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J-Star readers ‘Happy’, ‘Amused’ over missing toddler story

‘Father claims two-year-old daughter may have been kidnapped’ is the headline of a story in The J-Star today.


J-Star reader responses screenshot below — see emoticons.

Sesetengah pembaca suratkhabar Sarang Evangelis ini memang sah pewaris saka Bintang Tiga.

One out of every 10 readers (who responded with feedback) was ‘Amused’, while another two percent ‘Happy’ at the news today of the missing two-year-old girl.

two-year-old daughter

Four out of every 10 J-Star readers (who provided feedback for the article) were ‘Happy’ and ‘Amused’ at the news of Wanita MCA vice chairman Lim Bee Kau passing away from cancer last year in March.

Wanita MCA vice-chairman Datuk Lim Bee Kau succumbs to cancer

Three months ago in September, 26 percent of J-Star readers were ‘Happy’ while another 10 percent were ‘Amused’ at the news of 717 deaths in the Mecca stampede.

These J-Star readers clearly have issues.

Mecca stampede Jstar


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  1. The Star did not specify the number of poll participants.

    Responses from readers are always baffling.

    You will be surprised how many would ‘like’ a post when someone posted about the passing of a pet/loved ones on fb.

    And those on fb are supposedly your friends and acquaintances. Lol

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