muslim NGO as extreme – see story HERE.

They also intimidate Malays and Muslims in the social media.

‘Kristianisasi di mana-mana: Ketua Penerangan Isma’ (Ismaweb, 18 Dec 2015)

They played a similar dirty trick by saying that our National Fatwa Council forbade Muslims to wish Karpal Singh “Rest in Peace” when there was actually no such thing. The Malaysian Insider simply fabricated the story to incite hatred!

It is this type of smear campaigns carried out by these people that is causing Malays/Muslims to feel besieged. Even the presidents of the two biggest political parties (that have a combined membership of 4.5 million) are complaining about the black propaganda and never ending lies being spread.

See, ‘Najib and Hadi share their same grouses

Dapster-evangelistas getting bolder by the day

JASA, which is the Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas, has the manpower and resources to conduct a comprehensive survey among the Malay community to hear their complaints and pinpoint the potential trouble spots.

Interviews with the ordinary Malay-in-the-street will yield the required empirical data in order for the authorities to act against the anti-Islam instigators.

The government must take decisive action to prevent those secularists challenging the religious fundamental pillar of our Muslim nation from raising temperatures and tensions to breaking point.

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34 thoughts on “Christians also “only nine percent” in Brunei

    1. Any attempt to impose a similar restriction in Malaysia in relation to the celebration of Christmas will contravene the fundamental rights of freedom of religion as provided in the Federal Constitution.

        1. “why ‘Lina Joy’ leh??”

          Maybe she picked up a book, read it and thought to her self, hmmn this new stuff sounds pretty cool. Possible or not bradder?

            1. Why don”t you post the Shabir Ally v David Wood, James White or Sam Shamoun debates. Shabir gets his arse handed to him on just about every occasion against those three. Nice cherry picking though.

              I will agree with you that at least Shabir is intelligent, coherent and often can destroy lesser Christian debaters. He falls over against the best however. The real fraud is Zakir Naik who spouts more nonsense than Perkasa does. The fact that he can command such a massive audience really says a lot about his followers.

              1. re: “The fact that he can command such a massive audience really says a lot about his followers.”

                Ditto Mama Muniandy.

        2. At lease she was being honest. Openly renounced Islam. Better than people that declare to profess Islam but act in un-Islamic way. If a person no longer believes in Islam and starts to live the way of life against Islamic teachings, what is the point of retaining this person as Muslim in the NRIC? As far as the relationship between Lina Joy and Allah is concerned, the former no longer religiously believes in the latter. The insistence to retain the ‘Islam’ status in her NRIC is futile.

            1. “Maybe she picked up a book, read it and thought to her self, hmmn this new stuff sounds pretty cool. Possible or not bradder?”

              》My ass.

              》Maybe she was so deluded by all the glitz and glamour of those materialistic Mega-Churches like the corruption-ridden City Harvest Church
              》Maybe she thought Masuk Kristian and Masuk Orang Putih = modern, progressive, affluent, cool, chic, big social life amongst Starbucks English speaking urbanites
              》You don’t need religion to do that
              》You just need an education and access to cable TV or decadent American dramas online
              》you could just have become an Atheist
              》between Atheism and Christianity, I would pick Atheism, if I had no other choice.

              At least that sounds more modern and progressive than a 3 in 1 Nescafe koolaid that they’re gonna make me drink.

              1. Get of you high horse bro. Who are you to presume what she was thinking. Just because you appear to be brainwashed, doesn’t mean everyone else is.

                1. ‘Get of you high horse bro. Who are you to presume what she was thinking.’

                  You did the same to Helen. Didn’t you? So, who are you to presume what she was thinking??

                  1. Brader, why do you always do this! Helen has a history of attacking a certain religion, and it’s not hard to draw a conclusion after reading multiple articles from her. You and I know very little about Lina Joy however.

                    Why do you and other Muslims keep trying to speak on her behalf? Everyone is made differently. She may grow to dislike Christianity and may become a Buddhist or a Hindu. So what? It’s her right.

                    1. re: “Helen has a history of attacking a certain religion”

                      Don’t lie. Show me where in this blog I’ve ever said anything negative about Jesus.

                      I criticise evangelistas who are affiliated with DAP.

                      You evangelistas are like Isis. You represent Christianity as much as Isis represents Islam.

            2. Nope. Fed Con is very clear on the prohibition of Christianisation or the preaching of non-Islamic religions on Muslims. A Muslim may renounce Islam either by Christianisation/conversion of other religions or by self-volition.

              I am questioning the futility of retaining Islamic status on the NRIC of a person who has renounced Islam.

              1. ‘Nope. Fed Con is very clear on the prohibition of Christianisation or the preaching of non-Islamic religions on Muslims’

                So why la the ‘Lina Joy’? The husband had broke that very law. If you think ‘Lina Joy’ is a person, trying hard to lead a happy life, you must be stupid or plain dumb!

                1. I think you missed my point. In relation to Lina Joy, she no longer believes in Allah as her God. What is the point of retaining the religion of Islam in her IC? Don’t you see the conflict here? Conviction (i.e. her belief) vs Official Sanction (insistence by the government to retain the status Islam). Even Allah will ‘tell’ you that Lina Joy is no longer a believer.

                  re: If you think ‘Lina Joy’ is a person, trying hard to lead a happy life, you must be stupid or plain dumb!

                  Who are you in trying to judge whether she is living a happy life or not? Trying to play God?

      1. WTJ,

        Not just the roofs but the “candles”!!!

        No more birthday candles on birthday cakes I guess :)

          1. I thought you wished us all ‘Good Nite’ and had gone to sleep already. Why still skulking around in my blog?

            1. Last time I checked, it was a good night to AE. Some people are going to have nightmares about the roof, the candles and also possibly the alphabet “t”. How could you post this terrifying picture, Helen? Especially at night?

                1. re: nightmarish sight

                  You mean to Muslims? Does it mean that any cross or cross-lookalike image has to be out of sight from Muslims?

                    1. Where do we draw the line then? The acceptable distance so that the cross image cannot be seen from the naked eye of Muslims.

      1. Cos it’s a precursor to what might happen in Malaysia la brader. Harlequin is just showing some foresight.

      2. Then any reason why you chose to associate my general observation in relation to Malaysia?

        Could it be the push for Shariah episode as initiated by PAS and UMNO’s seemingly enticement in toying with the idea swirling at the back of your mind that prompted you to make such assumption? lol

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