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Kementerian Pelajaran akan meneliti sama ada B. Arab harus diwajibkan bagi semua?

Bagus sekali cara Menteri Pelajaran ini menjawab soalan!

Harap-harap Perdana Menteri akan memberi yang peranan lebih besar bagi Mahdzir Khalid di dalam Kabinet. Alangkah bagusnya jika beliau turut diberi kerusi dalam Majlis Keselamatan Negeri (NSC).

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17 thoughts on “Kementerian Pelajaran akan meneliti sama ada B. Arab harus diwajibkan bagi semua?

  1. The evangelists will scream that this is an attempt by certain parties to proselytize to non Muslims through the learning of Arabic. I m waiting with great anticipation for the likes of Kineas to show up. This is going to be very lively. l o l

    1. It is purely economic rationalization, since the Arabs are always the ones with the money. Without so much knowing Arabic, Malay Muslims have won many contracts in the Arab countries. Imagine the impact of being conversant in Arabic, other than of course it being the Quranic language. Why, the evangelists have any problem.? I have just muted the idea of working in one of those countries.

  2. I hope it would be made compulsory and be called “Bahasa Syurga”. Tiket tongkang sure sold out. Anybody wants to make a quick buck should open up stall in front of embassies and high commissions of those highly valued countries and sell copies of permanent residentship forms. Terlajak laris dowh.

  3. Mandarin, Tamil, Arab, all are optional language in National Schools. Choosing which one to take is an option, but learning additional language is compulsory. Remember these two different things.

    The problem is Mandarin and Tamil language teachers are rare breeds in National School. Most teachers have to teach from standard 1 to 6 which puts them under a great deal of stress, not to mention a single year can have multiple classrooms!! A lot of them left too, not because they’re disinterested in teaching in National Schools, but for the obvious reason.

    But, Arab speaking teachers are plentiful. This is no surprise considering many Malay teachers educated in Arab-speaking countries tend to be assigned to National Schools. That’s why most national schools just resort to making Arab the only language available as optional language after years of appealing to District Education Office but the issue still remain unresolved.

    Of course there are other problems and they’re all interconnected, not least the involvement of politicians and so-called champions of own ethnic, but the issue stated is one of the major ones.

  4. So, additional language is compulsory, when did that happen.
    I thought that’s a residential school thing.

  5. I am all for people to take the initiative to learn an extra language.

    From a non/Muslim perspective, I do have my concern regarding the possibility of opening doors for Middleastern Islamist idealogies to come in.

  6. if learning arabic means proselytizing non-muslims to islam then for muslims, learning english means proselytizing to christianity ???

    i am not referring to the proposal to make arabic compulsory for all nor i advocate it. it just that why some people are so shallow minded.

    learning japanese means converting to shinto ???

    in my opinion arabic should not be made compulsory for non-malays/muslims. i don’t know maybe my opinion is wrong

    1. We can’t even fix the poor command of English and abysmal skills in maths and science and yet they want to introduce a language that no one will really use in their daily lives.

      1. Don’t be too quick at drawing the conclusion and making sweeping statements without knowledge just as being done by the dap and evangelistas these days!
        FACT: 1.8 billion Muslims all over the world use Arabic in their five daily prayers and in their supplications.
        Learning Arabic in Malaysian schools as an option is another thing altogether.

        1. we also recite quran in arabic.

          the supplications we use to do since we wake up in the morning, through out the day eg. eating, entering toilet etc. till we go to bed before we sleep are all in arabic.

          muslims, quran and supplications (doa & zikrullah) are inseparable.

          all the usual expressions like alhamdulillah, insyaallah, masyaallah are all arabic. :)

        2. The importance of a language is not on the number of users or religious significance. The most spoken language in the world is Mandarin. English is third. The latter is widely used in critical areas such as business, trade, IT, science and mathematics. It is the purpose and application that made a language a global lingua franca. Not the number of users.

          1. On this I agree with you that English is the lingua franca of the world. As for Arabic, I must ask these 2 questions. How many Muslims are actually competent in Justthe language ? How many Malays speak Arabic ?

  7. No worries. Just a small mistake. Arabic will not be made compulsory. If it happens, the government would have the guts to abolish vernacular schools long time ago.

  8. Yg saya faham ialah, tweet pertama bertanya berkenaan isu yg The Star laporkan iaitu seorang pelajar diwajibkan ambik subjek Bahasa Arab. MK jawab, akan meneliti aduan tersebut, pada saya lebih kpd melihat aduan yang disampaikan, bukannya tentang perlaksanaan mewajibkan pembelajaran bahasa arab. Apa yg saya fahamlah…

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